Blink 182 Tattoos

The Never-Ending List of Blink 182 Tattoos

It would certainly be challenging if not an impossible task to touch on all of the Blink 182 tattoos. In fact, if you were able to make a list of them, there would probably be additional ones added just as fast.  To spotlight on some of the best Blink 182 tattoos, it is definitely easiest to look at each of the three members individually.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker basically defines Blink 182 tattoos. It is actually quite hard to find any flesh that is ink-free on Barker these days.

Cadillac – There is no denying that Barker has a love for Cadillacs. On each side of his neck is a racing flag along with the number 66 which is the year of his favorite Cadillac and emblem.

Marilyn Monroe – On the front of Barker’s neck is a Marilyn Monroe portrait.

Music – There is a lot of geography dedicated to his love of music. One of the most famous Blink 182 tattoos is the very large boombox worn by Barker on his stomach. He also has the words Can I Say, which is an album title by Dag Nasty and he has HOPE on his back that he did after his mother died and the Descendents had released that song. Another Descendents tattoo is the cover art for their album. Barker also has musical notes and drumsticks on his right arm.

Tributes – Barker wears familia on his arm, Shanna (his wife) on a banner, Melissa (his first wife) on his neck, Landon (his son) on his wrist and MOM in a heart with Japanese flowers on his upper back/lower back.

Good Luck – Barker’s right arm is considered his good luck collection of Blink 182 tattoos. He has his lucky number 7, a dollar sign, dice, a skull that has 13 in the eyes, rabbit’s foot, his initials, martini glass and an elbow spider web.

Quote – The quote around Barker’s neck reads Chaos Often Breeds Life, When Order Breeds Habit.

DJ AM – One of the most meaningful Blink 182 tattoos is the one he got in March 2010 to honor his late friend Adam Goldstein, otherwise known as DJ AM. The two were the sole survivors in a plane crash that killed Gavin DeGraw and Perry Farrell. It was this tragedy that brought Blink 182 back together. DJ AM died of a suspected, accidental drug overdose August 28, 2008. Barker wears In Memory of DJ AM on clouds, accompanied by sunlight and a prayer on his thigh.

Tom DeLonge

While Barker wears a lot of black ink, Tom DeLonge shows off the more colorful side of Blink 182 tattoos. On Tom’s left peck are some cartoon-looking buildings to start the piece that travels down his entire left arm. On his bicep there is an alien spaceship that is shooting a laser and you will find stars around his wrist.

The double band that is below his elbow he got done while on tour which he later found out had a sexual meaning and was derived from a South American tribe.

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Mark Hoppus

You could call Mark the odd-man-out with Blink 182 tattoos but he has just never been one that was bitten with the ink bug. He does however have a tattoo on each wrist. His wife Skye is on his right wrist and Jack, his son is on his left wrist.

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