Cheryl Cole Tattoos

The Constant Change to the Collection of Cheryl Cole Tattoos

The collection of Cheryl Cole tattoos have recently been added to and altered, causing a bit of confusion with her fans.  Cheryl is a songwriter, singer, model and dancer who became a huge success when her band, Girls Aloud, achieved 20 top 10 singles in a row.  In 2008, she became a judge on The X Factor, a British televised singing competition and she has graced the covers of many magazines including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and British Vogue.

Back of Neck

On the back of her neck is one of the Cheryl Cole tattoos that fans may not be seeing too much longer.  She wears the words Mrs C that she got after marrying English football player, Ashley Cole, in 2006.  In February 2010, news got out that he had cheated on her with at least seven known women.  She has recently been divorced and rumor says that Cheryl is eager to have this removed even though she does intend on keeping his last name.

Right Thigh

Next on the list of Cheryl Cole tattoos is one that appears as though its undergone a transformation, even though there was rumor a removal was to be done.  What once was a vine with roses wrapped around her upper right thigh now shows a big treble clef.

Lower Back

One of the new Cheryl Cole tattoos is the tribal butterfly tattoo worn on her lower back.  It really is a stunning piece, perfectly placed for her.  Butterflies represent a transformation of new life or a turning point which is only fitting since getting a divorce and moving on.

Left Thigh

It has not been revealed as of yet what exactly has been added to the list of Cheryl Cole tattoos but there is definitely something there.  There have been photos snapped of Cheryl in a white mini where you can see the end of a snake, vine or something wrapped around her upper thigh.  Fans will have to wait a little longer for information on this one.

Left Cheek

No, the next piece on the list of Cheryl Cole tattoos is not on her face!  On the left cheek on her bottom, there is a very large tattoo of what is rumored to be a rose but since even in a bikini it is often hard to see the whole thing, it is unclear if there is more to it.


One of the most copied Cheryl Cole tattoos is the tribal design she shows off on the right outer edge of her hand that runs down her pinkie. For more see celebrity tattoos!