Sara Spraker Tattoos

The Simplicity of Sara Spraker Tattoos

Yes, if you can get past those hypnotizing good looks, you will find that there are actually a few Sara Spraker tattoos to speak of.  Whether you’ve seen this brunette beauty on the cover of Maxim or Italian Glamour, she is not afraid to express herself and she is certainly not one to attempt to hide her tattoos which is admirable.  Then again, she’s so lightly dressed in most photos that they would be pretty difficult to hide.

Sara Spraker Tattoos

• Butterfly Tattoo – First on the list of Sara Spraker tattoos is a gorgeous black butterfly in her bikini area.  This is actually a really popular location for females to wear a winged tattoo.  Butterflies act as a portal of energy to the wearer and they represent positive change and transformation which is why so many ladies of all ages can relate to them.  Spraker’s butterfly is perfectly sized and positioned for her small frame to add to her beauty, not distract from it.

• Tribal Tattoo – There is a tribal piece on her lower back that is simple yet bold and strong.  At first glance, it may appear to be a plain meaningless outline but if you really examine the tattoo it looks to be a heart with almost branches or wings extending from the sides.  Perhaps a second set of wings for this mysterious model?

• Strength – Next on the list of Sara Spraker tattoos is a symbol that represents strength on the back of her neck.  This seems to be a popular and typical piece with females in their twenties but it still looks great on her.

• Bracelet – One of the most popular Sara Spraker tattoos is the black bracelet on the top of her right wrist.  It is a stunning piece.  Simple, elegant and a definite eye-catcher.  This is a tattoo that is seen in nearly every photo of her and has certainly become a bit of a trademark for her to set her apart from all the other models.

• S – Spraker wears an S written in Old English on the inside of her left wrist.  Obviously this stands for either Sara or Spraker.  Not very original but a nice choice in lettering.  This could be looked at a symbol of self-love because not many people will tattoo a tribute piece to themselves on their own body.

• Flowers – Although they aren’t seen very often in many photos, Sara Sprater tattoos do consist of flowers on the top of her foot.  People wear flowers for many different reasons.  Some people choose specific flowers based on the meaning that is attached to them while others wear them simply for their delicate beauty. For more see Celebrity Tattoos.

• Rose – The last of the Sara Spraker tattoos is a stemmed rose on her ankle.  Traditionally the rose is a symbol of love but because hers is attached to a stem, it can also represent personal growth.