Eliza Dushku Tattoos

The Life Inspiration Behind Eliza Dushku Tattoos

Eliza Dushku tattoos are certainly unlike any others you have seen elsewhere on other celebrities. She was born in Massachusetts and raised as a Mormon though she does not actively practice the religion now.  Eliza was discovered at the age of 10 after there was a 5-month long search to find someone to play alongside Juliette Lewis in That Night.

Since then, Eliza Dushku tattoos have surfaced through the years as she has played in Bring it On, Soul Survivors, City by the Seas, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Wrong Turn.  Of course, Eliza is most well-known for playing Faith on the hit television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The role was initially meant to be five episodes but the character was so popular that it latest the whole third season, part of the fourth and continued on into Angel, a spin-off from the program.  Other shows she has appeared in are King of the Hill, Punk’d, Tru Calling, That 70s Show, Reading Rainbow, Nurses, Ugly Betty, Dollhouse and The Big Bang Theory.

Eliza Dushku Tattoos

Although there are said to be six Eliza Dushku tattoos, her fans are still wondering where a few of them are. Since she has done her share of nude and nearly nude photos for various magazines some of the tattoos have to either be very well hidden or extremely new.

Back – One of the most well-known Eliza Dushku tattoos is the one she wears on her upper back. In 2006, she was personally invited by Sali Bensha, Albania’s Prime Minister to travel to Albania to visit her family on her father’s side. While she was there, she travelled to Kosovo where she got a tattoo of an Albanian eagle.

At first glance, it may look like a big black bug but it is actually double-headed eagle. This is one of the most meaningful Eliza Dushku tattoos as it symbolizes her love and respect for her Albanian roots. Although her father’s family still lives in Albania, he is a teacher and administrator for the Boston Public schools.

Side – One of the Eliza Dushku tattoos that raises the most questions is the script on her side that reads Lead Kindly Light. This was a hymn that she sang as a child with her mother as she was raised in the Mormon church. The hymn is from The Pillar of Cloud poem written by John Henry Newman in 1833.

Other Tattoos – While there are a few unknown Eliza Dushku tattoos, there is a cross tattoo that appears on the back of her ankle. Additionally, Kat Von D completed a symbolic feather on her ribs however, no one knows what it is symbolic of.

Stephen Baldwin Tattoos

There is Always a Story Behind Stephen Baldwin Tattoos

Stephen Baldwin tattoos are fun, playful, thoughtful and interesting. While he is known as being the youngest brother of the fabulous four Baldwins, there are a few interesting things about him that you may not know like he worked in a pizza parlor as a teenager and he met his wife, Kennya, while on a New York subway.

He admitted in his 20s that he had a drug and alcohol problem which is the inspiration behind  a few of the Stephen Baldwin tattoos.  Being a former Calvin Klein model (as was his brother Billy) he only wears CK boxer shorts and he enjoys cream peanut butter with jelly on fresh white bread.  Ah, an appreciation for the simpler things, another trait that caused a few Stephen Baldwin tattoos.

This could also be a reason why Stephen’s tattoos all look very rough.  While most Hollywood celebrities flaunt perfectly outlined and well-shaded pieces from only the top artists, his have a pure and raw look to them which possibly adds to his charm.

HM – One of the most well known Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the HM he wears on the front of his left shoulder which stands for Hannah Montana. Stephen made a deal with the famous Miley Cyrus that if he got the HM tattoo, she would have him on the show, which would impress his daughters Allaia and Hailey Rhode.

Kennya – The next of the Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the one he wears for his wife at the top of his left shoulder. It is roses with a banner running through it with the name Kennya in it. Stephen and his wife have been through a lot over the years, especially after falling millions of dollars in debt and having the bank foreclose on their house.

Daddy – On Stephen’s left bicep is the simple word “Daddy” written in quotation marks for his two beautiful girls.

Believe – The word Believe is written on the back of is neck which is believed to have been inspired by his addiction.

Sobriety – One of the most meaningful Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the symbol to represent his sobriety on the right part of his upper back. Stephen has been clean for more than 20 years now.

Tiger – On Stephen’s left upper back he wears a tiger. Could this be his lunar sign?

Chinese Symbols – There is a Chinese symbol for master on his right forearm on the inner area with the symbol for servant on his left inner forearm.

Cross – One of the more recent Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the cross/dagger tattoo on his right forearm. This could be the result of his new religious born-again Christian lifestyle that he is living.

Allaia – One of the best kept secrets in the collection of Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the name of his daughter Allaia on his lower back.

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Sean Bean Tattoos

The Scarce yet Meaningful Sean Bean Tattoos

Although there are only three known, small-sized Sean Bean tattoos, they are all quite meaningful. Sean is an English stage and film actor of tremendous talent who is best known for his role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  His first major screen time was in the last of the three smash hits, Fellowship of the Ring which played a huge role in one of the Sean Bean tattoos.

Additionally, Sean is one of Hollywood’s best known villains, starring in Don’t Say a Word as a kidnapper/jewel thief, an ex-con/wife beater in Essex Boys, the villainous treasure hunter in National Treasure and a scheming scientist in the 2005 release of The Island.

Of course, with Sean’s appearance it only seems natural that he plays a villain with his sly eyes, square jawline, lank hair and smoker’s teeth.  Somehow these characteristics that would make someone else unattractive have landed him as a sex symbol and of course, the Sean Bean tattoos only add to that bad boy image, despite their small size.


The first of the Sean Bean tattoos is the word nine that is written in Tengwar, found on his shoulder.  The nine close companions spent a substantial amount of time together in New Zealand shooting the Fellowship of the Ring. On their last day, they all decided to get a tattoo together to commemorate the hard work and long journey that they had spent together.

The other actors that received this one of the Sean Bean tattoos are Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Betty Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen.  Interestingly, John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli, opted out of the bonding experience and sent his stunt double instead.

This tattoo holds a lot of meaning for Sean, not only for the experience and close friends he shared all that time with but also because shooting the film was incredibly troubling for him. Sean’s fear of flying added a challenge to shooting the film due to New Zealand’s mountainous landscape.

After one of the tougher rides to location, he swore he would fly no more and in one instance, Sean actually took a ski lift up the mountain and then hiked several miles in full costume to avoid getting on a plane.

Home Town Tribute

The other two Sean Bean tattoos both pay tribute to where he grew up. He was raised in Handsworth, Sheffield and vowed to never forget where he came from.  The first football tattoo that he got reads 100% Blade on the upper part of his left arm.  He also wears the letters SUFC on his wrist.

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Although football was a dream for him, when he was younger, he smashed a glass door in an argument, leaving a piece of glass in his leg that not only left a significant scar and temporarily impeded his walking, it prevented him from realizing his dreams of becoming a professional football player.  Shortly after that, he took up acting which is fans are deeply grateful for.

David Boreanaz Tattoos

The Strong Symbolism Behind David Boreanaz Tattoos

Although pictures of David Boreanaz tattoos can be hard to come by, there are a few there. While he did star in the slasher horror film Valentine with Katherine Hiegl and Denise Richards, it was his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer that got him really noticed.  David played a mysterious angel, a vampire who was cursed with having a soul because of past sins.  Due to the show’s tremendous success, he starred in Angel, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that led him to even higher stardom.

Wrist Tattoos

The first set of David Boreanaz tattoos are the Kanji symbols he wears on his wrists. One is the symbol for soul while the other represents destiny.  Interestingly, David and his wife Jamie Bergman, actress and Playmate wear  the same exact symbols.  While David was married for less than two years from 1997-1999 to Ingrid Quinn, he has remained married to Jamie since November 24th, 2001.

David and Jamie had their son, Jaden Rayne Boreanaz on May 1st, 2002 and their daughter Bardot Vita Boreanaz (Bella) on August 31st, 2009.  Although you would think based on these David Boreanaz tattoos that he has a perfect marriage, he publicly admitted having an unfair after the woman contacted a lawyer and was threatening to expose their relationship to media outlets.

Back Tattoo

Most who have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse at the piece on his back, will agree that this is the most intriguing of the David Boreanaz tattoos. However, although it is haunting, mysterious and magical, it often leaves the viewer wondering just what exactly it is.

What Boreanaz is actually displaying is a Gryphon that is holding onto a letter A.  The inspiration comes from the beautiful Book of Kells where the Gryphon was interpreted as being four traditional winged figures.  Essentially, it is a symbol created for Saint Mark with the eagle being Saint John, the man represents Saint Matthew and the ox symbolizes Saint Luke.

The symbolism of this winged lion is incredibly complex as it is meant to represent the fourth nature of Christ. Traditionally, the lion is to be roaring and preparing the way to the desert for the four captivating corners of paradise that are often represented by four heads, human, eagle, lion and ox.

Alternatively, this one of David Boreanaz tattoos can have a bit of a different meaning. This winged lion can symbolize two natures uniting such as fire or the sun, the ultimate desired goal of alchemy.  Like all composite beasts, there is the suggestion of terrifying powers of nature, primordial chaos and evil forces in the world.  In Christian symbolism, the lion is a representation of Christ, the Devil, fortitude, watchfulness and the solitary hermit.

Blink 182 Tattoos

The Never-Ending List of Blink 182 Tattoos

It would certainly be challenging if not an impossible task to touch on all of the Blink 182 tattoos. In fact, if you were able to make a list of them, there would probably be additional ones added just as fast.  To spotlight on some of the best Blink 182 tattoos, it is definitely easiest to look at each of the three members individually.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker basically defines Blink 182 tattoos. It is actually quite hard to find any flesh that is ink-free on Barker these days.

Cadillac – There is no denying that Barker has a love for Cadillacs. On each side of his neck is a racing flag along with the number 66 which is the year of his favorite Cadillac and emblem.

Marilyn Monroe – On the front of Barker’s neck is a Marilyn Monroe portrait.

Music – There is a lot of geography dedicated to his love of music. One of the most famous Blink 182 tattoos is the very large boombox worn by Barker on his stomach. He also has the words Can I Say, which is an album title by Dag Nasty and he has HOPE on his back that he did after his mother died and the Descendents had released that song. Another Descendents tattoo is the cover art for their album. Barker also has musical notes and drumsticks on his right arm.

Tributes – Barker wears familia on his arm, Shanna (his wife) on a banner, Melissa (his first wife) on his neck, Landon (his son) on his wrist and MOM in a heart with Japanese flowers on his upper back/lower back.

Good Luck – Barker’s right arm is considered his good luck collection of Blink 182 tattoos. He has his lucky number 7, a dollar sign, dice, a skull that has 13 in the eyes, rabbit’s foot, his initials, martini glass and an elbow spider web.

Quote – The quote around Barker’s neck reads Chaos Often Breeds Life, When Order Breeds Habit.

DJ AM – One of the most meaningful Blink 182 tattoos is the one he got in March 2010 to honor his late friend Adam Goldstein, otherwise known as DJ AM. The two were the sole survivors in a plane crash that killed Gavin DeGraw and Perry Farrell. It was this tragedy that brought Blink 182 back together. DJ AM died of a suspected, accidental drug overdose August 28, 2008. Barker wears In Memory of DJ AM on clouds, accompanied by sunlight and a prayer on his thigh.

Tom DeLonge

While Barker wears a lot of black ink, Tom DeLonge shows off the more colorful side of Blink 182 tattoos. On Tom’s left peck are some cartoon-looking buildings to start the piece that travels down his entire left arm. On his bicep there is an alien spaceship that is shooting a laser and you will find stars around his wrist.

The double band that is below his elbow he got done while on tour which he later found out had a sexual meaning and was derived from a South American tribe.

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Mark Hoppus

You could call Mark the odd-man-out with Blink 182 tattoos but he has just never been one that was bitten with the ink bug. He does however have a tattoo on each wrist. His wife Skye is on his right wrist and Jack, his son is on his left wrist.

Shawn Marion Tattoos

The Controversy Behind Shawn Marion Tattoos

Shawn Marion tattoos have attracted more than their share of attention in recent years. Unfortunately, there is not much positive to say about the misfortune he has running down the side of his right calve except that he brought awareness to the importance of being sure you trust your tattooist.

Shawn Marion Tattoos are currently seen, accented by the Dallas Mavericks jersey that is wears. Kenny Smith, TNT analyst nicknamed Shawn The Matrix during his rookie year preseason due to his remarkable and nearly unparalleled athleticism.  He is one of the few players that has the strength, speed and skills to play a variety of positions, making him one of the NBA’s most versatile players.

In the 1999 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns chose Marion and in 2004 he joined the United States men’s basketball team for the Olympics. On February 14th, 2009 Shawn Marion was traded along with Marcus Barks to the Toronto Raptors but by July 2009, he found his home, signing a $39 million, 5-year contact with the Dallas Mavericks.

Lost in Translation

While Shawn Marion tattoos do include an exceptionally well done cross on his right bicep, there is little you can find out about this piece since tabloids and the internet only speak about the ink on his leg. The most talked about Shawn Marion tattoos is the one he had done on his right lower leg in 2003.  What his intentions were and what he requested was the Chinese lettering for The Matrix, his nickname.  Of course, this was around the time that lettering made a splash on the scene so kudos to Marion for acknowledging the trend on time.

So, what’s the problem with the Shawn Marion tattoos that are suppose to display his nickname? Well, according to Hanzi Smatter, a site that was designed to determine fouls, this is not what the tattoo means at all.

The first symbol is translated as evil spirits, demon or magic power. The second symbol represents a bird and the third is a sign of camphor, yes, the plant used to make mothballs. Demon Bird Mothballs, enough said!

In Marion’s Defense

Although the Shawn Mario tattoos have been the concentration of a lot of ridicule, there actually is some validity to his tattoo. It appears as though his intentions may have been leaning toward the Japanese phonetic translation.  The characters sounded out in this way are Ma-tori-kusa which is about the closest Japanese translation you can get because every Japanese letter (except N) ends in a vowel.  Since his tattoo is able to be interpreted as art, there is a chance that there is no error at all.

Method Man Tattoos

The Mystery Behind the Method Man Tattoos

Although there are a handful of Method Man tattoos, it is very rare that you are able to find a photo of any other than the two that he shows off the most on his forearms. Method Man (born Clifford Smith) is an American record producer, hip hop artist and actor who has had his share of controversy in the tabloids.  Himself and Redman make up the rap duo known as Method Man and Redman.

Method Man started his career in the Wu-Tang Clan.  He was always the most visible member and has appeared on an endless number of television shows and movies.  A few places you may have caught a glimpse of Method Man tattoos is on The Wire, CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, The Twilight Zone, Chappelles’ Show, Mind of Mencia, Belly, How High, Soul Plane, The Wackness, Meet the Spartans, Law and Order SVU and Burn Notice.

Shark Tattoo

One of the main Method Man tattoos is the shark he wears on the front of his right arm. Sharks are viewed as being the greatest predator in the world and the tattoo is a symbol of fearlessness and power.  Many believe that the shark is much more than a man-eating machine.  It is a sacred animal that has the ability to survive and adapt, something that Method Man knows a lot about.

Ambrigram Tattoo

The most popular of the Method Man tattoos and the one that an endless number of people are copying is his ambrigram tattoo. On his left forearm is a piece that when you look at it one way, you see the word Life but when you flip it over, the word Death appears.

There are many different types of ambrigrams that are categorized based on their readability and orientation. The most popular varieties are reflection (mirror) images, figure-ground and rotation.  There are also less popular types such as spinograms, chains and three dimensional.  Of course, there are also words that form natural ambrigrams such as suns and pod.  These varieties are depending on typefaces and fonts.

Non-natural ambrigrams are dependent solely on the imagination and skill of the artist but the word must stay readable to maintain its effect. With ambrigrams, one word is able to have two meanings such as life and death that makes up one of the Method Man tattoos.  Opposite words that are incorporated into one design create an element with increased depth, complexity and mystery rather than simply writing the words beside each other.

The ambrigram is the most popular of all the Method Man tattoos and has been copied by numerous people who embrace the philosophy of the rapper or want to show their admiration.

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Meghan Mattox Tattoos

The World May Never Know of all the Meghan Mattox Tattoos

It is nearly impossible to know of all of the Meghan Mattox tattoos unless she was to go through the collection herself. Some say that she has 26 while others suggest that the number is closer to 50 or more.  This former bass player of My Ruin had a good run with the band.  She left in 2001 but came back a year later and now that the show is  a two person act with only creator Taimie B and unbelievable Mick Murphy who plays the guitar, bass and drums, Meghan Mattox tattoos are not being spotlighted the way they once were.

Meghan Mattox Tattoos

    • Stars – These astrological symbols are found in abundance on Mattox. She has seven on both of her elbows, one on her neck and four on each wrist.
    • Happy – Behind her ear, above the star is the Japanese symbol for happy.
    • Black Heart – One of the most seen Meghan Mattox tattoos is the black heart on the back of her neck symbolizing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Jett has been her role model since she was 13 years old.
    • Cherry Bomb – On her back, she wears a cherry bomb. This was a top song by Joan Jett’s first band, The Runaways.
  • Right Half Sleeve – On her right arm, Mattox displays half sleeve of Samantha from the television show Bewitched. On the inside of her same arm she has what she refers to as a punk rock sacred heart.


  • Left Half Sleeve – On her left arm, she has a half sleeve with Death, a comic book character.
  • Bats – Meghan has two Chinese bats displayed on her chest.
  • Naked Aggression – One of the many tribute Meghan Mattox tattoos is a logo for the band Naked Aggression that she was once in, worn on her chest next to a bat.
  • 8 – Next to the other bat on her chest is a number 8 that you may understand if you happen to see Alien Resurrection.
  • Stomach – The word DESIRE is inked on her stomach and this is one of the only Meghan Mattox tattoos that she says hurt a lot.
  • The Shroud – Directly below her bellybutton, Mattox wears three crosses which is a logo for The Shroud, another band she once played in.
  • Key – There is a key being carried by bat wings on her right shin.
  • Keyhole – On the back of Meghan’s right calve is a keyhole and inside there is a 50s pinup girl silhouette.
  • Sun and Moon – On Meghan’s right foot is a sun and on her left foot is a moon.
  • Ankle – Here is one of the more meaningful Meghan Mattox tattoos. She had a friendship bracelet inked around her ankle with Ruby Cruiser’s drummer when she was in the UK.
  • Metal – There is the Japanese symbol for metal displayed on her right wrist that she says is her favourite tattoo. She got this on her last day in London with Roy Mayorga and the SugarComas.
  • The Exorcist – Megan has the movie poster picture of The Exorcist on her left lower leg and plans on getting The Omen on the other leg at a later time.

Bam Margera Tattoos

The Endless Collection of Bam Margera Tattoos

It is quite difficult to discuss all of the Bam Margera tattoos since it seems like there are constant additions and variations to his collection. While he may be most well known for Viva La Bam on MTV, he is actually quite an impressive professional skateboarder as well.

In his early 20s, he began shooting skateboarding videos that he used in music videos for his brother’s band CKY (Camp Kill Yourself). Bam Margera tattoos were few and far between to be seen back then.  After being recognized for such videos, he landed a role on Jackass and now years later with the release of Jackass 3D, he is even more popular than ever.


To explore Bam Margera tattoos, you need to understand the meaning of the Heartagram and why he wears such an abundance of them. Contrary to popular belief, this symbol was not invented by Bam but rather by Ville Valo, singer of HIM (His Infernal Majesty) on his 18th birthday.  The Heartagram is a powerful symbol of Love Metal, being made up of a heart that is meant to symbolize love along with a metal pentagram.  It is meant to be a modern day yin-yang, representing the relationship between light and darkness, love and hate, life and death, etc.  The symbol is not only showcased on many Bam Margera tattoos but also on the Element product line, HIM albums and CKY paraphernalia

Bam wears a tribal Heartagram on his lower stomach, three on his knuckles and one in a very large tribal piece running down the right side of his body that has been used as a design on Element clothing.

Other Bam Margera Tattoos

    • Wedding Tattoo – Bam and Missy went to get pre-wedding lip tattoos together. While Missy opted for a 313 tattoo which represents Detroit and the location where they got their wedding rings, Bam chose NBA player Dr. J for an unknown reason.
    • Joined Hearts – On the inside of Bam’s left elbow are two linked hearts.
    • Top Hat Man – One of the most intriguing Bam Margera tattoos is the scary looking man wearing a top hat on his left outer forearm that is now part of the sleeve he is developing.
    • Vine – Flowing up the left side of his body is a tribal, flowery vine-looking tattoo.
    • Nuckles – On Bam’s knuckles are the words BOOK WORM that he later turned the Os into Heartagrams.
    • Cosmic Pope – Bam and Ville Valo both wear a cosmic pope tattoo. Bam wears his on his left arm.
    • Don Vito – One of the most popular of all the Bam Margera tattoos is the portrait he wears on his left leg of his crazy uncle Vito along with Glitter Gulch which is Vito’s favorite Vegas strip club.
    • Bear and Cat – This tattoo was done by Kat Von D. It is a bear doing a cat with the words F**K Jeff on it. This stands for Jeff Tremaine from the movie Jackass.
    • Grandpop – On Bam’s left leg he has a picture of his grandpop who is holding a gun and wearing a bandage across his head. The tattoo reads If you get another F, I’m gonna F U.
    • Heart – On the inside of Bam’s right wrist is a heart, his first tattoo.
    • Nidiot – On his butt, Kat Von D tattooed the word Nidiot.
    • Skeleton Guitar – Here’s another one of the Bam Margera tattoos done by Kat Von D. This skateboard graphic is on his left arm.
    • Razor Blade – On his inner and upper left arm, Bam wears a razor blade as a tribute to the Razorblade Romance CD by HIM.
    • Sigillum Diaboli – Kat Von D did Bam’s wedding tattoo that is in Latin meaning Devil’s Seal which happens to be a HIM song as well.
    • Lady and Nymphetamine – Kat completed this tattoo on Bam’s right shoulder. It is a woman half-naked and covered with a filigree design with the word Nymphetamine under it which is a Cradle of Filth song.
  • Andy McCoy – Guitarist Andy McCoy is on Bam’s right arm with the words Where’s the Justice?


  • DILLIGAF – The last of the Bam Margera tattoos are the letters DILLIGAF on his wrist meaning do I look like I give a f**k?
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Eva Longoria Tattoos

The Life Experiences Influencing Eva Longoria Tattoos

There are six Eva Longoria tattoos that are found on this exceptionally striking and petite brunette bombshell. This American actress is primarily known for her role as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives as well as being married to NBA guard tony Parker.  Some of Eva Longoria tattoos first started drawing attention in 2008 when she landed the number 14 spot in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women poll.

Longoria’s original goals were to become a fashion model but due to her height, she decided to pursue acting. In 2000, she appeared on General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210 which gave her enough recognition to be landed on the Young and the Restless.  Today, Longoria and her tattoos have certainly became a popular household name.  In fact, it was just announced in October 2010 that she will host the 2010 MTV Europe Awards in Madrid, Spain.

Eva Longoria Tattoos

Star – The first of the Eva Longoria tattoos is the tiny star that she wears on the inside of her left wrist. It has not been made clear the meaning behind this piece.

Celtic Cross – One of the most photographed Eva Longoria tattoos due to her stunning drop back dresses she is always wearing on the red carpet is her Celtic cross on her lower back. It is small and simple and considering she grew up Roman Catholic, it is easy to see where her inspiration was found.

Flower – Longoria wears a very small flower on her lower back off to the right side of her cross. It appears to be a tiny rose although the only pictures that can catch a glimpse are paparazzi photos from a distance.

Roman Numerals – In 2008, photos emerged of a new addition to the collection of Eva Longoria tattoos. On the inside of her right wrist are the Roman numerals of July 7, 2007 which happens to be her wedding date.

NINE – Longoria’s newest piece is the word NINE on her upper back, just below her neck. It is a tribute to husband Tony Parker. The number nine is what he wears on his San Antonio Spurs jersey.

TP – The last of the Eva Longoria tattoos are the letters TP to stand for Tony Parker. Although no one has seen this tattoo, Longoria offers the information that it is tucked away nicely somewhere intimate where only Tony can see. Interesting TP is the name of Parker’s music album as he is also a musical artist in his spare time.