Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

The Perfectly Placed Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

While there are only four, fairly small Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos to speak of, they all fit her frame perfectly.  She got her popularity playing Kendall Hart on All My Children and actually winning a Daytime Emmy Award in 1995 for it.  However, that was only Sarah getting started, the world knew she had a long road of stardom in front of her.

While Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are usually not a focal point in movies they certainly are with the paparazzi.  Sarah played in smash hits like Cruel Intentions, The Grudge, The Return and The Air I Breathe but she is probably most well-known as playing the lead role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She has graced the pages and covers of nearly every magazine and of course, there are a few where the lack of clothing allows her fans to get a good peek of the collection of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos.

Left Ankle

All of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are quite unique and this one is certainly no exception.  On her inside left ankle is a colored tattoo that is very girly, yet strong.  Sarah wears yellow blossoms on a green vine which may not sound all that special but the way that they are paired up with Chinese symbols that are vertically placed allow them to accent one another.  The piece is about three inches big and it definitely makes you do a double take to decipher what it actually is.

Right Ankle

Next on the list of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very simple one worn on the inside of her right ankle.  This happens to be her only all black piece.  It is a very simple heart that is pierced by a dagger and it is meant to symbolize her often rocky relationship.

Lower Back

Voted one of the favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos by her fans is the delicate display of dragonflies that she wears on her lower back.  Sarah and Freddie Prince Jr, her husband, are both quite fond of these whimsical and meaningful creatures.  Sarah has two small dragonflies on her lower back that are pointing toward each other on a slight angle which adds a romantic vibe and the fact that they have just a bit of pink in them makes them as pretty and as feminine as she is.

Hip Tattoo

The last of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very mysterious one that she wears on her hip.  Here she displays some type of vertical symbol that has been confused as being Egyptian, Celtic and Chinese.  Reports suggest that it could be a symbol for integrity.  This is just one of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos that will have to remain a mystery for awhile. For more see Celebrity Tattoos!

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