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Ian Somerhalder tattoos may seem small in size but that could possibly be because you have to get past  those hypnotizing good looks to find them.  Ian is an actor, model and producer most known for his role as Boone Carlyle on Lost as well as the beloved Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. 

When he’s not busy working, Ian Somerhalder tattoos can be seen doing endorsements for PETA as well as volunteering for various environmental groups. 

His passion is animals and he has recently created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to provide medical attention to stray animals.  Additionally, he owns a small forest in India and works actively planting trees, bushes and other plants to give back to the environment.

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The newest piece on the list of Ian Somerhalder tattoos are the Latin words hic et nunc which means here and now, on the inside of his right forearm.  He actually had to have this ink approved by CBS before he had it done because of their strict tattoo policy that states that actors and actresses cannot wear anything offensive on their arms.


One of the Ian Somerhalder tattoos that isn’t seen very often is a line from Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles.  On his left arm are the words Living is easy with eyes closed.  There is no information as to why this line has a special meaning to Ian or why he got it.

Speculated Tattoos

There are other Ian Somerhalder tattoos rumored to be hidden somewhere but it is unclear whether they actually exist or not.  Some people say that Ian has two stars on his left ankle.  Of course, stars can mean a number of different things to the wearer so if he does indeed have them, it will still remain a mystery as to what inspired them.

Also, there is talk of a cross piece being included on the list of Ian Somerhalder tattoos although no one has ever seen it.  Supposedly, he has mentioned covering the cross with a symbol of Jupiter since it rules Sagittarius.  There is also a rumor that the stars on his ankle are actually covering the cross that might have actually been there prior.

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  1. By Conny, March 30, 2011 @ 10:35 am

    Ahem… could it be that you’re confusing Ian with Dominic Monaghan, his co-star from LOST??? Ian never starred in Lord of the Rings so he does not have any Lord of the Rings related Tattoo…

    Ian has the Hic et Nunc-tattoo on his arm and the cross, all other tattoos belong to Domnic Monaghan!

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