Blink 182 Tattoos

The Never-Ending List of Blink 182 Tattoos

It would certainly be challenging if not an impossible task to touch on all of the Blink 182 tattoos. In fact, if you were able to make a list of them, there would probably be additional ones added just as fast.  To spotlight on some of the best Blink 182 tattoos, it is definitely easiest to look at each of the three members individually.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker basically defines Blink 182 tattoos. It is actually quite hard to find any flesh that is ink-free on Barker these days.

Cadillac – There is no denying that Barker has a love for Cadillacs. On each side of his neck is a racing flag along with the number 66 which is the year of his favorite Cadillac and emblem.

Marilyn Monroe – On the front of Barker’s neck is a Marilyn Monroe portrait.

Music – There is a lot of geography dedicated to his love of music. One of the most famous Blink 182 tattoos is the very large boombox worn by Barker on his stomach. He also has the words Can I Say, which is an album title by Dag Nasty and he has HOPE on his back that he did after his mother died and the Descendents had released that song. Another Descendents tattoo is the cover art for their album. Barker also has musical notes and drumsticks on his right arm.

Tributes – Barker wears familia on his arm, Shanna (his wife) on a banner, Melissa (his first wife) on his neck, Landon (his son) on his wrist and MOM in a heart with Japanese flowers on his upper back/lower back.

Good Luck – Barker’s right arm is considered his good luck collection of Blink 182 tattoos. He has his lucky number 7, a dollar sign, dice, a skull that has 13 in the eyes, rabbit’s foot, his initials, martini glass and an elbow spider web.

Quote – The quote around Barker’s neck reads Chaos Often Breeds Life, When Order Breeds Habit.

DJ AM – One of the most meaningful Blink 182 tattoos is the one he got in March 2010 to honor his late friend Adam Goldstein, otherwise known as DJ AM. The two were the sole survivors in a plane crash that killed Gavin DeGraw and Perry Farrell. It was this tragedy that brought Blink 182 back together. DJ AM died of a suspected, accidental drug overdose August 28, 2008. Barker wears In Memory of DJ AM on clouds, accompanied by sunlight and a prayer on his thigh.

Tom DeLonge

While Barker wears a lot of black ink, Tom DeLonge shows off the more colorful side of Blink 182 tattoos. On Tom’s left peck are some cartoon-looking buildings to start the piece that travels down his entire left arm. On his bicep there is an alien spaceship that is shooting a laser and you will find stars around his wrist.

The double band that is below his elbow he got done while on tour which he later found out had a sexual meaning and was derived from a South American tribe.

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Mark Hoppus

You could call Mark the odd-man-out with Blink 182 tattoos but he has just never been one that was bitten with the ink bug. He does however have a tattoo on each wrist. His wife Skye is on his right wrist and Jack, his son is on his left wrist.

Shawn Marion Tattoos

The Controversy Behind Shawn Marion Tattoos

Shawn Marion tattoos have attracted more than their share of attention in recent years. Unfortunately, there is not much positive to say about the misfortune he has running down the side of his right calve except that he brought awareness to the importance of being sure you trust your tattooist.

Shawn Marion Tattoos are currently seen, accented by the Dallas Mavericks jersey that is wears. Kenny Smith, TNT analyst nicknamed Shawn The Matrix during his rookie year preseason due to his remarkable and nearly unparalleled athleticism.  He is one of the few players that has the strength, speed and skills to play a variety of positions, making him one of the NBA’s most versatile players.

In the 1999 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns chose Marion and in 2004 he joined the United States men’s basketball team for the Olympics. On February 14th, 2009 Shawn Marion was traded along with Marcus Barks to the Toronto Raptors but by July 2009, he found his home, signing a $39 million, 5-year contact with the Dallas Mavericks.

Lost in Translation

While Shawn Marion tattoos do include an exceptionally well done cross on his right bicep, there is little you can find out about this piece since tabloids and the internet only speak about the ink on his leg. The most talked about Shawn Marion tattoos is the one he had done on his right lower leg in 2003.  What his intentions were and what he requested was the Chinese lettering for The Matrix, his nickname.  Of course, this was around the time that lettering made a splash on the scene so kudos to Marion for acknowledging the trend on time.

So, what’s the problem with the Shawn Marion tattoos that are suppose to display his nickname? Well, according to Hanzi Smatter, a site that was designed to determine fouls, this is not what the tattoo means at all.

The first symbol is translated as evil spirits, demon or magic power. The second symbol represents a bird and the third is a sign of camphor, yes, the plant used to make mothballs. Demon Bird Mothballs, enough said!

In Marion’s Defense

Although the Shawn Mario tattoos have been the concentration of a lot of ridicule, there actually is some validity to his tattoo. It appears as though his intentions may have been leaning toward the Japanese phonetic translation.  The characters sounded out in this way are Ma-tori-kusa which is about the closest Japanese translation you can get because every Japanese letter (except N) ends in a vowel.  Since his tattoo is able to be interpreted as art, there is a chance that there is no error at all.

Method Man Tattoos

The Mystery Behind the Method Man Tattoos

Although there are a handful of Method Man tattoos, it is very rare that you are able to find a photo of any other than the two that he shows off the most on his forearms. Method Man (born Clifford Smith) is an American record producer, hip hop artist and actor who has had his share of controversy in the tabloids.  Himself and Redman make up the rap duo known as Method Man and Redman.

Method Man started his career in the Wu-Tang Clan.  He was always the most visible member and has appeared on an endless number of television shows and movies.  A few places you may have caught a glimpse of Method Man tattoos is on The Wire, CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, The Twilight Zone, Chappelles’ Show, Mind of Mencia, Belly, How High, Soul Plane, The Wackness, Meet the Spartans, Law and Order SVU and Burn Notice.

Shark Tattoo

One of the main Method Man tattoos is the shark he wears on the front of his right arm. Sharks are viewed as being the greatest predator in the world and the tattoo is a symbol of fearlessness and power.  Many believe that the shark is much more than a man-eating machine.  It is a sacred animal that has the ability to survive and adapt, something that Method Man knows a lot about.

Ambrigram Tattoo

The most popular of the Method Man tattoos and the one that an endless number of people are copying is his ambrigram tattoo. On his left forearm is a piece that when you look at it one way, you see the word Life but when you flip it over, the word Death appears.

There are many different types of ambrigrams that are categorized based on their readability and orientation. The most popular varieties are reflection (mirror) images, figure-ground and rotation.  There are also less popular types such as spinograms, chains and three dimensional.  Of course, there are also words that form natural ambrigrams such as suns and pod.  These varieties are depending on typefaces and fonts.

Non-natural ambrigrams are dependent solely on the imagination and skill of the artist but the word must stay readable to maintain its effect. With ambrigrams, one word is able to have two meanings such as life and death that makes up one of the Method Man tattoos.  Opposite words that are incorporated into one design create an element with increased depth, complexity and mystery rather than simply writing the words beside each other.

The ambrigram is the most popular of all the Method Man tattoos and has been copied by numerous people who embrace the philosophy of the rapper or want to show their admiration.

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Meghan Mattox Tattoos

The World May Never Know of all the Meghan Mattox Tattoos

It is nearly impossible to know of all of the Meghan Mattox tattoos unless she was to go through the collection herself. Some say that she has 26 while others suggest that the number is closer to 50 or more.  This former bass player of My Ruin had a good run with the band.  She left in 2001 but came back a year later and now that the show is  a two person act with only creator Taimie B and unbelievable Mick Murphy who plays the guitar, bass and drums, Meghan Mattox tattoos are not being spotlighted the way they once were.

Meghan Mattox Tattoos

    • Stars – These astrological symbols are found in abundance on Mattox. She has seven on both of her elbows, one on her neck and four on each wrist.
    • Happy – Behind her ear, above the star is the Japanese symbol for happy.
    • Black Heart – One of the most seen Meghan Mattox tattoos is the black heart on the back of her neck symbolizing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Jett has been her role model since she was 13 years old.
    • Cherry Bomb – On her back, she wears a cherry bomb. This was a top song by Joan Jett’s first band, The Runaways.
  • Right Half Sleeve – On her right arm, Mattox displays half sleeve of Samantha from the television show Bewitched. On the inside of her same arm she has what she refers to as a punk rock sacred heart.


  • Left Half Sleeve – On her left arm, she has a half sleeve with Death, a comic book character.
  • Bats – Meghan has two Chinese bats displayed on her chest.
  • Naked Aggression – One of the many tribute Meghan Mattox tattoos is a logo for the band Naked Aggression that she was once in, worn on her chest next to a bat.
  • 8 – Next to the other bat on her chest is a number 8 that you may understand if you happen to see Alien Resurrection.
  • Stomach – The word DESIRE is inked on her stomach and this is one of the only Meghan Mattox tattoos that she says hurt a lot.
  • The Shroud – Directly below her bellybutton, Mattox wears three crosses which is a logo for The Shroud, another band she once played in.
  • Key – There is a key being carried by bat wings on her right shin.
  • Keyhole – On the back of Meghan’s right calve is a keyhole and inside there is a 50s pinup girl silhouette.
  • Sun and Moon – On Meghan’s right foot is a sun and on her left foot is a moon.
  • Ankle – Here is one of the more meaningful Meghan Mattox tattoos. She had a friendship bracelet inked around her ankle with Ruby Cruiser’s drummer when she was in the UK.
  • Metal – There is the Japanese symbol for metal displayed on her right wrist that she says is her favourite tattoo. She got this on her last day in London with Roy Mayorga and the SugarComas.
  • The Exorcist – Megan has the movie poster picture of The Exorcist on her left lower leg and plans on getting The Omen on the other leg at a later time.

Bam Margera Tattoos

The Endless Collection of Bam Margera Tattoos

It is quite difficult to discuss all of the Bam Margera tattoos since it seems like there are constant additions and variations to his collection. While he may be most well known for Viva La Bam on MTV, he is actually quite an impressive professional skateboarder as well.

In his early 20s, he began shooting skateboarding videos that he used in music videos for his brother’s band CKY (Camp Kill Yourself). Bam Margera tattoos were few and far between to be seen back then.  After being recognized for such videos, he landed a role on Jackass and now years later with the release of Jackass 3D, he is even more popular than ever.


To explore Bam Margera tattoos, you need to understand the meaning of the Heartagram and why he wears such an abundance of them. Contrary to popular belief, this symbol was not invented by Bam but rather by Ville Valo, singer of HIM (His Infernal Majesty) on his 18th birthday.  The Heartagram is a powerful symbol of Love Metal, being made up of a heart that is meant to symbolize love along with a metal pentagram.  It is meant to be a modern day yin-yang, representing the relationship between light and darkness, love and hate, life and death, etc.  The symbol is not only showcased on many Bam Margera tattoos but also on the Element product line, HIM albums and CKY paraphernalia

Bam wears a tribal Heartagram on his lower stomach, three on his knuckles and one in a very large tribal piece running down the right side of his body that has been used as a design on Element clothing.

Other Bam Margera Tattoos

    • Wedding Tattoo – Bam and Missy went to get pre-wedding lip tattoos together. While Missy opted for a 313 tattoo which represents Detroit and the location where they got their wedding rings, Bam chose NBA player Dr. J for an unknown reason.
    • Joined Hearts – On the inside of Bam’s left elbow are two linked hearts.
    • Top Hat Man – One of the most intriguing Bam Margera tattoos is the scary looking man wearing a top hat on his left outer forearm that is now part of the sleeve he is developing.
    • Vine – Flowing up the left side of his body is a tribal, flowery vine-looking tattoo.
    • Nuckles – On Bam’s knuckles are the words BOOK WORM that he later turned the Os into Heartagrams.
    • Cosmic Pope – Bam and Ville Valo both wear a cosmic pope tattoo. Bam wears his on his left arm.
    • Don Vito – One of the most popular of all the Bam Margera tattoos is the portrait he wears on his left leg of his crazy uncle Vito along with Glitter Gulch which is Vito’s favorite Vegas strip club.
    • Bear and Cat – This tattoo was done by Kat Von D. It is a bear doing a cat with the words F**K Jeff on it. This stands for Jeff Tremaine from the movie Jackass.
    • Grandpop – On Bam’s left leg he has a picture of his grandpop who is holding a gun and wearing a bandage across his head. The tattoo reads If you get another F, I’m gonna F U.
    • Heart – On the inside of Bam’s right wrist is a heart, his first tattoo.
    • Nidiot – On his butt, Kat Von D tattooed the word Nidiot.
    • Skeleton Guitar – Here’s another one of the Bam Margera tattoos done by Kat Von D. This skateboard graphic is on his left arm.
    • Razor Blade – On his inner and upper left arm, Bam wears a razor blade as a tribute to the Razorblade Romance CD by HIM.
    • Sigillum Diaboli – Kat Von D did Bam’s wedding tattoo that is in Latin meaning Devil’s Seal which happens to be a HIM song as well.
    • Lady and Nymphetamine – Kat completed this tattoo on Bam’s right shoulder. It is a woman half-naked and covered with a filigree design with the word Nymphetamine under it which is a Cradle of Filth song.
  • Andy McCoy – Guitarist Andy McCoy is on Bam’s right arm with the words Where’s the Justice?


  • DILLIGAF – The last of the Bam Margera tattoos are the letters DILLIGAF on his wrist meaning do I look like I give a f**k?
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Eva Longoria Tattoos

The Life Experiences Influencing Eva Longoria Tattoos

There are six Eva Longoria tattoos that are found on this exceptionally striking and petite brunette bombshell. This American actress is primarily known for her role as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives as well as being married to NBA guard tony Parker.  Some of Eva Longoria tattoos first started drawing attention in 2008 when she landed the number 14 spot in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women poll.

Longoria’s original goals were to become a fashion model but due to her height, she decided to pursue acting. In 2000, she appeared on General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210 which gave her enough recognition to be landed on the Young and the Restless.  Today, Longoria and her tattoos have certainly became a popular household name.  In fact, it was just announced in October 2010 that she will host the 2010 MTV Europe Awards in Madrid, Spain.

Eva Longoria Tattoos

Star – The first of the Eva Longoria tattoos is the tiny star that she wears on the inside of her left wrist. It has not been made clear the meaning behind this piece.

Celtic Cross – One of the most photographed Eva Longoria tattoos due to her stunning drop back dresses she is always wearing on the red carpet is her Celtic cross on her lower back. It is small and simple and considering she grew up Roman Catholic, it is easy to see where her inspiration was found.

Flower – Longoria wears a very small flower on her lower back off to the right side of her cross. It appears to be a tiny rose although the only pictures that can catch a glimpse are paparazzi photos from a distance.

Roman Numerals – In 2008, photos emerged of a new addition to the collection of Eva Longoria tattoos. On the inside of her right wrist are the Roman numerals of July 7, 2007 which happens to be her wedding date.

NINE – Longoria’s newest piece is the word NINE on her upper back, just below her neck. It is a tribute to husband Tony Parker. The number nine is what he wears on his San Antonio Spurs jersey.

TP – The last of the Eva Longoria tattoos are the letters TP to stand for Tony Parker. Although no one has seen this tattoo, Longoria offers the information that it is tucked away nicely somewhere intimate where only Tony can see. Interesting TP is the name of Parker’s music album as he is also a musical artist in his spare time.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Inside Information About Drew Barrymore Tattoos

There are currently seven remarkable Drew Barrymore tattoos, one of which is not well known and one is a brand new addition. Drew is a natural beauty who started acting at the ripe age of 11 months however it wasn’t until she turned 6 years old that her career erupted.  Barrymore starred in the hit E.T. And then by the time she was 12 years old, she was hooked on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Although she fell out of the limelight, Drew Barrymore tattoos made their debut when she resurfaced on the scene in a big way in 1995 when she posed for Playboy. By 2007, Drew was the second highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Breathe – The newest piece in the collection of Drew Barrymore tattoos is the word BREATHE on the inner side of her left arm. She said she often has a hard time remembering to take time to just relax and breathe when she is so busy. She has recently spent some time studying religion and spirituality, exploring temples and walking barefoot through Delhi. She found it to be a thoughtful and spiritual place and was inspired for the tattoo.

Former Boyfriend – The one tattoo that most people aren’t ware of is the name of James Walters, her former boyfriend underneath a guardian angel tattoo very low on her back. The two were engaged in 1992 but broke up in 1993. He later married Patty Walters.

Flowers – Barrymore wears a very feminine bouquet of flowers on her lower left abdomen above her hip bone.

Butterfly – The most popular of all of the Drew Barrymore tattoos is the black butterfly on her stomach directly below her belly button. Butterflies are not only a symbol of change and new life but they also serve as an energy portal for the body.

Moon – Always being unique with fashion, her tattoos are certainly no different. Drew wears a mysterious, very tiny black crescent moon on her toe.

Cross – This is by far one of the most original cross pieces you will ever see. Drew wears this intriguing cross above her right ankle. There are actually several crosses that make up one larger cross and the whole piece has vines twining around it.

Mother – The last piece in the collection of Drew Barrymore tattoos is an angel with Jaid, her mother’s name written on her lower back. Interestingly, at the age of 15, Drew argued in court that her mother was not a good influence and won her plea of emancipation. She was reunited with her mother in 2007.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

The Meaning of Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Although sometimes it is hard to notice Christina Aguilera tattoos as you are hypnotized by her sheer beauty, they certainly are there.  This former Mouskateer emerged along with Britney Spears in what seemed at the time, a war of talent.  However, there is no denying that Christina’s vocal chords will win in any musical battle.

Behind Madonna, Christina is the second highest selling female singer of the 2000s. She ranked 18 our of 100 on Maxim Magazine’s 2010 Most Beautiful Women and aside from her musical career, she devotes a great deal of time to human rights, charities and other world issues.

Christina Aguilera tattoos have been inspired by her career as well as her marriage to marketing music executive Jordan Bratman. While they were married November 19th, 2005 at a Napa Valley estate, Aguilera filed for divorce on October 14th, 2010.  She is requesting joint legal as well as physical custody for their son Max Liron who was born January 12th, 2008.  If all of this isn’t enough excitement in her life. On November 15th, 2010, she is honored wit her own star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Xtina – Aguilera wears the word Xtina on the back of her neck. It is a nickname she gave to herself and first spoke of when she posed for Rolling Stone Magazine wearing nothing but her boots and an electric guitar. Soon after, she got the tattoo.

Flower – On the inside of Aguilera’s left wrist she wears a small simple flower. It is unique because it is done off centre.

Mickey Mouse – One of the most well-known Christina Aguilera tattoos is the Mickey Mouse displayed on her bikini line. Of course, this is done as a tribute to her Mouskateer days so she can always remember where her career stemmed from. The placement however, of a Disney tattoo, has raised controversy.

Husband – On Aguilera’s left inner forearm is her Hebrew tattoo. The initials Yud and Bet represent her soon-to-be ex-husband’s initials JB. Also as part of this tattoo are the words Te Amo Siempre which means I love you forever.

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Hebrew Words – The last of the Christina Aguilera tattoos are the Hebrew words to mean I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me.  The phrase is derived from Song of Songs out of the Hebrew Bible.  It is about fidelity and is spoken from a female to a male.  It is a phrase that is often engraved on wedding rings however,  Aguilera opted for the more permanent approach.


Angelina Jolie Tattoos

The Extensive List of Angelina Jolie Tattoos

It is fair to say that the display of Angelina Jolie tattoos caused an immediate explosion in popularity of tattoos for females. According to People Magazine in 2006, this perfect being was called the most beautiful woman in the world. Many believe that the large assortment of meaningful Angelina Jolie tattoos has just as much to do with that label as her unforgettable lips.

  • One of the boldest of the Angelina Jolie tattoos is the large black cross found on her left hip that reads Quod me nutrit me destruit. Translated from Latin this means What nourishes me also destroys me. Interestingly, this cross covers one of the first Angelina Jolie tattoos, a small blue dragon that she got while she was drunk once in Amsterdam.

  • Another one of the first tattoos this beauty wore was a dragon on her left arm with her previous husband’s name, Billy Bob above it. Both of these tattoos have been removed and covered.

  • In the location of the previous tattoos on Angelina’s left arm, she now wears the coordinates where she either adopted or gave birth to her children. For Maddox from Cambodia, she wears N11º 33′ 00” E104º 51′ 00” and for Zahara from Ethiopia, the tattoo displays N09º 02′ 00” E038º 45′ 00”. Next she added the coordinates for where she gave birth to her and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh, in Namibia being S22º 40′ 26” E014º 31′ 40” and then finally the location in Vietnam where her son Pax Thien was born being N10º 46′ 00” E106º 41′ 40”.

  • Between her shoulder blades in black Gothic lettering reads the words know your rights. This is the title song from The Clash, said to be her favorite band.

  • On her left shoulder Angelina wears a Buddhist Pali incantation that is written using Khmer script which happens to be the language of Cambodia. This is another one of the most meaningful Angelina Jolie tattoos as it is there to act as a protection for her and Maddox, her Cambodian son from bad luck.

  • On Angelina’s left wrist she wears a letter H. She reports that it is there for her brother, James Haven however, there has always been speculation that is signified her boyfriend at the time, Timothy Hutton.

  • On the inside of her forearm on her right arm reads Determination in Arabic. Some reports suggest that it reads strength of will however, this is incorrect.

  • One of the most famous of the Angelina Jolie tattoos is her Bengal tiger that she wears on her lower back. This 12” piece was done by tattooist Sompong Kanhphai in Bangkok.

  • On the very lowest part of her back are two pointy black tribal tattoos.

  • Underneath the mesmerizing tiger on Angelina’s lower back lies a small dragon.

  • There once was a tattoo of a small window on Angelina’s lower back as well. She explained that she covered this because she once spent her time always looking through the windows, wishing she could be outside, now she is where she wants to be in her life.

  • On the inside of Angelina’s left forearm is the Roman numeral for 13 because she says she doesn’t believe in superstition.

  • Angelina once wore a Chinese symbol for the word death on her left shoulder. This was her very first tattoo and it is now covered with a prayer for Maddox.

  • On the inside of her forearm, the next in the collection of Angelina Jolie tattoos are the words A PRAYER FOR THE WILD AT HEART, KEPT IN CAGES. This is by her favorite poet, Tennessee Williams.

  • Inside of her right elbow was the symbol for courage in Japanese but she has had that removed.

  • A letter M on the inside of her hand stands for Marcheline Bertrand, her mother who passed away.

  • Once Angelina had a tattoo right below her navel that depicted energy waves done by Daemon Rowanchilde in 1998 at Urban Primitive Body Design. There are no known photos in circulation of this and it has said to have been removed at some point.

Jesse James Tattoos

The Large Assortment of Jesse James Tattoos

If the large assortment of Jesse James tattoos doesn’t impress you, the fact that he is a real relative, by blood, to the original Jesse James certainly should. The CEO and star of West Coast Choppers has so many outstanding pieces that it is almost easier to talk about the little bit of skin that isn’t inked up yet.

While there is said to be over 30 Jesse James tattoos in total, the question is really, where does one begin and end? With full sleeves on both arms in a full array of colors, he is one celebrity that fans wouldn’t mind examining up close from head to toe for awhile.

Jesse played college football for a bit but then his athletic career was ended early by a knee injury. He went on to work as a bodyguard for such bands as Slayer, Soundgarden and Danzig, touring the world with them and becoming quite familiar with the addiction of ink. On job at a concert, he faced a life-threatening injury which caused him to reevaluate his professional life and turn his attention toward custom motorcycles, his real passion.

In the early 1990s, West Coast Choppers was born and the world started getting interested in the continuous updates to the collection of Jesse James tattoos. The show paid tribute to one of Jesse’s most famous tattoos that says Pay Up Sucker with a dollar sign on his palm. Jesse says that he got that tattoo when he was really struggling financially because he had done so much work but everyone owed him money. Interestingly, his shop runs a cash only basis now.

When the Jesse James tattoos began to emerge on his arms, he says that he was amazed at how people would look at him differently but now that everyone has them, they just look at him like he’s a dentist. Surely there are many fans who wouldn’t mind signing up for an office visit!

While it seems as though it is virtually impossible to get closeups of most of the Jesse James tattoos and there have yet to be photos emerge on his leg work, there are a few notable mentions that are often captured in pictures. One of the most popular Jesse James tattoos is the famous $100 bill on his back that is surrounded in flames. He says that when he got it, back pieces were becoming popular but everyone was getting these tough and mean looking tattoos so he wanted something different. Yes Jesse, you certainly succeeded!

Some of the most sentimental Jesse James tattoos are names of his family members. Jesse has the name of this grandmother on his hand along with a nautical star and flowers, the name of his son Jesse is tattooed on his lower right forearm while his daughter Chandler appears in writing on his lower left arm.

Jesse’s full sleeves are full of individual tattoos that all work together to create something pretty spectacular. In them you will find a crab, an octopus, a three-toed dragon and praying hands. Of all the Jesse James tattoos, he says one of his favorites is the skull around his elbow so it can look back at people in their cars while he’s flying by on his motorcycle.

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