Robert Downey Jr Tattoos

The Story Behind Robert Downey Jr Tattoos

While there are only two known Robert Downery Jr tattoos, they are meaningful pieces that have resulted from his colorful life.  There are few actors who have been in the tabloids as much as Downey but perhaps that is because even at his darkest times, viewers, fans or not, saw a potential there that he could not see himself while he was on his downward spiral.

There are not too many people who would have the ability to get locked up as an actor but come back as a superstar.  The world may never forget Downey driving his Porsche naked down Sunset Strip, throwing imaginary rats out of the window because he was so high but he certainly is proving that there is life after drugs and rehab.  Downey’s first Iron Man movie alone brought in $186 million at the box office, not even including the pandemonium that the second one created.

Susie Q

The first of the two Robert Downey Jr tattoos is the word Susie Q on the upper part of his left bicep.  In 2003, when Downey met producer Susan Levin, his checkered past of drugs and arrests seemed to magically turn around.  He met Levin on the Gothica set.  He said that she was motivated, grounded and a really hard worker.  While he may have fell in love with her, Levin would not marry Downey until he gave up all of the drugs for good.

Susan Levin sure must have been something special.  Downey changed his life around, married her and introduced her to the world as his new wife on the Oprah Winfrey show.  She landed a place in his heart and on his arm as one of the meaningful Robert Downey Jr tattoos.


The second of the Robert Downey Jr tattoos is a tribute to his son Indio.  It is a peculiar tattoo that must hold some type of meaning that no one has yet to unveil.  His son’s name, Indio, is written on his right bicep, surrounded by some type of hanging picture frame and a blue head that seems to be watching over it.  It is sweet and intriguing yet somewhat dark and mysterious.

His ex, former model and singer Dobroah Falconer, is the mother of Indio and although they have a good relationship now, things were not always so pleasant.  They married six weeks after they met in 1992, bought a house in Malibu and in 1993, Indio was born.  That should have been enough to ground Downey but at the time, it was just another reason to party. For more see Tattoo Meanings!

While fans are overjoyed that Downey turned his life around and can now almost be thought of as a role model, that you can get off drugs, the question still remains about this Indio piece.  This one of the two Robert Downey Jr tattoos is an unsolved mystery, one that all of his fans hopes he will one day reveal.

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