Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos

Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos – Tacky or Sexy?

It seems as though Elisabetta Canalis tattoos are either loved or hated.  Even individuals who adore the ink on Angelina Jolie and Meghan Fox argue that on Elisabetta, her choices just seem trashy and misplaced.  Of course, others strongly disagree and say that nothing could ruin the good looks of this beauty.  Elisabetta is an Italian actress and model, most well-known for her relationship with George Clooney.

When Elisabetta Canalis tattoos aren’t being worn like a bracelet on Clooney’s arm, she is mostly recognized as being a lingerie model for Roberto Cavalli and gracing endless magazines such as Maxim and GQ.  One thing is for sure, she has no problem flaunting her ink, not even on the red carpet.


First on the list of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos is the fairly wide armband of roses she wears on her right bicep.  Originally, there was a tattoo here that read EMINEM, as tribute to the rapper.  She never had a relationship with him but is a huge fan and in one interview she said that some of his music helped her get though a rough time.  Apparently, she realized that this probably wasn’t the best tattoo choice for a model.


Many people aren’t aware that there is a small lizard on the list of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos.  This piece is found on her right ankle and they actually are pretty symbolic reptiles.  Lizards often represent searching for light or they can be a symbol of regeneration when worn by someone who has gone through an emotional hard time.


The first piece that started the collection of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos is a small rose that she wears on her left wrist.  Roses are traditionally a symbol of love or remembrance.  These flowers have remained the most popular choice for tattoo work through many decades.


Quotes seem to be a huge trend right now in the tattoo world, especially in Hollywood.  Of course, the collection of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos does not disappoint in this department.  She wears the inscription of Pain is Love across her right forearm and the words I’ll never walk alone written quite large down her left forearm.

The latter is her latest piece and there is no explanation for it but some suggest that it could have something to do with her relationship with George Clooney.  Unfortunately, Clooney recently said he will never get married again and he’s just not a good fit for the long-term commitment.  Only time will tell what happens between these two. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.