Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Inside Information About Drew Barrymore Tattoos

There are currently seven remarkable Drew Barrymore tattoos, one of which is not well known and one is a brand new addition. Drew is a natural beauty who started acting at the ripe age of 11 months however it wasn’t until she turned 6 years old that her career erupted.  Barrymore starred in the hit E.T. And then by the time she was 12 years old, she was hooked on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Although she fell out of the limelight, Drew Barrymore tattoos made their debut when she resurfaced on the scene in a big way in 1995 when she posed for Playboy. By 2007, Drew was the second highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Breathe – The newest piece in the collection of Drew Barrymore tattoos is the word BREATHE on the inner side of her left arm. She said she often has a hard time remembering to take time to just relax and breathe when she is so busy. She has recently spent some time studying religion and spirituality, exploring temples and walking barefoot through Delhi. She found it to be a thoughtful and spiritual place and was inspired for the tattoo.

Former Boyfriend – The one tattoo that most people aren’t ware of is the name of James Walters, her former boyfriend underneath a guardian angel tattoo very low on her back. The two were engaged in 1992 but broke up in 1993. He later married Patty Walters.

Flowers – Barrymore wears a very feminine bouquet of flowers on her lower left abdomen above her hip bone.

Butterfly – The most popular of all of the Drew Barrymore tattoos is the black butterfly on her stomach directly below her belly button. Butterflies are not only a symbol of change and new life but they also serve as an energy portal for the body.

Moon – Always being unique with fashion, her tattoos are certainly no different. Drew wears a mysterious, very tiny black crescent moon on her toe.

Cross – This is by far one of the most original cross pieces you will ever see. Drew wears this intriguing cross above her right ankle. There are actually several crosses that make up one larger cross and the whole piece has vines twining around it.

Mother – The last piece in the collection of Drew Barrymore tattoos is an angel with Jaid, her mother’s name written on her lower back. Interestingly, at the age of 15, Drew argued in court that her mother was not a good influence and won her plea of emancipation. She was reunited with her mother in 2007.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

The Meaning of Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Although sometimes it is hard to notice Christina Aguilera tattoos as you are hypnotized by her sheer beauty, they certainly are there.  This former Mouskateer emerged along with Britney Spears in what seemed at the time, a war of talent.  However, there is no denying that Christina’s vocal chords will win in any musical battle.

Behind Madonna, Christina is the second highest selling female singer of the 2000s. She ranked 18 our of 100 on Maxim Magazine’s 2010 Most Beautiful Women and aside from her musical career, she devotes a great deal of time to human rights, charities and other world issues.

Christina Aguilera tattoos have been inspired by her career as well as her marriage to marketing music executive Jordan Bratman. While they were married November 19th, 2005 at a Napa Valley estate, Aguilera filed for divorce on October 14th, 2010.  She is requesting joint legal as well as physical custody for their son Max Liron who was born January 12th, 2008.  If all of this isn’t enough excitement in her life. On November 15th, 2010, she is honored wit her own star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Xtina – Aguilera wears the word Xtina on the back of her neck. It is a nickname she gave to herself and first spoke of when she posed for Rolling Stone Magazine wearing nothing but her boots and an electric guitar. Soon after, she got the tattoo.

Flower – On the inside of Aguilera’s left wrist she wears a small simple flower. It is unique because it is done off centre.

Mickey Mouse – One of the most well-known Christina Aguilera tattoos is the Mickey Mouse displayed on her bikini line. Of course, this is done as a tribute to her Mouskateer days so she can always remember where her career stemmed from. The placement however, of a Disney tattoo, has raised controversy.

Husband – On Aguilera’s left inner forearm is her Hebrew tattoo. The initials Yud and Bet represent her soon-to-be ex-husband’s initials JB. Also as part of this tattoo are the words Te Amo Siempre which means I love you forever.

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Hebrew Words – The last of the Christina Aguilera tattoos are the Hebrew words to mean I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me.  The phrase is derived from Song of Songs out of the Hebrew Bible.  It is about fidelity and is spoken from a female to a male.  It is a phrase that is often engraved on wedding rings however,  Aguilera opted for the more permanent approach.


Angelina Jolie Tattoos

The Extensive List of Angelina Jolie Tattoos

It is fair to say that the display of Angelina Jolie tattoos caused an immediate explosion in popularity of tattoos for females. According to People Magazine in 2006, this perfect being was called the most beautiful woman in the world. Many believe that the large assortment of meaningful Angelina Jolie tattoos has just as much to do with that label as her unforgettable lips.

  • One of the boldest of the Angelina Jolie tattoos is the large black cross found on her left hip that reads Quod me nutrit me destruit. Translated from Latin this means What nourishes me also destroys me. Interestingly, this cross covers one of the first Angelina Jolie tattoos, a small blue dragon that she got while she was drunk once in Amsterdam.

  • Another one of the first tattoos this beauty wore was a dragon on her left arm with her previous husband’s name, Billy Bob above it. Both of these tattoos have been removed and covered.

  • In the location of the previous tattoos on Angelina’s left arm, she now wears the coordinates where she either adopted or gave birth to her children. For Maddox from Cambodia, she wears N11º 33′ 00” E104º 51′ 00” and for Zahara from Ethiopia, the tattoo displays N09º 02′ 00” E038º 45′ 00”. Next she added the coordinates for where she gave birth to her and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh, in Namibia being S22º 40′ 26” E014º 31′ 40” and then finally the location in Vietnam where her son Pax Thien was born being N10º 46′ 00” E106º 41′ 40”.

  • Between her shoulder blades in black Gothic lettering reads the words know your rights. This is the title song from The Clash, said to be her favorite band.

  • On her left shoulder Angelina wears a Buddhist Pali incantation that is written using Khmer script which happens to be the language of Cambodia. This is another one of the most meaningful Angelina Jolie tattoos as it is there to act as a protection for her and Maddox, her Cambodian son from bad luck.

  • On Angelina’s left wrist she wears a letter H. She reports that it is there for her brother, James Haven however, there has always been speculation that is signified her boyfriend at the time, Timothy Hutton.

  • On the inside of her forearm on her right arm reads Determination in Arabic. Some reports suggest that it reads strength of will however, this is incorrect.

  • One of the most famous of the Angelina Jolie tattoos is her Bengal tiger that she wears on her lower back. This 12” piece was done by tattooist Sompong Kanhphai in Bangkok.

  • On the very lowest part of her back are two pointy black tribal tattoos.

  • Underneath the mesmerizing tiger on Angelina’s lower back lies a small dragon.

  • There once was a tattoo of a small window on Angelina’s lower back as well. She explained that she covered this because she once spent her time always looking through the windows, wishing she could be outside, now she is where she wants to be in her life.

  • On the inside of Angelina’s left forearm is the Roman numeral for 13 because she says she doesn’t believe in superstition.

  • Angelina once wore a Chinese symbol for the word death on her left shoulder. This was her very first tattoo and it is now covered with a prayer for Maddox.

  • On the inside of her forearm, the next in the collection of Angelina Jolie tattoos are the words A PRAYER FOR THE WILD AT HEART, KEPT IN CAGES. This is by her favorite poet, Tennessee Williams.

  • Inside of her right elbow was the symbol for courage in Japanese but she has had that removed.

  • A letter M on the inside of her hand stands for Marcheline Bertrand, her mother who passed away.

  • Once Angelina had a tattoo right below her navel that depicted energy waves done by Daemon Rowanchilde in 1998 at Urban Primitive Body Design. There are no known photos in circulation of this and it has said to have been removed at some point.

Jesse James Tattoos

The Large Assortment of Jesse James Tattoos

If the large assortment of Jesse James tattoos doesn’t impress you, the fact that he is a real relative, by blood, to the original Jesse James certainly should. The CEO and star of West Coast Choppers has so many outstanding pieces that it is almost easier to talk about the little bit of skin that isn’t inked up yet.

While there is said to be over 30 Jesse James tattoos in total, the question is really, where does one begin and end? With full sleeves on both arms in a full array of colors, he is one celebrity that fans wouldn’t mind examining up close from head to toe for awhile.

Jesse played college football for a bit but then his athletic career was ended early by a knee injury. He went on to work as a bodyguard for such bands as Slayer, Soundgarden and Danzig, touring the world with them and becoming quite familiar with the addiction of ink. On job at a concert, he faced a life-threatening injury which caused him to reevaluate his professional life and turn his attention toward custom motorcycles, his real passion.

In the early 1990s, West Coast Choppers was born and the world started getting interested in the continuous updates to the collection of Jesse James tattoos. The show paid tribute to one of Jesse’s most famous tattoos that says Pay Up Sucker with a dollar sign on his palm. Jesse says that he got that tattoo when he was really struggling financially because he had done so much work but everyone owed him money. Interestingly, his shop runs a cash only basis now.

When the Jesse James tattoos began to emerge on his arms, he says that he was amazed at how people would look at him differently but now that everyone has them, they just look at him like he’s a dentist. Surely there are many fans who wouldn’t mind signing up for an office visit!

While it seems as though it is virtually impossible to get closeups of most of the Jesse James tattoos and there have yet to be photos emerge on his leg work, there are a few notable mentions that are often captured in pictures. One of the most popular Jesse James tattoos is the famous $100 bill on his back that is surrounded in flames. He says that when he got it, back pieces were becoming popular but everyone was getting these tough and mean looking tattoos so he wanted something different. Yes Jesse, you certainly succeeded!

Some of the most sentimental Jesse James tattoos are names of his family members. Jesse has the name of this grandmother on his hand along with a nautical star and flowers, the name of his son Jesse is tattooed on his lower right forearm while his daughter Chandler appears in writing on his lower left arm.

Jesse’s full sleeves are full of individual tattoos that all work together to create something pretty spectacular. In them you will find a crab, an octopus, a three-toed dragon and praying hands. Of all the Jesse James tattoos, he says one of his favorites is the skull around his elbow so it can look back at people in their cars while he’s flying by on his motorcycle.

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Jessica Alba Tattoos

The Simplicity of the Jessica Alba Tattoos

While Jessica Alba tattoos may not be as in your face as other celebrities, they all seem to just act as small accents to her flawless beauty.  After spending a good deal of time playing a genetically enhanced character that attracted guys like a magnet on Dark Angel, she decided to bless the big screen with her perfectly tones body.  Alba starred in huge box office hits such as Fantastic Four, Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, Honey and Into the Blue.  While no one can deny her obvious talent, her popularity seems to continue to rise due to her unbelievable dedicated male fan base.

It seems today that the paparazzi are as obsessed with catching a glimpse of Jessica Alba tattoos as they are any other celebrity, despite the fact that they are small and simple. Of course, her choices really reflect her body as well as her personality.  It is said that anything more would seem too drastic and take away from the natural appeal that makes her so desirable.


The first of Jessica Alba tattoos is the simple Sanskrit word of padma which translated means lotus flower.  This symbol in Hinduism is that of spiritual development.  The lotus is the manifestation symbol of mental purity and beauty.  Although they root themselves in the dirty mud of lakes and ponds, the flower rises in immaculate and unparalleled beauty above the water’s surface.

Alba’s mother first wore this tattoo, then her aunt followed. When Jessica turned 18, her and her cousin chose to follow in their predecessor’s foot steps and make this their first tattoo.


Paparazzi definitely choose this simple lower back bow as the favorite of the Jessica Alba tattoos. She has yet to release any deep meaning to this tattoo but the sheer mystery makes this delicate creation even more appealing.  Many believe this feminine piece of artwork is nothing more than an innocent way to draw attention to her sexy frame.

Ladybug and Daisy

The last of the Jessica Alba tattoos is one that has recently caused some controversy. Alba wears a ladybug and daisy near her hairline on the back of her neck.  Her mom, aunt and herself all went to get a tattoo as part of a bonding experience together and they all chose a different type of ladybug tattoo.

Pictures have been snapped recently where this tattoo is quite light and is said to be undergoing laser removal. Others speculate that it is merely covered up with makeup, perhaps for a photo shoot.  Surely the picture perfect star wouldn’t be undoing a bonding experience?  Only time will tell what Jessica Alba tattoos will reveal.

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Megan Fox Tattoos

The Mystery Behind Megan Fox Tattoos

Anyone who hasn’t seen at least one of the several Megan Fox tattoos is certainly living in a bubble.  After all, she is a photo favorite by nearly every magazine and one of the top searched females on the internet.  Of course, this is not without good reason.  Aside from her fabulous acting talent, Megan started her career as a model.  This is nothing short of obvious!

One of the most respected things about Megan Fox tattoos is that she is not afraid to show them off.  She is not an actress who gets a tattoo and then feels that she needs to cover it up or hide it in the movies or on the red carpet.  Megan lets her tattoos be seen.  If you haven’t already seen the controversial music video she is now in, Love the way you lie, by Eminem and Rihanna, it is a must see.  There is a lot of tattoo action of her and Dominic Monaghan.

Megan fox tattoos are far from ordinary.  She loves unique and intriguing quotes that prove that there is more to this beauty than just her unparalleled looks.

• First on the list of Megan Fox tattoos is the quote on her right shoulder that reads, We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.  The words come from King Lear, a piece by Shakespeare.  One of the most interesting things about this tattoo is the severe yet subtle difference in the writing. The entire tattoo is done in Old English font however, the letter A is written in Gothic, believed to be medieval German.  Few people  notice this difference and it is yet to be explained if this was an error or if Fox is even more mysterious than she looks.

• Next on the list of Megan Fox tattoos is an Old English font piece on her left ribcage that reads there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART.  Interestingly, this is another Shakespearean King Lear quote.

• Megan’s personal favorite tattoo is the portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her inner right forearm. The actress is a huge fan of the past legend and says that she used to cry as a child when she would hear her on the television.

• The colored piece in the collection of Megan Fox tattoos is the crescent moon and star that she wears on the inside of her left ankle.  It is unknown the meaning behind this but some speculate that will all that beauty, she could be a distant relative to Moon Goddess Selena.

• One of the smaller Megan Fox tattoos is the Chinese symbol for strength on the back of her neck.  This was her first tattoo and she was a little shy and hesitant at first.  Her fans are definitely grateful she got over this fear.

• The tattoo on Megan’s inner left wrist seems to get the most attention, yet it is one that she is more displeased with.  While the average person looks at it and can clearly see that it is a tribal piece, most don’t realize that it is actually a twist on a yin yang symbol.  Rather than using traditional lines, they are ocean waves that complete the somewhat abstract pattern.  She says the guy was “not all there” who did the tattoo and there has been rumor of her removing it.  Her fans would surely miss it!

• One of the most meaningful Megan Fox tattoos is the one she wears on her lower abdomen that reads Brian.  In 2005, Fox wanted to reveal her love for Brian Austin Green, her then boyfriend and now fiance.

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• The newest of the Megan Fox tattoos is a long quote written down the right side of her ribcage.  The words read and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.  The quote is by Friedrich Wildhelm Nietzsche, a German philosopher.

Orlando Bloom Tattoos

Orlando Bloom Tattoos:  Real or Fake?

There always seems to be a question over which of the Orlando Bloom tattoos are real and which ones are fake.  It appears as though movies and photo shoots are bent on adding a bit of a grunge look to this pretty boy.  While fans seem to love him either way, he has drawn quite a bit of attention to himself from the tattoo society due to recent photos.

In 1997, Bloom appeared with a small part in Wilde and then two days after he graduated in 1999, he was cast in The Lord of the Rings as Legolas.  At the same time, he made an appearance in Black Hawk Down.  The success of these two films transformed him from a simple unknown actor to one of the best know celebrities in the world.  Then, when he went on to star opposite of Johnny Depp in the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean, it was made clear that Bloom had become unstoppable.

So, why is it that one of the Orlando Bloom tattoos is visible in Pirates of the Caribbean but not Lord of the Rings?  There is a very good reason for that.


The most popular of the two real Orlando Bloom tattoos is the one found on the inside of his right wrist.  Working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a lot of hard work.  Aside from breaking a few ribs after falling off a horse, Bloom and the rest of the cast spend about a year and a half over in New Zealand to complete the project.

The nine members who made up the Fellowship of the Ring decided to all get the same tattoo near the end of filming since they all had spent so much time together and become so close.  The word nine was chosen to be written in Tengwar script and the film’s calligrapher was kind enough to draw a few versions up to choose from.  The one that was chosen is now on Bloom’s inner wrists that you can catch a glimpse of in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sun Tattoo

The other one of the two Orlando Bloom tattoos is one that is both elementary and universally appealing.  Bloom’s first tattoo is that of a sun that he wears on his lower abdomen.  He had this tattoo done when he was only 15 years old, right before he moved to London.  It is unclear the reasoning behind this tattoo but with how focused Bloom has been throughout his life, surely he had a good reason for it.

Fake Tattoos

One of the most popular fake Orlando Bloom tattoos is that of a tribal-looking tree growing up the right side of his body.  While photos exploded all over the internet of a shirtless Bloom talking on his cellphone, the tattoo was found to be fake.  At the time, he was working on the film called Sympathy for Delicious where he plays a DJ.  In this same photo you can also see Bloom with a double black bar around on his left forearm.

Pink’s Tattoos

The Exciting List of Pink’s Tattoos

While no one can be sure of a complete list of all of Pink’s tattoos, everyone can agree that the collection is far from exhausting.  Alecia Beth Moore aka Pink or P!nk, has never had a problem baring her feelings, sharing her soul or speaking her mind, regardless of the topic or situation.

In addition to her 2 Grammy Awards, 23 million album sales, 8 top 10 singles and 5 MTV Music Video Awards, Pink still manages to have the time to work with PETA to bring awareness to animal cruelty.  Pink captured the hearts of even non-musical viewers with her clip against wool and the farming of sheep.  One thing is certain, there is a broad array of fans for not only Pink’s tattoos and music but for her heart of gold as well.  Below is a list of Pink’s tattoos that are known about, there is speculation that there are indeed more but they must be kept pretty well hidden.

• The most popular of Pink’s tattoos is the bar code under her hairline on the back of her neck that reads 1 9879-11200-1 3.  The bar code can be broken down as 9879 being her birthday of September 8th, 1979, next is 112001, the month and year that her album titled Missundaztood was released and finally, the 1 and 3 found at the ends combine together to form her lucky number, 13.

• A portrait of her dog Elvis is tattooed on Pink’s left arm on the inside to show off what a dog lover she really is.

• Two of Pink’s tattoos that aren’t seen in pictures as much as the rest are the bows on each of her inner thighs.

• On the inner side of Pink’s left elbow is a broken heart.

• To show off her more aggressive side, Pink displays a razor blade tattoo on her inner left wrist.

• On her left arm, the words Sir Corky Moore along with a date are found.  Coincidentally, in her Trouble video, a grave is shown with the same name.  Sir Corky Moore was her childhood dog that died.

• One of the largest of Pink’s tattoos is an Asian tiger crawling up her left thigh.

• On both of Pink’s big toes you will find a red heart.  Some say when she loves something or someone, it’s from the tips of her toes.

• On her right wrist are the words Tru Luv.

• On the lower part of Pink’s stomach is a symbol for the world love along with a red heart tattoo in front of it. See more in Tattoo Meanings!

• One of Pink’s tattoos that seems to raise the most eyebrows is the frog found on her left foot. No one is aware of the meaning but it is still adored.

• Although most of Pink’s tattoos are in black, she does have red stars on her left hand.

• The words What Goes Around Comes Around are wrapped around Pink’s wrist.

• Under her left shoulder blade is said to be one of Pink’s personal favorites, a guardian angel.

• Behind her ear, Pink wears a tribal musical note.

• To show off her love for her family is one of Pink’s tattoos that is most well known, a pair of dog tags wrap around her right ankle that are dedicated to her brother and father.

• Pink wears a few Japanese symbols on her right ankle running up her leg of good luck, happiness and infinity.

• Underneath her portrait of Elvis is a poem.  This is one of Pink’s tattoos that no one has been able to get a close up or offer a meaning to.

Robert Downey Jr Tattoos

The Story Behind Robert Downey Jr Tattoos

While there are only two known Robert Downery Jr tattoos, they are meaningful pieces that have resulted from his colorful life.  There are few actors who have been in the tabloids as much as Downey but perhaps that is because even at his darkest times, viewers, fans or not, saw a potential there that he could not see himself while he was on his downward spiral.

There are not too many people who would have the ability to get locked up as an actor but come back as a superstar.  The world may never forget Downey driving his Porsche naked down Sunset Strip, throwing imaginary rats out of the window because he was so high but he certainly is proving that there is life after drugs and rehab.  Downey’s first Iron Man movie alone brought in $186 million at the box office, not even including the pandemonium that the second one created.

Susie Q

The first of the two Robert Downey Jr tattoos is the word Susie Q on the upper part of his left bicep.  In 2003, when Downey met producer Susan Levin, his checkered past of drugs and arrests seemed to magically turn around.  He met Levin on the Gothica set.  He said that she was motivated, grounded and a really hard worker.  While he may have fell in love with her, Levin would not marry Downey until he gave up all of the drugs for good.

Susan Levin sure must have been something special.  Downey changed his life around, married her and introduced her to the world as his new wife on the Oprah Winfrey show.  She landed a place in his heart and on his arm as one of the meaningful Robert Downey Jr tattoos.


The second of the Robert Downey Jr tattoos is a tribute to his son Indio.  It is a peculiar tattoo that must hold some type of meaning that no one has yet to unveil.  His son’s name, Indio, is written on his right bicep, surrounded by some type of hanging picture frame and a blue head that seems to be watching over it.  It is sweet and intriguing yet somewhat dark and mysterious.

His ex, former model and singer Dobroah Falconer, is the mother of Indio and although they have a good relationship now, things were not always so pleasant.  They married six weeks after they met in 1992, bought a house in Malibu and in 1993, Indio was born.  That should have been enough to ground Downey but at the time, it was just another reason to party. For more see Tattoo Meanings!

While fans are overjoyed that Downey turned his life around and can now almost be thought of as a role model, that you can get off drugs, the question still remains about this Indio piece.  This one of the two Robert Downey Jr tattoos is an unsolved mystery, one that all of his fans hopes he will one day reveal.

Shia LaBeouf Tattoos

The Life Inspired Shia LaBeouf Tattoos

At such a young age, not only has he become one of the most famous actors in the world, the Shia LaBeouf tattoos continue to stir up an assortment of questions.  He literally began his performing career at the ripe age of 4 and launched his first major acting debut when he was 12 years old.  He played on Even Stevens, a Disney Channel series and then was cast in Holes, his first movie, in 2003.

Although he started to really expand his target audience with the movie Distrubia, it wasn’t until his lead role in Transformers that his popularity exploded.  This is where some fans say that can catch a glimpse of one of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos.  By 2010, he has made Revenge of the Fallen, New York I  Love You and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

While he may still be young, LaBeouf is on top of the world.  He had a bit of a rocky childhood where drugs were always around him but he never became a victim.  This history and strength has inspired a couple of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos.


The first of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos are the numbers 1986 – 2004 that are found on the inside of his right wrist.  He says that most people that he knows that have been in the business for a long time say that they forget their childhood.  These dates are to represent the years of his childhood and to act as a reminder.

LaBeouf lived in poverty and his parents were hippie artists that he describes as being weird people yet he loved them.  LaBeouf said his father grew cannabis and during a flashback of the Vietnam War, even pointed a gun in his direction.  He never lost love for his family and takes care of them to this day so they can spend their lives creating art.


The second of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos is the paw print on his left shoulder.  It is said to be a tribute to his dog that died.  The fact that he is such a dog lover is just another reason for fans to love him.


The most talked about of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos is the large piece found on his side.  While from first glance, most people think that it is the barrel of a gun, it’s definitely not.  The tattoo is an art piece that LaBeouf had seen many years prior that always found a place in his mind as a visual.

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The tattoo is of a left hand that has a shackle around it.  He felt inspired by this piece and decided to add it to the collection of Shia LaBeouf tattoos because he thought the artist was drawing his own prison.  It is about life and it is a message of entrapment.