Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos

Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos – Tacky or Sexy?

It seems as though Elisabetta Canalis tattoos are either loved or hated.  Even individuals who adore the ink on Angelina Jolie and Meghan Fox argue that on Elisabetta, her choices just seem trashy and misplaced.  Of course, others strongly disagree and say that nothing could ruin the good looks of this beauty.  Elisabetta is an Italian actress and model, most well-known for her relationship with George Clooney.

When Elisabetta Canalis tattoos aren’t being worn like a bracelet on Clooney’s arm, she is mostly recognized as being a lingerie model for Roberto Cavalli and gracing endless magazines such as Maxim and GQ.  One thing is for sure, she has no problem flaunting her ink, not even on the red carpet.


First on the list of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos is the fairly wide armband of roses she wears on her right bicep.  Originally, there was a tattoo here that read EMINEM, as tribute to the rapper.  She never had a relationship with him but is a huge fan and in one interview she said that some of his music helped her get though a rough time.  Apparently, she realized that this probably wasn’t the best tattoo choice for a model.


Many people aren’t aware that there is a small lizard on the list of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos.  This piece is found on her right ankle and they actually are pretty symbolic reptiles.  Lizards often represent searching for light or they can be a symbol of regeneration when worn by someone who has gone through an emotional hard time.


The first piece that started the collection of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos is a small rose that she wears on her left wrist.  Roses are traditionally a symbol of love or remembrance.  These flowers have remained the most popular choice for tattoo work through many decades.


Quotes seem to be a huge trend right now in the tattoo world, especially in Hollywood.  Of course, the collection of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos does not disappoint in this department.  She wears the inscription of Pain is Love across her right forearm and the words I’ll never walk alone written quite large down her left forearm.

The latter is her latest piece and there is no explanation for it but some suggest that it could have something to do with her relationship with George Clooney.  Unfortunately, Clooney recently said he will never get married again and he’s just not a good fit for the long-term commitment.  Only time will tell what happens between these two. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

David Beckham Tattoos

The Phenomenal List of David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all athletes.  This soccer star is as well known for his tattoos and fashion sense as he is for the game.  Of course, the fact that him and wife Victoria do make up one of the sexiest couples alive, there is good reason why the  paparazzi cannot get enough of him.

Most of the collection of David Beckham tattoos have been completed by Louis Malloy, a Manchester tattooist who is said to be the UK’s most prominent.  Beckham has even n Malloy to where he happen to be to get work done.

Full Sleeve

One of the newest pieces on the list of David Beckham tattoos is an extremely detailed full sleeve on his right arm with a length of two feet.  He was so committed that he had the whole thing done in three days which is really unheard of for a tattoo of this size.

There are two symbolic pieces within that are said to be a reflection of the turmoil that he was feeling over moving to LA.  The words Pray for Me on his inner right wrist is the most significant part.


On the inside of his left forearm is where you’ll find the next piece in the many David Beckham tattoos.  His wife, Victoria’s name is written in Hindi script although there has been speculation of improper spelling.  Underneath the tattoo are the words Ut Amen Et Foveam, translated from Latin means so that I love and cherish.


The next three pieces on the list of David Beckham tattoos are all tributes to his three sons.

• Brooklyn – His first born son’s name is placed across his lower back.

• Romeo – His second son’s name is right below the nape of his neck.

• Cruz – Beckham’s third born son is directly below a winged-figure on his back.


• Winged Cross – During the 2004 UEFA Championships, this athlete felt the need to add to the list of David Beckham tattoos so he flew his tattooist to him to create a winged-cross on the back of his neck, clearly visible with his shaved head.  Beckham certainly does not hide his spirituality!

• Guardian Angel Tattoo – Stretched out over his shoulder blades is a winged-figure that Beckham describes as a guardian angel.  Most fans noticed when this piece got much bigger after it was altered to make the wings appear more life-like.

• Jesus – Revealed in January of 2010, a tattoo of Jesus on his way to the cross tattoo on his right side. His inspiration for the piece came from The Man of Sorrows, a painting by Matthew R. Brooks.

• Chinese Characters – Running down his left torso are Mandarin Chinese symbols that read Riches and Honors Depends on Heaven.  This piece was completed in Hong Kong in March of 2008.

Avril Lavigne Tattoos

The People That Inspired Avril Lavigne Tattoos

Although Avril Lavigne tattoos are small, there is a good collection to speak of and they all have some solid meaning behind them.  Born in Belleville, Ontario, Avril shared the stage with Shania Twain at 15 and signed a record deal by the time she turned 16.  She is not only an outstanding singer and songwriter, Avril is an actress, fashion designer and philanthropist.  The great thing about her is that she is proud of who she is and she loves to show off her tattoos every chance she gets.

Tattoos Inspired by Deryck Whibley

A couple of the pieces on the list of Avril Lavigne tattoos were inspired by her brief marriage to Deryck Whibley, guitarist and lead singer for Sum 41.  In 2004, she got a tattoo of the letter D with a small pink heart around it on her right wrist while they were dating.  Deryck purposed in 2005 in Venice and the couple was married at a small wedding in 2006.  By November 2009, their divorce was finalized but they parted as friends.  Interestingly, Deryck continued to inspire Avril Lavigne tattoos because they got tattoos together, as friends, in March 2010 for his 30th birthday.

Tattoos Inspired by Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner, most commonly known for his role on The Hills, picked up where Deryck left off.  A month after Avril had matching pieces done with Deryck, she added to the collection of Avril Lavigne tattoos getting matching ones with Brody.  This time she chose a lightening bolt for her wrist and Brody wears his under his ear.

In spring of 2010, Avril Lavigne tattoos gained a great deal of media attention when her and Brody once again got matching pieces of the word fuck displayed on their ribs.  Avril says this is her favorite word.  Shortly after, in July 2010, pictures were taken of Avril in a bikini with the word Brody written right beneath her right breast.

Other Avril Lavigne Tattoos

• Stars – On the inside of her left wrist is a star that matches the one that was used for her album work.  Her musical associate and friend, Ben Moody, got the same exact piece.  There is also an outline of a star above her left hip bone and a small one on the inside of her right elbow.

• Abbey Dawn – The words Abbey Dawn are on her left forearm which happens to be the name of her clothing line that is available exclusively at Kohls.  It’s fun, flirty, punk and comfortable apparel all rolled into one great collection.

• XXV – Last on the list of Avril Lavigne tattoos are the Roman numerals XXV on the inside of her right forearm which simply was her age at the time. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

Milo Ventimiglia Tattoos

The Mystery Behind Milo Ventimiglia Tattoos

While there are only three real Milo Ventimiglia tattoos to speak of, each one creates more mystery than the last.  This popular actor is best known for playing Peter Petrelli on Heroes but fans first noticed the collection of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos when he exploded with popularity playing Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls.

Milo gets his good looks from an eclectic mix of nationalities from his parents.  His father is Sicilian however, his mother has English, Scottish, French, Irish and Cherokee Indian ancestry.  What’s to love about this actor aside from the mysterious Milo Ventimiglia tattoos?  He doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and he is a lacto-vegetarian.  Not to mention, he’s a skater fan and loves The Clash!


The first piece on the intriguing list of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is one that simply reads S.L.R.S., on his left shoulder.  What do these letters stand for?  No one knows!  One would want to guess that they belong to a past relationship but his only notable ones are with Alexis Bledel and Hayden Panettiere.

Some have speculated it could be linked to the SLR camera but that seems pretty foolish.  While the camera does love capturing Milo Ventimiglia tattoos, it is highly unlikely that this is the inspiration  behind the piece.  Looks like for now, fans will just have to wait anxiously until he reveals the meaning to the public.


Next on the list of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is a star on the inner portion of his right upper arm.  Although star tattoos have many different meanings, the thick outlined one that he wears is a common scene piece among the punk rock crowd.

With his love for The Clash and skateboards, it is easy to assume that this is the reasoning behind the tattoo.  However, nautical stars are also a symbol for good luck in Ireland and they can still be found in many Irish hospitals.  With him and his mother being part Irish, the star could reflect this part of his ancestry but the punk inspiration is still the most believed reason.


The final piece in the collection of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is a dragon he wears on the back of his left calve.  Since Milo was born on July 8th, 1977, his Chinese symbol is the dragon, more specifically, a fire dragon.  This makes him compassionate, challenging, virtuous, fair and motivated by aspiration.

People born under the dragon are strong, full of energy and always on the go which could be where his passion for running comes from.  Female fans should be interested to know that the dragon does best in a relationship with a rat, tiger, snake, pig, horse or rooster. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

Lenny Kravitz Tattoos

The Unparalleled Perfection of Lenny Kravitz Tattoos

The collection of Lenny Kravitz tattoos may be loved even more than the music he actually creates.  Even people who may not be fans of the style of his music, certainly appreciate the ink he shows off on his body.  Not only is this artist a talented singer, Kravitz also is a record producer and gifted musician playing guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

While record labels told him that his style wasn’t white or black enough to fit in with either race, Kravitz refused to change his sound.  Luckily, labels soon realized the music he was creating was unique, refreshing and would be a huge success and his first record was released in 1989.  Of course, this is when the world would begin to fall in love with Lenny Kravitz tattoos.


The most well-known piece in the collection of Lenny Kravitz tattoos is the phenomenal dragon that covers his left shoulder, upper arm and a good part of his chest.  This is by far one of the most spectacular and detailed pieces seen on any celebrity.

Dragons are a symbol of supernatural and otherworldly powers in general however, Kravitz was born on May 26th, 1964, making him a wood dragon on the Chinese zodiac.  These types of dragons are known for being arrogant, logical, giving, honest and motivated by inspiration.

This ink on the list of Lenny Kravitz tattoos is actually pretty mesmerizing.  It’s completed primarily in shades of black and gray with only enough red to really make it come alive and here is wind, waves, smoke and clouds that all compliment it.


If your manage to peel your eyes away from the dragon, there is another nearby piece in the collection of Lenny Kravitz tattoos.  On the inside of his left forearm is a beautiful bouquet in color that includes lilies, daisies and a few other flowers.

Cross Tattoo

On Lenny’s right bicep is a very interesting black and gray cross that is made up of small triangular symbols.  This is a very personal piece in the ensemble of Lenny Kravitz tattoos because he says spirituality has been important in his growth.  He says that he is a Christian however, he is also a Jew, as he was raised by parents of different faiths.


The newest of the Lenny Kravitz tattoos is writing on his upper back.  Although no photos have emerged of the piece, it is rumored to read My Heart Belongs to Jesus Christ.  Kravitz also wears a script on his inner right forearm that appears to be some type of autograph. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

Keith Urban Tattoos

The List of Keith Urban Tattoos is Growing

The collection of Keith Urban tattoos has recently been altered and added to and while some fans are happy with the change, others certainly are not.  One thing that everyone can agree on though is that Keith Urban tattoos, for the most part, are personal and inspired by his life.  This New Zealand born, popular country singer has released nine successful albums as well as one with his first band, The Ranch.  Keith has had 10 number one hits and at least 15 singles on the country charts.

Sun Tattoos

The newest addition to the list of Keith Urban tattoos appears to be a very large tribal sun on his chest.  Though there have been no photos released yet of the entire piece fans have had a quick glance while he was wearing a button-down shirt.  The sun is for his daughter, SUNday Rose Kidman Urban who was born on July 7th, 2008.  This is the couple’s first child and although they have both said that they don’t want her photographed, pictures have leaked out.


One of the more recent Keith Urban tattoos that he showed off for the first time in front of an audience of millions is the word NICOLE on his upper right bicep.  Keith was performing with Alicia Keys at Giants Stadium during the Live Earth New York show when he rolled up his sleeve and showed off this piece as a tribute to his wife, Nicole Kidman.  The two were married June 25, 2006 after her split with Tom Cruise was final, who she coincidentally seems to bring up still in every interview.


Next on the list of Keith Urban tattoos is a script in Latin on his right wrist.  The piece reads Omni Vincit Amor which means Love Conquers All.  This tattoo has recently been altered as he felt it necessary to add NK, his wife’s initials to it.  The original tattoo was done sometime between 2002 and 2004 when he was dating supermodel Niki Taylor.  The couple got these matching tattoos together but he felt he needed to do something to personalize it for his current relationship.


The first piece in the collection of Keith Urban tattoos is an eagle he wears on his right shoulder that he got when he was 24.  Being born and raised in New Zealand and Australia, Keith says he really didn’t feel free in his life until he moved to America.  The eagle symbolizes freedom and it represents the United States.


The only colored  piece in the collection of Keith Urban tattoos is the phoenix he wears on the inside of his left forearm.  The phoenix is a suicidal bird who has the ability to be reborn from its own ashes.

This is a very powerful image.  Keith has spent time in rehabilitation on more than one occasion so it is suggested that this meaningful piece on the list of Keith Urban tattoos represents him getting through a tough time in his life. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

Ian Somerhalder Tattoos

Fans Certainly Love Ian Somerhalder Tattoos

Ian Somerhalder tattoos may seem small in size but that could possibly be because you have to get past  those hypnotizing good looks to find them.  Ian is an actor, model and producer most known for his role as Boone Carlyle on Lost as well as the beloved Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries.

When he’s not busy working, Ian Somerhalder tattoos can be seen doing endorsements for PETA as well as volunteering for various environmental groups.  His passion is animals and he has recently created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to provide medical attention to stray animals.  Additionally, he owns a small forest in India and works actively planting trees, bushes and other plants to give back to the environment.


The newest piece on the list of Ian Somerhalder tattoos are the Latin words hic et nunc which means here and now, on the inside of his right forearm.  He actually had to have this ink approved by CBS before he had it done because of their strict tattoo policy that states that actors and actresses cannot wear anything offensive on their arms.


Next in the collection of Ian Somerhalder tattoos is the word nine on his right arm.  Like the other nine actors who spent so much time together in New Zealand filming The Fellowship of the Ring, Ian wears this tattoo written in Tengwar.  All of the cast members went and got these tattoos on their last day of filming as a tribute to the adventure coming to an end.


One of the Ian Somerhalder tattoos that isn’t seen very often is a line from Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles.  On his left arm are the words Living is easy with eyes closed.  There is no information as to why this line has a special meaning to Ian or why he got it.

Speculated Tattoos

There are other Ian Somerhalder tattoos rumored to be hidden somewhere but it is unclear whether they actually exist or not.  Some people say that Ian has two stars on his left ankle.  Of course, stars can mean a number of different things to the wearer so if he does indeed have them, it will still remain a mystery as to what inspired them.

Also, there is talk of a cross piece being included on the list of Ian Somerhalder tattoos although no one has ever seen it.  Supposedly, he has mentioned covering the cross with a symbol of Jupiter since it rules Sagittarius.  There is also a rumor that the stars on his ankle are actually covering the cross that might have actually been there prior. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

Tim McGraw Tattoos

The Meaningful Inspiration Behind Tim McGraw Tattoos

Tim McGraw tattoos have been loved by fans for years in videos, magazines and on tour.  After all, he did have 11 albums consecutively debut at number 1 and he is the best looking country singer around.  Of course, being married to gorgeous country singer Faith Hill only adds to the total package he has going on.

There is for sure three Tim McGraw tattoos known of and there are rumors that there is one additional one that only Faith gets to see.  They are certainly the power couple as he describes Faith as being a type A personality, keeping him organized.

When Tim isn’t busy making the best country music on the radio or on tour, he is not only a family man but he also volunteers and helps with a number of charitable benefits for Hurricane Katrina, Little League scholarships and the American Red Cross.


To show of his love for his perfect wife, first on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the word Faith written in cursive on his right upper bicep.  It is simple with a small red heart taking the place of the I.  Tim and Faith were married in 1996 yet unlike most famous couples, their marriage has actually lasted through the years.  Tim never has anything except wonderful things to say about his wife and the two even created a number on hit song together.


On Tim’s left bicep is a cross tattoo.  From first glance it may seem just like any other cross but upon examining it, you will find that he proudly shows off his family roots.  In this addition to the collection of Tim McGraw tattoos you will see the first initial of his wife and three daughters in the cross standing for Faith, Maggie, Gracie and Audrey.


The newest piece on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the religious fish symbol on the underneath part of his right bicep.  You may think that that this is a peculiar place for a tattoo but when Tim points up above while singing, you’ll see the fish perfectly faces the sky and it all makes sense.  In very small writing there is also a date in 2007 found on the tattoo which is the day Tim really found Christianity.

Mystery Tattoo

It is suggested that Tim had DHD which stands for Dancehall Doctors, tattooed on his shin or ankle area and there is also word that he wears a leprechaun on his thigh that he got when he was 22 and drunk. for more see Celebrity Tattoos!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

The Perfectly Placed Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

While there are only four, fairly small Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos to speak of, they all fit her frame perfectly.  She got her popularity playing Kendall Hart on All My Children and actually winning a Daytime Emmy Award in 1995 for it.  However, that was only Sarah getting started, the world knew she had a long road of stardom in front of her.

While Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are usually not a focal point in movies they certainly are with the paparazzi.  Sarah played in smash hits like Cruel Intentions, The Grudge, The Return and The Air I Breathe but she is probably most well-known as playing the lead role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She has graced the pages and covers of nearly every magazine and of course, there are a few where the lack of clothing allows her fans to get a good peek of the collection of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos.

Left Ankle

All of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are quite unique and this one is certainly no exception.  On her inside left ankle is a colored tattoo that is very girly, yet strong.  Sarah wears yellow blossoms on a green vine which may not sound all that special but the way that they are paired up with Chinese symbols that are vertically placed allow them to accent one another.  The piece is about three inches big and it definitely makes you do a double take to decipher what it actually is.

Right Ankle

Next on the list of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very simple one worn on the inside of her right ankle.  This happens to be her only all black piece.  It is a very simple heart that is pierced by a dagger and it is meant to symbolize her often rocky relationship.

Lower Back

Voted one of the favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos by her fans is the delicate display of dragonflies that she wears on her lower back.  Sarah and Freddie Prince Jr, her husband, are both quite fond of these whimsical and meaningful creatures.  Sarah has two small dragonflies on her lower back that are pointing toward each other on a slight angle which adds a romantic vibe and the fact that they have just a bit of pink in them makes them as pretty and as feminine as she is.

Hip Tattoo

The last of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very mysterious one that she wears on her hip.  Here she displays some type of vertical symbol that has been confused as being Egyptian, Celtic and Chinese.  Reports suggest that it could be a symbol for integrity.  This is just one of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos that will have to remain a mystery for awhile. For more see Celebrity Tattoos!

Justin Timberlake Tattoos

More Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Justin Timberlake tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all celebrities.  He definitely captures the attention of the paparazzi and has some die-hard fans.  Justin achieved fame at a very early age after being discovered on Star Search.  Shortly after, like Britney Spears, Justin found himself on The Mickey Mouse Club.

It is here where the next chapter in this pop star’s life would emerge and inspire the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos.  While working for Disney, Justin met JC Chasez who would be his band mate a few years later when ‘N Sync was created.  By 2002, Justin decided to release a solo CD and his fans certainly approved with number one singles like Sexy Back and My Love.

Left Bicep

The first of the Justin Timberlake tattoos is inspired by his Christian background and upbringing.  On his left upper bicep, close to his shoulder is a large cross tattoo.  It is simple yet delicately shaded to appear quite realistic with patterns that subtly hint as though light is shining on it.  When glancing at this piece, your eyes are naturally drawn into its bevels toward the center.

Justin is from Memphis, Tennessee, otherwise known as the bible belt and he uses this tattoo to symbolize and spark conversation about his faith.

Back of Neck

Next in the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos is a piece so abstract, stunning and perfectly done that the back of his neck literally looks like a canvas.  Here you will find a cherubic angel tattoo who stretches all the way from the nape of his neck down to between his shoulder blades.  This is the largest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos.

It is depicted on a solar or celestial background with very intricate and broad wings.  The angel holds a banner with the initials of his mother which  are surrounded by quite elegant cursive writing that says Guardian Angel.  This piece is dedicated to his twin sister who unfortunately died at birth.

‘N Sync

• On Justin’s wrist is a red rope like you would find standing in line at a club with flames above it.  At the time, these flames were used as the band’s logo.  The rope was added as his recognition to the lifestyle and fame his album brought him.

• Second on the list of Justin Timberlake tattoos inspired by ‘N Sync is a marionette, wrapped in a red rope and wreathed in flames.  It was inspired by the puppet theme from the No Stings Attached album.


There is an astrological band that wraps around his calve like a chain.  This is the simplest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos and on the widest part you will find a symbol of Aquarius.

Chinese Character

The last of the real Justin Timberlake tattoos is a Chinese character for song or music.  Justin does wear fake tattoos of Chinese symbols down the right side of his body for the movie Alpha Dog along with the year 1976 across his chest and the Virgin Mary.