Tim McGraw Tattoos

The Meaningful Inspiration Behind Tim McGraw Tattoos

Tim McGraw tattoos have been loved by fans for years in videos, magazines and on tour.  After all, he did have 11 albums consecutively debut at number 1 and he is the best looking country singer around.  Of course, being married to gorgeous country singer Faith Hill only adds to the total package he has going on.

There is for sure three Tim McGraw tattoos known of and there are rumors that there is one additional one that only Faith gets to see.  They are certainly the power couple as he describes Faith as being a type A personality, keeping him organized.

When Tim isn’t busy making the best country music on the radio or on tour, he is not only a family man but he also volunteers and helps with a number of charitable benefits for Hurricane Katrina, Little League scholarships and the American Red Cross.


To show of his love for his perfect wife, first on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the word Faith written in cursive on his right upper bicep.  It is simple with a small red heart taking the place of the I.  Tim and Faith were married in 1996 yet unlike most famous couples, their marriage has actually lasted through the years.  Tim never has anything except wonderful things to say about his wife and the two even created a number on hit song together.


On Tim’s left bicep is a cross tattoo.  From first glance it may seem just like any other cross but upon examining it, you will find that he proudly shows off his family roots.  In this addition to the collection of Tim McGraw tattoos you will see the first initial of his wife and three daughters in the cross standing for Faith, Maggie, Gracie and Audrey.


The newest piece on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the religious fish symbol on the underneath part of his right bicep.  You may think that that this is a peculiar place for a tattoo but when Tim points up above while singing, you’ll see the fish perfectly faces the sky and it all makes sense.  In very small writing there is also a date in 2007 found on the tattoo which is the day Tim really found Christianity.

Mystery Tattoo

It is suggested that Tim had DHD which stands for Dancehall Doctors, tattooed on his shin or ankle area and there is also word that he wears a leprechaun on his thigh that he got when he was 22 and drunk. for more see Celebrity Tattoos!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

The Perfectly Placed Sarah Michelle Gellar Tattoos

While there are only four, fairly small Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos to speak of, they all fit her frame perfectly.  She got her popularity playing Kendall Hart on All My Children and actually winning a Daytime Emmy Award in 1995 for it.  However, that was only Sarah getting started, the world knew she had a long road of stardom in front of her.

While Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are usually not a focal point in movies they certainly are with the paparazzi.  Sarah played in smash hits like Cruel Intentions, The Grudge, The Return and The Air I Breathe but she is probably most well-known as playing the lead role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She has graced the pages and covers of nearly every magazine and of course, there are a few where the lack of clothing allows her fans to get a good peek of the collection of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos.

Left Ankle

All of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are quite unique and this one is certainly no exception.  On her inside left ankle is a colored tattoo that is very girly, yet strong.  Sarah wears yellow blossoms on a green vine which may not sound all that special but the way that they are paired up with Chinese symbols that are vertically placed allow them to accent one another.  The piece is about three inches big and it definitely makes you do a double take to decipher what it actually is.

Right Ankle

Next on the list of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very simple one worn on the inside of her right ankle.  This happens to be her only all black piece.  It is a very simple heart that is pierced by a dagger and it is meant to symbolize her often rocky relationship.

Lower Back

Voted one of the favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos by her fans is the delicate display of dragonflies that she wears on her lower back.  Sarah and Freddie Prince Jr, her husband, are both quite fond of these whimsical and meaningful creatures.  Sarah has two small dragonflies on her lower back that are pointing toward each other on a slight angle which adds a romantic vibe and the fact that they have just a bit of pink in them makes them as pretty and as feminine as she is.

Hip Tattoo

The last of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very mysterious one that she wears on her hip.  Here she displays some type of vertical symbol that has been confused as being Egyptian, Celtic and Chinese.  Reports suggest that it could be a symbol for integrity.  This is just one of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos that will have to remain a mystery for awhile. For more see Celebrity Tattoos!

Justin Timberlake Tattoos

More Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Justin Timberlake tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all celebrities.  He definitely captures the attention of the paparazzi and has some die-hard fans.  Justin achieved fame at a very early age after being discovered on Star Search.  Shortly after, like Britney Spears, Justin found himself on The Mickey Mouse Club.

It is here where the next chapter in this pop star’s life would emerge and inspire the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos.  While working for Disney, Justin met JC Chasez who would be his band mate a few years later when ‘N Sync was created.  By 2002, Justin decided to release a solo CD and his fans certainly approved with number one singles like Sexy Back and My Love.

Left Bicep

The first of the Justin Timberlake tattoos is inspired by his Christian background and upbringing.  On his left upper bicep, close to his shoulder is a large cross tattoo.  It is simple yet delicately shaded to appear quite realistic with patterns that subtly hint as though light is shining on it.  When glancing at this piece, your eyes are naturally drawn into its bevels toward the center.

Justin is from Memphis, Tennessee, otherwise known as the bible belt and he uses this tattoo to symbolize and spark conversation about his faith.

Back of Neck

Next in the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos is a piece so abstract, stunning and perfectly done that the back of his neck literally looks like a canvas.  Here you will find a cherubic angel tattoo who stretches all the way from the nape of his neck down to between his shoulder blades.  This is the largest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos.

It is depicted on a solar or celestial background with very intricate and broad wings.  The angel holds a banner with the initials of his mother which  are surrounded by quite elegant cursive writing that says Guardian Angel.  This piece is dedicated to his twin sister who unfortunately died at birth.

‘N Sync

• On Justin’s wrist is a red rope like you would find standing in line at a club with flames above it.  At the time, these flames were used as the band’s logo.  The rope was added as his recognition to the lifestyle and fame his album brought him.

• Second on the list of Justin Timberlake tattoos inspired by ‘N Sync is a marionette, wrapped in a red rope and wreathed in flames.  It was inspired by the puppet theme from the No Stings Attached album.


There is an astrological band that wraps around his calve like a chain.  This is the simplest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos and on the widest part you will find a symbol of Aquarius.

Chinese Character

The last of the real Justin Timberlake tattoos is a Chinese character for song or music.  Justin does wear fake tattoos of Chinese symbols down the right side of his body for the movie Alpha Dog along with the year 1976 across his chest and the Virgin Mary.

Colin Farrell Tattoos

All About Colin Farrell Tattoos

Colin Farrell tattoos are certainly as interesting as he is.  Colin is one of those bad boy types that aren’t necessary always in the limelight but you just know that he’s into something.

Born in Dublin, this Irish actor had a fairly normal childhood and educational experience.  He even spent some time in acting school but when he was given the opportunity to make a few appearances on Ballyskissangel, he decided to drop out.

There are quite a few popular movies he’s played in and a few you can even catch a glimpse of at least one of the Colin Farrell tattoos.  His film debut was in The War Zone which was quickly followed by Tigerland, American Outlaws, Hart’s War, S.W.A.T., Phone Booth, The Recruit, Minority Report and Daredevil.


Probably the most popular piece in the collection of Colin Farrell tattoos is the one on his shoulder.  Here you will find a bold and utterly fantastic tribal design of a bizarre looking mask or face that he got when he was in Tahiti.  It is really a one-of-a-kind tattoo with a lot of abstract detail.  At first glance you will notice the horns and one set of eyes but if you look at it long enough, you will see that the horns are actually fish and there is a second set of eyes that are sharks.

Left Forearm

One of the Colin Farrell tattoos that has undergone a bit of transformation is the one found on the inside of his left forearm.  It once read Carpe Diem…with my girl.  When translated from Latin, this would mean Seize the Day…with my girl.  After Colin’s divorce, the with my girl part of the tattoo was covered with a cross.

Ring Finger

One of the most personal, yet smallest pieces on the list of Colin Farrell tattoos is a tiny one found on his ring finger.  The word Millie is still there which was Amelia Warner’s nickname, Colin’s ex-wife.  Interestingly, many people don’t realize that they were never legally married.

They had been together eight months when they went to Tahiti, scheduling shark-feeding on Monday, Tuesday was jet-skiing and the wedding was Wednesday.  Amelia says she would have married him for real but considering they split up just four months later, it’s probably good that they didn’t!

Left Wrist

The last of the Colin Farrell tattoos is the one that has caused a bit of controversy over whether it is meant to be Buddhist or Sanskrit.  It reads I Love No Matter with the I Love horizontal and the No Matter vertical.  It is suggested that the pieces are meant to be a type of energy symbol but it was covered up with Arabic writing later. see more in Celebrity Tattoos!

Cheryl Cole Tattoos

The Constant Change to the Collection of Cheryl Cole Tattoos

The collection of Cheryl Cole tattoos have recently been added to and altered, causing a bit of confusion with her fans.  Cheryl is a songwriter, singer, model and dancer who became a huge success when her band, Girls Aloud, achieved 20 top 10 singles in a row.  In 2008, she became a judge on The X Factor, a British televised singing competition and she has graced the covers of many magazines including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and British Vogue.

Back of Neck

On the back of her neck is one of the Cheryl Cole tattoos that fans may not be seeing too much longer.  She wears the words Mrs C that she got after marrying English football player, Ashley Cole, in 2006.  In February 2010, news got out that he had cheated on her with at least seven known women.  She has recently been divorced and rumor says that Cheryl is eager to have this removed even though she does intend on keeping his last name.

Right Thigh

Next on the list of Cheryl Cole tattoos is one that appears as though its undergone a transformation, even though there was rumor a removal was to be done.  What once was a vine with roses wrapped around her upper right thigh now shows a big treble clef.

Lower Back

One of the new Cheryl Cole tattoos is the tribal butterfly tattoo worn on her lower back.  It really is a stunning piece, perfectly placed for her.  Butterflies represent a transformation of new life or a turning point which is only fitting since getting a divorce and moving on.

Left Thigh

It has not been revealed as of yet what exactly has been added to the list of Cheryl Cole tattoos but there is definitely something there.  There have been photos snapped of Cheryl in a white mini where you can see the end of a snake, vine or something wrapped around her upper thigh.  Fans will have to wait a little longer for information on this one.

Left Cheek

No, the next piece on the list of Cheryl Cole tattoos is not on her face!  On the left cheek on her bottom, there is a very large tattoo of what is rumored to be a rose but since even in a bikini it is often hard to see the whole thing, it is unclear if there is more to it.


One of the most copied Cheryl Cole tattoos is the tribal design she shows off on the right outer edge of her hand that runs down her pinkie. For more see celebrity tattoos!

Tiffani Amber Thiessen Tattoos

The Simple Collection of Tiffani Amber Thiessen Tattoos

While the collection of Tiffani Amber Thiessen tattoos is incredibly simple, she is just so stunning that regardless what she wears, it would seem more intriguing on her than anyone else.  Tiffani is most well known for both of her long-lived characters as Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell and misunderstood Valerie Malone from the original Beverly Hills 90210.

It is unclear when Tiffani Amber Thiessen tattoos began to emerge but it is clear that since the paparazzi caught a glimpse of them, they just can’t get enough.  She refers to herself as a mutt because she is a blend of German, Welsh, Greek and Turkish but one thing is certain, this is one mutt that gets better looking with age.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen Tattoos

• Small Flower – While the very small and extremely ordinary tattoo worn on the back of her shoulder blade may be the most boring piece of ink you have ever seen, on Tiffani it seems to come alive!  Of course, the camera loves her left side (and her back side) so there are always pictures emerging of her looking over her shoulder behind her with a smile that seems to light up the world.  This almost non-existent tattoo is actually a pretty good choice for her.

• Angel Tattoo – It is unknown what provoked an angel to be a part of the collection of Tiffani Amber Thiessen tattoos but she wears a winged one proudly on her ankle.  It has never been suggested that Tiffani is a religious person so this could be the typical cliche of calling herself an angel or it could represent something more powerful like a guardian to help her make hard decisions in her life.

• Heart – While most people know that there is a heart included in the collection of Tiffani Amber Thiessen tattoos, many are not aware that she got this green heart on her stomach when she was dating Brian Austin Green in the 1990s.  Obviously, the green shade represents his name. What’s most intriguing about this tattoo is that Meghan Fox now has Brian for Brian Austin Green on her stomach in the same spot.  Kind of creepy but at least Tiffani had hers first.

• Sunflower – Probably the most symbolic of the Tiffani Amber Thiessen tattoos is the sunflower she wears also on her stomach.  Sunflowers represent strength, happiness and being full of life as well as also being quite pretty.  This is the one piece in the collection of Tiffani Amber Thiessen tattoos that really suits her personality the best. See more in Celebrity Tattoos.

Sara Spraker Tattoos

The Simplicity of Sara Spraker Tattoos

Yes, if you can get past those hypnotizing good looks, you will find that there are actually a few Sara Spraker tattoos to speak of.  Whether you’ve seen this brunette beauty on the cover of Maxim or Italian Glamour, she is not afraid to express herself and she is certainly not one to attempt to hide her tattoos which is admirable.  Then again, she’s so lightly dressed in most photos that they would be pretty difficult to hide.

Sara Spraker Tattoos

• Butterfly Tattoo – First on the list of Sara Spraker tattoos is a gorgeous black butterfly in her bikini area.  This is actually a really popular location for females to wear a winged tattoo.  Butterflies act as a portal of energy to the wearer and they represent positive change and transformation which is why so many ladies of all ages can relate to them.  Spraker’s butterfly is perfectly sized and positioned for her small frame to add to her beauty, not distract from it.

• Tribal Tattoo – There is a tribal piece on her lower back that is simple yet bold and strong.  At first glance, it may appear to be a plain meaningless outline but if you really examine the tattoo it looks to be a heart with almost branches or wings extending from the sides.  Perhaps a second set of wings for this mysterious model?

• Strength – Next on the list of Sara Spraker tattoos is a symbol that represents strength on the back of her neck.  This seems to be a popular and typical piece with females in their twenties but it still looks great on her.

• Bracelet – One of the most popular Sara Spraker tattoos is the black bracelet on the top of her right wrist.  It is a stunning piece.  Simple, elegant and a definite eye-catcher.  This is a tattoo that is seen in nearly every photo of her and has certainly become a bit of a trademark for her to set her apart from all the other models.

• S – Spraker wears an S written in Old English on the inside of her left wrist.  Obviously this stands for either Sara or Spraker.  Not very original but a nice choice in lettering.  This could be looked at a symbol of self-love because not many people will tattoo a tribute piece to themselves on their own body.

• Flowers – Although they aren’t seen very often in many photos, Sara Sprater tattoos do consist of flowers on the top of her foot.  People wear flowers for many different reasons.  Some people choose specific flowers based on the meaning that is attached to them while others wear them simply for their delicate beauty. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

• Rose – The last of the Sara Spraker tattoos is a stemmed rose on her ankle.  Traditionally the rose is a symbol of love but because hers is attached to a stem, it can also represent personal growth.

James King Tattoos

The Dark Side of James King Tattoos

James King tattoos are personal pieces that she says reflect her teenage years.  One thing is for certain, she is original and has stayed true to herself with her ink choices.  The collection of James King tattoos began when she was only 15 and she just continues to add one in here and there.

This blond beauty was actually born Jamie King but since her agency was already representing a Jamie (famous model Jamie Rishar) she decided to become the female model with the man’s name.  She has appeared in nearly every major magazine as well as gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan three times in one year.

The one thing she confesses to hating about her pieces is having to get up two hours early so makeup artists can cover whichever James King tattoos might end up showing in a photo shoot or movie role.  What makes her even more likeable aside from her natural good looks?  She has two Shiba Inu dogs named Peter and Wendy after Peter Pan characters and she’s a comic book geek!

Two Fairy Tattoos

The first of the James King tattoos is a fairy on her lower back that she got when she was 15.  Her and her friend both went to St. Mark’s Place located in New York to get them.  When her father first saw it, she lied and said it was temporary but when he saw it again a month later, she had to confess.  She says he was mad for a bit but then he got over it.

Shortly after this, another fairy was added to the collection of James King tattoos.  This is a bigger piece in the lower right hand side of her back that she had completed in Nebraska, Omaha where she’s from.  James says she’s always been very attracted to fairies and anything else magical and mystical.  She is in love with the idea of other things being out there besides those that can be seen.

Diamond and Spade

The next two pieces on the list of James King tattoos are a diamond and a spade found on her wrist that you would assume are about playing cards and they go together but this is actually not the case.  She saw a spade symbol on someone’s Zippo and fell in love with the curves of the design.  The diamond was also chosen for being a strong symbol she was drawn to.  The spade she had done in Missouri while she was on a road trip and the diamond she had done in London.

King and Star Tattoos

It seems as though James King tattoos often appear in pairs and the next two are no exception.  The small star on her upper back she calls her jailhouse tattoo because her friend did it but the King piece was done in London when she had the diamond tattoo completed.

Other Pieces

There are three other James King tattoos that are not seen too often.  She wears a pagan symbol on the back of her neck that is typically covered by hair and some type of small symbol very low on her abdomen in her bikini line.  The newest of the James King tattoos is a quote on the inside of her left forearm.  It is suggested to come from Emily Dickinson but there has not been a closeup of the new piece revealed yet. Find more in celebrity tattoos.

Denise Richards Tattoos

The Transformation of Denise Richards Tattoos

Denise Richards tattoos have taken a bit of a transformation in recent years.  The former model turned actress has only one piece of ink but it is one of those sad love affairs gone bad stories so the original short-lived tattoo was covered.

There always seems to be some confusion over Denise Richards tattoos for some reason with people thinking that she has two but sometimes it is just hard to get past her beauty to focus on which ankle her ink is displayed on.

During the 1990s, Denise played in several roles on television and on the big screen in Starship Troopers, The World is Not Enough, Saved by the Bell and Married With Children but her popularity really exploded when she played alongside Neve Campbell in Wild Things.  Throughout the 2000s, she appeared in Scary Movie 3, Valentine, Seinfeld, Friends, Spin City and Two and a Half Men, which leads to the first contribution of Denise Richards tattoos.

Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen is behind the first of the Denise Richards tattoos which was simply the word Charlie written in cursive on the inside of her left ankle.  Richards married Sheen in 2002 and they had two beautiful daughters, Sam and Lola.  During their marriage, they got tattoos of the names of each other but in 2005, Richards filed for divorce.

The two did seek marriage counseling for a bit but in 2006, she proceeded with the divorce claiming Sheen had become unreasonable and was threatening to kill her.  While Sheen had his Denise tattoo removed off his wrist, she decided to add to the Denise Richards tattoos and have his name covered up.

Fairy Tattoo

The transitioning period in her life lead to the next contribution to the Denise Richards tattoos.  She chose a winged fairy to cover the name of her ex-husband.  Fairy tattoos have extremely personal meanings attached to them.  They are designed to emphasize an idea of personification and often symbolize a new chapter in the wearer’s life.  Fairies can also commemorate innocence and youth.

The fairy worn in this one of the Denise Richards tattoos is beautifully done in very neutral and earthy tones.  That is the greatest thing about fairies, they are quite diverse so they can be vibrant and wild to grab attention, dark and mysterious or more reserved.

Richards has proved she isn’t shy after posing for her nude pictorial in Playboy so it is quite interesting that she would choose a pattern and color palette that just seems relatively soft-spoken for her.  Perhaps motherhood is positively shaping the next chapter in her personality. See more in Celebrity Tattoos

Britney Spears Tattoos

The Life Experiences Behind Britney Spears Tattoos

There is just the right number of Britney Spears tattoos to appreciate and enjoy without getting bored.  One thing is certain, most of her ink is a personal reflection to herself, her mood or what happen to be going on in her life at the time.

In 1999, this former Mouseketeer exploded like a pack of dynamite onto the music scene with her Baby One More Time debut album.  Over the past decade, fans have watched Spears have some incredibly highs and dramatic lows and through it all, the collection of Britney Spears tattoos has grown.

It is safe to say that not many other celebrities have been in the tabloids as much as Spears.  Could this be because the paparazzi sees so much potential in her and wants her to snap out of her downward spiral or is it because they really just want to see what new Britney Spears tattoos will emerge next on this misunderstood girl?

Britney Spears Tattoos

• Fairy Tattoo– Spears shows off a pretty winged fairy on her lower back.  This is one of her older pieces and it is suggested that it is meant to symbolize youthful innocence or to retain the wonder and awe of a child.  Since she never really had the chance to have a childhood, this fairy could be helping her to hold onto her inner youth.

• Butterfly Tattoo – Interestingly, there is a second winged piece in the collection of Britney Spears tattoos.  The butterfly worn on her left foot symbolizes growth and change through transformation.  There are very few people that wear more than one set of wings but this shows an attraction to either magic or an element of escape.

• Flower and Symbol – Spears has a Chinese symbol that means mystery in a flower on her lower stomach.  This tattoo expresses a desire to keep some of her life private even though it’s nearly impossible for her to do.

• Daisy – There is a very small daisy on the list of Britney Spears tattoos worn on her right foot. Interestingly, daisies are also symbols of child-like purity and innocence.

• Hebrew Characters – This tattoo on the back of her neck shows her looking for spiritual comfort in the middle of all the chaos constantly surrounding her.  The characters mean Mem Hey Shin which is one of the Kabbala words that means God and healing.

• Pink Dice – The collection of Britney Spears tattoos grew when she married Keven Federline. The pink dice match the blue ones that are worn by her then-husband.  She wears this piece on her wrist symbolizing her commitment to take a chance with love and family but ironically dice can also represent eventual ruin.

• Star Tattoo– Spears wears a very small star with five points on her right hand that symbolizes balance and protection.  This was added before her big breakdown and it is suggested that because the star is on her hand, she needed to be reminded of hope and truth frequently.

• Lips – Since a kiss is the ultimate symbol of love, Spears was attempting to love herself in the middle of her crisis.  She wears these pink and red lips on her wrist, again a tattoo that she can constantly see and receive reassurance from.

• Cross Tattoo – Shortly after she shaved her head, creating a fresh start and shedding the weight of her burdens, a white, black and pink cross was added to the collection of Britney Spears tattoos.  She wears this piece on her hip and it represents a comfort she was searching for in a spiritual place.