Behind Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo Designs – Choosing the Right One

Butterfly tattoo designs are without a doubt one of the most common designs seen on women today. These whimsical creatures are free and beautiful but they are also rich in history and hold great symbolic meaning in different cultures.

Butterfly tattoo designs are pieces that can hold different meanings for every single person who wears them. Like snowflakes, no two should ever be exactly alike. The great thing about butterfly tattoo designs is that they can be created to be extremely realistic where you have people doing a double take when the pass by or they can be incredibly imaginative and fairy-tale like.

Many symbols such as flowers, hearts, fairies, angles, flames, vines, etc., look great with butterfly tattoo designs. These are ideal choices as well if you just want to add a little something extra to a tattoo you already have.

History and Representation

If you are wondering why butterfly tattoo designs are so popular today, it’s not only because these magical creatures offer unparalleled beauty. Mythology from many ancient civilizations held a deep connection with these fluttering insects.

Many cultures believe that they represent the soul of a human. As a flame attracts a night butterfly, heavenly truths attract the human soul.

Others view butterfly tattoo designs as a representation of new life. Scientifically speaking, the way that they are able to transform from a crawling caterpillar into one of the most beautiful species in the animal kingdom is an intriguing mystery. Many people choose butterfly tattoo designs after they have gone through a difficult time or are entering a fresh chapter in their life.

When most women choose butterfly tattoo designs, they have the desire to wear a free-spirited piece that acknowledges a positive change. These types of tattoos are meant to serve  as a portal on the body to attract and draw positive energy, regardless of where it is placed.  Butterfly tattoo designs represent the unparalleled inner power that all women possess, whether they know it or not.

Butterflies can also symbolize a deep commitment with nature, creativity, intelligence and patience. On the other hand, some view them as reserved, shrewd, judicious and aristocratic. These strong yet delicate symbols represent something different for every wearer.

Although butterfly tattoo designs can be placed anywhere, they are traditionally created on the chakra points, primarily the lower back and belly which falls under the reproduction point. Those who choose the chest or shoulder often have a representation of an unconditional love for themselves, someone else or someone who has passed.