Pink’s Tattoos

The Exciting List of Pink’s Tattoos

While no one can be sure of a complete list of all of Pink’s tattoos, everyone can agree that the collection is far from exhausting.  Alecia Beth Moore aka Pink or P!nk, has never had a problem baring her feelings, sharing her soul or speaking her mind, regardless of the topic or situation.

In addition to her 2 Grammy Awards, 23 million album sales, 8 top 10 singles and 5 MTV Music Video Awards, Pink still manages to have the time to work with PETA to bring awareness to animal cruelty.  Pink captured the hearts of even non-musical viewers with her clip against wool and the farming of sheep.  One thing is certain, there is a broad array of fans for not only Pink’s tattoos and music but for her heart of gold as well.  Below is a list of Pink’s tattoos that are known about, there is speculation that there are indeed more but they must be kept pretty well hidden.

• The most popular of Pink’s tattoos is the bar code under her hairline on the back of her neck that reads 1 9879-11200-1 3.  The bar code can be broken down as 9879 being her birthday of September 8th, 1979, next is 112001, the month and year that her album titled Missundaztood was released and finally, the 1 and 3 found at the ends combine together to form her lucky number, 13.

• A portrait of her dog Elvis is tattooed on Pink’s left arm on the inside to show off what a dog lover she really is.

• Two of Pink’s tattoos that aren’t seen in pictures as much as the rest are the bows on each of her inner thighs.

• On the inner side of Pink’s left elbow is a broken heart.

• To show off her more aggressive side, Pink displays a razor blade tattoo on her inner left wrist.

• On her left arm, the words Sir Corky Moore along with a date are found.  Coincidentally, in her Trouble video, a grave is shown with the same name.  Sir Corky Moore was her childhood dog that died.

• One of the largest of Pink’s tattoos is an Asian tiger crawling up her left thigh.

• On both of Pink’s big toes you will find a red heart.  Some say when she loves something or someone, it’s from the tips of her toes.

• On her right wrist are the words Tru Luv.

• On the lower part of Pink’s stomach is a symbol for the world love along with a red heart tattoo in front of it. See more in Tattoo Meanings!

• One of Pink’s tattoos that seems to raise the most eyebrows is the frog found on her left foot. No one is aware of the meaning but it is still adored.

• Although most of Pink’s tattoos are in black, she does have red stars on her left hand.

• The words What Goes Around Comes Around are wrapped around Pink’s wrist.

• Under her left shoulder blade is said to be one of Pink’s personal favorites, a guardian angel.

• Behind her ear, Pink wears a tribal musical note.

• To show off her love for her family is one of Pink’s tattoos that is most well known, a pair of dog tags wrap around her right ankle that are dedicated to her brother and father.

• Pink wears a few Japanese symbols on her right ankle running up her leg of good luck, happiness and infinity.

• Underneath her portrait of Elvis is a poem.  This is one of Pink’s tattoos that no one has been able to get a close up or offer a meaning to.