Tattoo Designs and Symbols

Which Tattoo Designs and Symbols are Right for You?

With so many tattoo designs and symbols to choose from, how do you know that you’re picking the right one?  Quite honestly, there is no right or wrong decision!  It is not uncommon for people thinking about having their first ink experience to feel overwhelmed, intimidated and anxious in addition to being excited because they can’t choose what they want out of the exhausting list of available tattoo designs and symbols.

Why do You Want One?

If you cannot decide what type of tattoo that you want, you should perhaps evaluate why you are getting one.  Are you doing it because your friends have one or you just woke up and decided that you want one?  If this is the case, you will probably find yourself simply picking a design that you will be unhappy with later because you rushed into the decision.


Some tattoo designs and symbols look better on certain body parts than others.  For example, Kanji, stars, hearts, flowers, yin yang, etc., are all designs that can be done on very small space.  Trying to squeeze a dragon, angel or a large fairy on a place like your wrist would not allow for much detail work.  You also have to consider that curved body parts like calves or over the shoulder should not have a piece that requires straight lines.

Color or Not?

Another factor you should think about when choosing tattoo designs and symbols is if you want the piece to be colored or not.  Sure, every tattoo is a personal choice but there are certain pieces that are always going to look better one way or another.  For example, if you are positive that you want a tribal tattoo, you probably don’t want this done in any color other than black or you lose the bold and dramatic effect.

When deciding on black ink or your color palette, you should also take your skin tone and average sun exposure into consideration.  Although you are suppose to cover a tattoo with sunscreen, with most people, the effort lasts about a month.  Light colors like white, yellow and pink are going to fade fast.  If you already have a tan or darker skin, you may find that lighter colors may not show up as vibrant as you want them to.  Alternatively, if you have fair skin, dark colors may be too drastic for you.  It’s really all about your personal opinion.


The biggest mistake you can make when choosing tattoo designs and symbols is to get one that someone else has unless it means something to you.  A tattoo should be a representation of you or pay tribute to someone or a special event in your life.  As long as you are getting a tattoo for yourself and you make your choice from your heart, you will have a piece that you will be happy with for the rest of your life.