Behind Sun Tattoos

The Reason Behind Sun Tattoos

It is always interesting to find out what prompts individuals to get sun tattoos.  While the sun is the most necessary and largest element that the Earth is affected by, it’s not an overly common tattoo.  In fact, you usually will find that these people that are so inspired by these fiery object are a quite unique and very special group of individuals.  This sun is something that has been appreciated since the beginning of time.  It has been worshiped, provided light and is the ultimate source for food production.  The sun has even inspired the creation of many deities.  Interesting though, these are rarely reasons why people choose to wear sun tattoos.

What’s so Special About Sun Tattoos?

The sun can represent not only physical things like warmth, light, etc., it can also symbolize feelings within such as strength, leadership, dignity, vitality and power.  While you may take the interpretation literally and assume that people wearing these types of tattoos worship the sun but quite honestly, this is rarely the case.  The sun represents something that is powerful and meaningful to you on a personal level, which is why these tattoos are so intriguing.  Literally, 100 different people could wear the same piece yet it could mean something different to every single person.

The sun can represent how important it is to live your life beyond your immediate perimeter or to step outside of your comfort zone with goals that you make.  Sun tattoos can be worn as a reminder of the force not only inside of you but also that created your very existence.

People love sun tattoos because they look great anywhere on the body in vibrant, dramatic color or even as a simple black outline.  They are a symbol that doesn’t have to be huge or flashy to portray a message.  Sun tattoos can be dark and mysterious or fun and lively.  They are an ideal piece to be placed anywhere on the body and they can be worn by both men and women with no preference going toward either.  The sun is an untouched element that offers as much mystery as the abyss or the black hole because it is a place that no one will ever explore and come back to tell about.

Why the Sun, Moon and Stars Combination?

While sun tattoos that stand alone can represent a multitude of different things or ideas, when paired up with a moon and stars there is a common meaning.  The moon and sun together are said to represent yin yang because one cannot exist without the other.

The moon represents the feminine energy of yin while the sun is the masculine yang.  The stars added also hold meaning as they represent deities of divine power.  Various numbers of stars and points symbolize many different things from the circle of elements to luck to ultimate achievement.