Jessica Alba Tattoos

The Simplicity of the Jessica Alba Tattoos

While Jessica Alba tattoos may not be as in your face as other celebrities, they all seem to just act as small accents to her flawless beauty.  After spending a good deal of time playing a genetically enhanced character that attracted guys like a magnet on Dark Angel, she decided to bless the big screen with her perfectly tones body.  Alba starred in huge box office hits such as Fantastic Four, Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, Honey and Into the Blue.  While no one can deny her obvious talent, her popularity seems to continue to rise due to her unbelievable dedicated male fan base.

It seems today that the paparazzi are as obsessed with catching a glimpse of Jessica Alba tattoos as they are any other celebrity, despite the fact that they are small and simple. Of course, her choices really reflect her body as well as her personality.  It is said that anything more would seem too drastic and take away from the natural appeal that makes her so desirable.


The first of Jessica Alba tattoos is the simple Sanskrit word of padma which translated means lotus flower.  This symbol in Hinduism is that of spiritual development.  The lotus is the manifestation symbol of mental purity and beauty.  Although they root themselves in the dirty mud of lakes and ponds, the flower rises in immaculate and unparalleled beauty above the water’s surface.

Alba’s mother first wore this tattoo, then her aunt followed. When Jessica turned 18, her and her cousin chose to follow in their predecessor’s foot steps and make this their first tattoo.


Paparazzi definitely choose this simple lower back bow as the favorite of the Jessica Alba tattoos. She has yet to release any deep meaning to this tattoo but the sheer mystery makes this delicate creation even more appealing.  Many believe this feminine piece of artwork is nothing more than an innocent way to draw attention to her sexy frame.

Ladybug and Daisy

The last of the Jessica Alba tattoos is one that has recently caused some controversy. Alba wears a ladybug and daisy near her hairline on the back of her neck.  Her mom, aunt and herself all went to get a tattoo as part of a bonding experience together and they all chose a different type of ladybug tattoo.

Pictures have been snapped recently where this tattoo is quite light and is said to be undergoing laser removal. Others speculate that it is merely covered up with makeup, perhaps for a photo shoot.  Surely the picture perfect star wouldn’t be undoing a bonding experience?  Only time will tell what Jessica Alba tattoos will reveal.

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