Bam Margera Tattoos

The Endless Collection of Bam Margera Tattoos

It is quite difficult to discuss all of the Bam Margera tattoos since it seems like there are constant additions and variations to his collection. While he may be most well known for Viva La Bam on MTV, he is actually quite an impressive professional skateboarder as well.

In his early 20s, he began shooting skateboarding videos that he used in music videos for his brother’s band CKY (Camp Kill Yourself). Bam Margera tattoos were few and far between to be seen back then.  After being recognized for such videos, he landed a role on Jackass and now years later with the release of Jackass 3D, he is even more popular than ever.


To explore Bam Margera tattoos, you need to understand the meaning of the Heartagram and why he wears such an abundance of them. Contrary to popular belief, this symbol was not invented by Bam but rather by Ville Valo, singer of HIM (His Infernal Majesty) on his 18th birthday.  The Heartagram is a powerful symbol of Love Metal, being made up of a heart that is meant to symbolize love along with a metal pentagram.  It is meant to be a modern day yin-yang, representing the relationship between light and darkness, love and hate, life and death, etc.  The symbol is not only showcased on many Bam Margera tattoos but also on the Element product line, HIM albums and CKY paraphernalia

Bam wears a tribal Heartagram on his lower stomach, three on his knuckles and one in a very large tribal piece running down the right side of his body that has been used as a design on Element clothing.

Other Bam Margera Tattoos

    • Wedding Tattoo – Bam and Missy went to get pre-wedding lip tattoos together. While Missy opted for a 313 tattoo which represents Detroit and the location where they got their wedding rings, Bam chose NBA player Dr. J for an unknown reason.
    • Joined Hearts – On the inside of Bam’s left elbow are two linked hearts.
    • Top Hat Man – One of the most intriguing Bam Margera tattoos is the scary looking man wearing a top hat on his left outer forearm that is now part of the sleeve he is developing.
    • Vine – Flowing up the left side of his body is a tribal, flowery vine-looking tattoo.
    • Nuckles – On Bam’s knuckles are the words BOOK WORM that he later turned the Os into Heartagrams.
    • Cosmic Pope – Bam and Ville Valo both wear a cosmic pope tattoo. Bam wears his on his left arm.
    • Don Vito – One of the most popular of all the Bam Margera tattoos is the portrait he wears on his left leg of his crazy uncle Vito along with Glitter Gulch which is Vito’s favorite Vegas strip club.
    • Bear and Cat – This tattoo was done by Kat Von D. It is a bear doing a cat with the words F**K Jeff on it. This stands for Jeff Tremaine from the movie Jackass.
    • Grandpop – On Bam’s left leg he has a picture of his grandpop who is holding a gun and wearing a bandage across his head. The tattoo reads If you get another F, I’m gonna F U.
    • Heart – On the inside of Bam’s right wrist is a heart, his first tattoo.
    • Nidiot – On his butt, Kat Von D tattooed the word Nidiot.
    • Skeleton Guitar – Here’s another one of the Bam Margera tattoos done by Kat Von D. This skateboard graphic is on his left arm.
    • Razor Blade – On his inner and upper left arm, Bam wears a razor blade as a tribute to the Razorblade Romance CD by HIM.
    • Sigillum Diaboli – Kat Von D did Bam’s wedding tattoo that is in Latin meaning Devil’s Seal which happens to be a HIM song as well.
    • Lady and Nymphetamine – Kat completed this tattoo on Bam’s right shoulder. It is a woman half-naked and covered with a filigree design with the word Nymphetamine under it which is a Cradle of Filth song.
  • Andy McCoy – Guitarist Andy McCoy is on Bam’s right arm with the words Where’s the Justice?


  • DILLIGAF – The last of the Bam Margera tattoos are the letters DILLIGAF on his wrist meaning do I look like I give a f**k?
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