Orlando Bloom Tattoos

Orlando Bloom Tattoos:  Real or Fake?

There always seems to be a question over which of the Orlando Bloom tattoos are real and which ones are fake.  It appears as though movies and photo shoots are bent on adding a bit of a grunge look to this pretty boy.  While fans seem to love him either way, he has drawn quite a bit of attention to himself from the tattoo society due to recent photos.

In 1997, Bloom appeared with a small part in Wilde and then two days after he graduated in 1999, he was cast in The Lord of the Rings as Legolas.  At the same time, he made an appearance in Black Hawk Down.  The success of these two films transformed him from a simple unknown actor to one of the best know celebrities in the world.  Then, when he went on to star opposite of Johnny Depp in the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean, it was made clear that Bloom had become unstoppable.

So, why is it that one of the Orlando Bloom tattoos is visible in Pirates of the Caribbean but not Lord of the Rings?  There is a very good reason for that.


The most popular of the two real Orlando Bloom tattoos is the one found on the inside of his right wrist.  Working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a lot of hard work.  Aside from breaking a few ribs after falling off a horse, Bloom and the rest of the cast spend about a year and a half over in New Zealand to complete the project.

The nine members who made up the Fellowship of the Ring decided to all get the same tattoo near the end of filming since they all had spent so much time together and become so close.  The word nine was chosen to be written in Tengwar script and the film’s calligrapher was kind enough to draw a few versions up to choose from.  The one that was chosen is now on Bloom’s inner wrists that you can catch a glimpse of in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sun Tattoo

The other one of the two Orlando Bloom tattoos is one that is both elementary and universally appealing.  Bloom’s first tattoo is that of a sun that he wears on his lower abdomen.  He had this tattoo done when he was only 15 years old, right before he moved to London.  It is unclear the reasoning behind this tattoo but with how focused Bloom has been throughout his life, surely he had a good reason for it.

Fake Tattoos

One of the most popular fake Orlando Bloom tattoos is that of a tribal-looking tree growing up the right side of his body.  While photos exploded all over the internet of a shirtless Bloom talking on his cellphone, the tattoo was found to be fake.  At the time, he was working on the film called Sympathy for Delicious where he plays a DJ.  In this same photo you can also see Bloom with a double black bar around on his left forearm.