Avril Lavigne Tattoos

The People That Inspired Avril Lavigne Tattoos

Although Avril Lavigne tattoos are small, there is a good collection to speak of and they all have some solid meaning behind them.  Born in Belleville, Ontario, Avril shared the stage with Shania Twain at 15 and signed a record deal by the time she turned 16.  She is not only an outstanding singer and songwriter, Avril is an actress, fashion designer and philanthropist.  The great thing about her is that she is proud of who she is and she loves to show off her tattoos every chance she gets.

Tattoos Inspired by Deryck Whibley

A couple of the pieces on the list of Avril Lavigne tattoos were inspired by her brief marriage to Deryck Whibley, guitarist and lead singer for Sum 41.  In 2004, she got a tattoo of the letter D with a small pink heart around it on her right wrist while they were dating.  Deryck purposed in 2005 in Venice and the couple was married at a small wedding in 2006.  By November 2009, their divorce was finalized but they parted as friends.  Interestingly, Deryck continued to inspire Avril Lavigne tattoos because they got tattoos together, as friends, in March 2010 for his 30th birthday.

Tattoos Inspired by Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner, most commonly known for his role on The Hills, picked up where Deryck left off.  A month after Avril had matching pieces done with Deryck, she added to the collection of Avril Lavigne tattoos getting matching ones with Brody.  This time she chose a lightening bolt for her wrist and Brody wears his under his ear.

In spring of 2010, Avril Lavigne tattoos gained a great deal of media attention when her and Brody once again got matching pieces of the word fuck displayed on their ribs.  Avril says this is her favorite word.  Shortly after, in July 2010, pictures were taken of Avril in a bikini with the word Brody written right beneath her right breast.

Other Avril Lavigne Tattoos

• Stars – On the inside of her left wrist is a star that matches the one that was used for her album work.  Her musical associate and friend, Ben Moody, got the same exact piece.  There is also an outline of a star above her left hip bone and a small one on the inside of her right elbow.

• Abbey Dawn – The words Abbey Dawn are on her left forearm which happens to be the name of her clothing line that is available exclusively at Kohls.  It’s fun, flirty, punk and comfortable apparel all rolled into one great collection.

• XXV – Last on the list of Avril Lavigne tattoos are the Roman numerals XXV on the inside of her right forearm which simply was her age at the time. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.