Cute Fairy Tattoos

Cute Fairy Tattoos -The Mythical History Behind Them

Cute fairy tattoos are a whimsical echo from the mythical past. Fairies are spiritual beings of the metaphysical world. They have magical powers and they were deeply patronized in Medieval Times. While some cute fairy tattoos are angelic pieces of art, others adopt impish characteristic displays such as pixies or goblins.

Throughout history, fairies have been called many names such as fair people or little people. Of course, this was thoughtfully done because there was always a chance of invoking their presence if you spoke their name. Interestingly, the Gaelic term for them is sidhe, which is a name that also includes the many leprechauns and banshees of Ireland.

Cute fairy tattoos were inspired by these little people who were driven underground by invaders and their iron weapons. This is why you will still see a piece of iron such as a horseshoe over the door of those who believe, to keep the fairies away.

The Personality of Fairies

While you may be familiar with Tinkerbell who is often used in cute fairy tattoos, Disney’s sweet and helpful version is not the traditional fairy. True fairies are extremely mischievous and can actually be quite nasty. They can grant gifts to individuals who they are attracted to like beauty, wealth or kindness however, they are also known for performing harmful tricks on those they do not respect or care for. Throughout history, fairies have been blamed for the explainable occurrences such as weather phenomenons, a badly behaved child or a sudden death.

How to Stay on Their Good Side

Many believers would offer bowls of milk to the fairies as gifts to stay on their good side. You should also never travel the solstice in the evening because they may kidnap you to the fairy world. Always treat the fairies with respect and follow through on any tasks you tell them that you will do. Since fairies are from the Earth, this means treating the Earth with respect as well. Above all, never eat their food!

Fairies Today

Contrary to what you may think, fairies are not a being of the past. Wiccan practitioners and those of other neopagan religions believe in these natural spirits that are also known as salamanders, gnomes, sylphs and ondines. They are believed to be very much a part of the world today.

Women choose cute fairy tattoos because they are extremely beautiful pieces of the natural world. They are much more sensual than angels and have an earthly and free tone to them. Cute fairy tattoos represent the historical characteristics of these magical beings which could be anything from mischief and anger to grace and beauty.

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