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Adam Levine Tattoo Meanings

There are constantly questions that arise regarding Adam Levine tattoo meanings. He’s not like a lot of other celebrities who either hide their ink or wear pieces that have no symbolic meaning at all. Each one of his tattoos is symbolic of his life; really, what would you expect from such a gifted artist anyway? […]

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Naya Rivera Tattoos

The Elegant Display of Naya Rivera Tattoos There has been a sudden elevation in interest regarding Naya Rivera tattoos since she seems to be on everyone’s Best Dressed list at red carpet events.  When Naya arrived at the 2010 Emmy Awards in a stunning Simin dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Le Vian ring and Avakian earrings, […]

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Kesha Tattoos

Do You Like the Professional or Homemade Kesha Tattoos Better? Aside from the homemade Kesha tattoos that she gave herself with pen ink and a sewing needle, there are actually a few professionally done pieces to speak of as well.  Born Kesha Rose Sebert on March 1st 1987, this American pop singer is now known […]

Anthony Kiedis Tattoos

Anthony Kiedis tattoos may very well be more popular than his music.  Born in 1962, this American vocalist and occasional actor is most well known for being the lead vocalist of the Red Hot Chile Peppers.  Anthony Kiedis was born in Michigan, the divorce of his parents is what brought him to Los angles when […]

Katy Perry Tattoos

The Controversy Over Katy Perry Tattoos While there are only three Katy Perry tattoos to speak of, one manages to stir up its share of controversy.  This American pop singer rose to fame when she released I Kissed a Girl, which happened to be her second single.  Since then, she’s been pretty much unstoppable with […]

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Lenny Kravitz Tattoos

The Unparalleled Perfection of Lenny Kravitz Tattoos The collection of Lenny Kravitz tattoos may be loved even more than the music he actually creates.  Even people who may not be fans of the style of his music, certainly appreciate the ink he shows off on his body.  What do you think of his Tattoos? Not […]

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Tim McGraw Tattoos

The Meaningful Inspiration Behind Tim McGraw Tattoos Tim McGraw tattoos have been loved by fans for years in videos, magazines and on tour.  After all, he did have 11 albums consecutively debut at number 1 and he is the best looking country singer around.  Of course, being married to gorgeous country singer Faith Hill only […]

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Religious Tattoos & Symbolism

Lets Talk About Some of the Religious Tattoos and Symbolism Out There! From the beginning of the trend of people marking their own body, religious tattoos and symbolism have been in existence.  There has always been a spiritual element linked to the practice of such body modification.  Religious tattoos and symbolism wove early man into being […]

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Yin Yang Tattoos

What Are Yin Yang Tattoos? Are you fond of tattoos? This wonderful work of art has become very popular these days. They are equally popular among men as well as women. There are certain tattoos which has different kinds of meanings behind them. They usually stand for different things. If you are interested in these things […]

Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos Over Time Tattoos have become one of the major attractions for the young generation these days. Both men and women are equally interested in these tattoos. There are different kinds of tattoos available these days. You will love the wide variety of colors and the designs. Other than this, you will find tattoos […]

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