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I am a true tattoo lover and that’s why I created this site, for other true tattoo lovers! This site will always be undergoing changes as new stories and pictures are added. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!

I want you to tell me what you want to see, images, stories, celebrities etc. Just leave us a comment & we will see what we can do!

We also want you to send us in pictures of your tattoos and tell us the story behind them; this way you can share your passion and love of tattoos with our readers. If the stories are of love, loss, fun or just madness they are worth telling!

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Tattoos I Love Because They Represent Me

Tattoos I love, because they are the ultimate symbols of not only self-expression but commitment as well.  You may not be able to commit to a relationship yet you can commit to believing in or feeling passionate about something enough to offer a representation of it on your body for life.  Entering the world of ink is like expanding your mind and more opportunities become available to you.  When your mind is open to new thoughts and ideas, there ultimately is more of the world that comes accessible to you.

Big or small, black or color, symbolic or not, tattoos I love because anything goes.  There is no right or wrong choice or precise color palette to follow.  Every single object, person, animal or thought can be portrayed to not only mean a multitude of different things to the wearer but they can also be perceived as having different meanings to the viewer as well.

Tattoos I love because there is not a better canvas in the world than the human body.  Every inch of flesh, every curve, provides an opportunity to tell a story.  To pay respect to those you’ve loved and lost, to remember special memories and moments and to remind yourself how the object in that piece once made you feel. 

Some say that those of us with tattoos will look crazy when we’re 90 years old with all this ink, I say live for today.  Tattoos I love because even when I am 90, these small pieces of art will remind me of something or someone I once loved, even when my memory isn’t so good. 

Tattoos I love because when I look back at all these pieces years from now, they are special to me, not someone else.  They are one of the few things in the world that we can do purely for ourselves that don’t have to mean something or even make sense to anyone else.

Tattoos I love because they can help you heal from challenging times in your life and represent a new chapter or new beginning of your future.  I love that I can pick a symbol that means nothing to anyone else but I can always use it as a portal for energy and a symbol of strength.  These are thoughts and ideas that no one else can ever take away.  They are permanently mine and only mine forever.

Tattoos are mysterious and beautiful, fun and flirty, dark and intriguing.  Tattoos I love because I own my body, I control my thoughts, I cherish my memories and they can all be captured in thoughtful pieces of ink.  Tattoos I love because they are nothing more than an interpretation of me.

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