Shia LaBeouf Tattoos

The Life Inspired Shia LaBeouf Tattoos

At such a young age, not only has he become one of the most famous actors in the world, the Shia LaBeouf tattoos continue to stir up an assortment of questions.  He literally began his performing career at the ripe age of 4 and launched his first major acting debut when he was 12 years old.  He played on Even Stevens, a Disney Channel series and then was cast in Holes, his first movie, in 2003.

Although he started to really expand his target audience with the movie Distrubia, it wasn’t until his lead role in Transformers that his popularity exploded.  This is where some fans say that can catch a glimpse of one of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos.  By 2010, he has made Revenge of the Fallen, New York I  Love You and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

While he may still be young, LaBeouf is on top of the world.  He had a bit of a rocky childhood where drugs were always around him but he never became a victim.  This history and strength has inspired a couple of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos.


The first of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos are the numbers 1986 – 2004 that are found on the inside of his right wrist.  He says that most people that he knows that have been in the business for a long time say that they forget their childhood.  These dates are to represent the years of his childhood and to act as a reminder.

LaBeouf lived in poverty and his parents were hippie artists that he describes as being weird people yet he loved them.  LaBeouf said his father grew cannabis and during a flashback of the Vietnam War, even pointed a gun in his direction.  He never lost love for his family and takes care of them to this day so they can spend their lives creating art.


The second of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos is the paw print on his left shoulder.  It is said to be a tribute to his dog that died.  The fact that he is such a dog lover is just another reason for fans to love him.


The most talked about of the Shia LaBeouf tattoos is the large piece found on his side.  While from first glance, most people think that it is the barrel of a gun, it’s definitely not.  The tattoo is an art piece that LaBeouf had seen many years prior that always found a place in his mind as a visual.

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The tattoo is of a left hand that has a shackle around it.  He felt inspired by this piece and decided to add it to the collection of Shia LaBeouf tattoos because he thought the artist was drawing his own prison.  It is about life and it is a message of entrapment.

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