Colin Farrell Tattoos

All About Colin Farrell Tattoos

Colin Farrell tattoos are certainly as interesting as he is.  Colin is one of those bad boy types that aren’t necessary always in the limelight but you just know that he’s into something.

Born in Dublin, this Irish actor had a fairly normal childhood and educational experience.  He even spent some time in acting school but when he was given the opportunity to make a few appearances on Ballyskissangel, he decided to drop out.

There are quite a few popular movies he’s played in and a few you can even catch a glimpse of at least one of the Colin Farrell tattoos.  His film debut was in The War Zone which was quickly followed by Tigerland, American Outlaws, Hart’s War, S.W.A.T., Phone Booth, The Recruit, Minority Report and Daredevil.


Probably the most popular piece in the collection of Colin Farrell tattoos is the one on his shoulder.  Here you will find a bold and utterly fantastic tribal design of a bizarre looking mask or face that he got when he was in Tahiti.  It is really a one-of-a-kind tattoo with a lot of abstract detail.  At first glance you will notice the horns and one set of eyes but if you look at it long enough, you will see that the horns are actually fish and there is a second set of eyes that are sharks.

Left Forearm

One of the Colin Farrell tattoos that has undergone a bit of transformation is the one found on the inside of his left forearm.  It once read Carpe Diem…with my girl.  When translated from Latin, this would mean Seize the Day…with my girl.  After Colin’s divorce, the with my girl part of the tattoo was covered with a cross.

Ring Finger

One of the most personal, yet smallest pieces on the list of Colin Farrell tattoos is a tiny one found on his ring finger.  The word Millie is still there which was Amelia Warner’s nickname, Colin’s ex-wife.  Interestingly, many people don’t realize that they were never legally married.

They had been together eight months when they went to Tahiti, scheduling shark-feeding on Monday, Tuesday was jet-skiing and the wedding was Wednesday.  Amelia says she would have married him for real but considering they split up just four months later, it’s probably good that they didn’t!

Left Wrist

The last of the Colin Farrell tattoos is the one that has caused a bit of controversy over whether it is meant to be Buddhist or Sanskrit.  It reads I Love No Matter with the I Love horizontal and the No Matter vertical.  It is suggested that the pieces are meant to be a type of energy symbol but it was covered up with Arabic writing later. see more in Celebrity Tattoos!