Milo Ventimiglia Tattoos

The Mystery Behind Milo Ventimiglia Tattoos

While there are only three real Milo Ventimiglia tattoos to speak of, each one creates more mystery than the last.  This popular actor is best known for playing Peter Petrelli on Heroes but fans first noticed the collection of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos when he exploded with popularity playing Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls.

Milo gets his good looks from an eclectic mix of nationalities from his parents.  His father is Sicilian however, his mother has English, Scottish, French, Irish and Cherokee Indian ancestry.  What’s to love about this actor aside from the mysterious Milo Ventimiglia tattoos?  He doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and he is a lacto-vegetarian.  Not to mention, he’s a skater fan and loves The Clash!


The first piece on the intriguing list of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is one that simply reads S.L.R.S., on his left shoulder.  What do these letters stand for?  No one knows!  One would want to guess that they belong to a past relationship but his only notable ones are with Alexis Bledel and Hayden Panettiere.

Some have speculated it could be linked to the SLR camera but that seems pretty foolish.  While the camera does love capturing Milo Ventimiglia tattoos, it is highly unlikely that this is the inspiration  behind the piece.  Looks like for now, fans will just have to wait anxiously until he reveals the meaning to the public.


Next on the list of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is a star on the inner portion of his right upper arm.  Although star tattoos have many different meanings, the thick outlined one that he wears is a common scene piece among the punk rock crowd.

With his love for The Clash and skateboards, it is easy to assume that this is the reasoning behind the tattoo.  However, nautical stars are also a symbol for good luck in Ireland and they can still be found in many Irish hospitals.  With him and his mother being part Irish, the star could reflect this part of his ancestry but the punk inspiration is still the most believed reason.


The final piece in the collection of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is a dragon he wears on the back of his left calve.  Since Milo was born on July 8th, 1977, his Chinese symbol is the dragon, more specifically, a fire dragon.  This makes him compassionate, challenging, virtuous, fair and motivated by aspiration.

People born under the dragon are strong, full of energy and always on the go which could be where his passion for running comes from.  Female fans should be interested to know that the dragon does best in a relationship with a rat, tiger, snake, pig, horse or rooster. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

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