Tim McGraw Tattoos

The Meaningful Inspiration Behind Tim McGraw Tattoos

Tim McGraw tattoos have been loved by fans for years in videos, magazines and on tour.  After all, he did have 11 albums consecutively debut at number 1 and he is the best looking country singer around.  Of course, being married to gorgeous country singer Faith Hill only adds to the total package he has going on.

There is for sure three Tim McGraw tattoos known of and there are rumors that there is one additional one that only Faith gets to see.  They are certainly the power couple as he describes Faith as being a type A personality, keeping him organized.

When Tim isn’t busy making the best country music on the radio or on tour, he is not only a family man but he also volunteers and helps with a number of charitable benefits for Hurricane Katrina, Little League scholarships and the American Red Cross.


To show of his love for his perfect wife, first on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the word Faith written in cursive on his right upper bicep.  It is simple with a small red heart taking the place of the I.  Tim and Faith were married in 1996 yet unlike most famous couples, their marriage has actually lasted through the years.  Tim never has anything except wonderful things to say about his wife and the two even created a number on hit song together.


On Tim’s left bicep is a cross tattoo.  From first glance it may seem just like any other cross but upon examining it, you will find that he proudly shows off his family roots.  In this addition to the collection of Tim McGraw tattoos you will see the first initial of his wife and three daughters in the cross standing for Faith, Maggie, Gracie and Audrey.


The newest piece on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the religious fish symbol on the underneath part of his right bicep.  You may think that that this is a peculiar place for a tattoo but when Tim points up above while singing, you’ll see the fish perfectly faces the sky and it all makes sense.  In very small writing there is also a date in 2007 found on the tattoo which is the day Tim really found Christianity.

Mystery Tattoo

It is suggested that Tim had DHD which stands for Dancehall Doctors, tattooed on his shin or ankle area and there is also word that he wears a leprechaun on his thigh that he got when he was 22 and drunk. for more see Celebrity Tattoos!