Katy Perry Tattoos

The Controversy Over Katy Perry Tattoos

While there are only three Katy Perry tattoos to speak of, one manages to stir up its share of controversy.  This American pop singer rose to fame when she released I Kissed a Girl, which happened to be her second single.  Since then, she’s been pretty much unstoppable with additional hits like California Gurls and Firework.

Interestingly, Katy Perry tattoos may have been Katy Hudson tattoos if it wasn’t for actress Kate Hudson.  Katy decided to use her mother’s maiden name for stage purposes because she felt as though there would be confusion with the similiarities.  With her great voice, peculiar good looks and unique sense of style, the world is sure to see a lot more of Katy Perry tattoos for a long time.

Jesus Tattoo

The most controversial of the Katy Perry tattoos is the word Jesus that she wears on her inner left wrist.  Many people who have assumed that she is a very religious person have been recently disturbed with why she would pose topless on the cover of Esquire Magazine.

This piece was first to begin the list of Katy Perry tattoos for a good reason.  She was raised by Christian pastor parents and grew up listening to gospel music only.  Katy sang in the church, went to Christian camps and was never permitted to listen to secular music.

Katy says she appreciates her religious upbringing but does not necessarily hold the same beliefs.  The Jesus piece in the collection of Katy Perry tattoos is positioned perfectly on her wrist so that she can see it when she’s playing guitar as a reminder that this is the life she came from and she can always go back.


Next on the list of Katy Perry tattoos is one that she got matching with her husband Russell Brand before they were married.  The words Go With the Flow are written in Sanskrit for personal meanings.  She met Russell on the set of Get Him to the Greek and the two began dating shortly after.  Russell purposed to Katy while they were vacationing in India together.  On October 23rd, 2010, the couple was married in Rajasthan, India, close to the Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary where they first got engaged.


Last in the collection of Katy Perry tattoos is a fun, red, smiling strawberry on the inside of her left ankle.  It is rumored that she got the piece to celebrate her success only it is not clear why she would choose a strawberry.  Fans could care less about the reasoning behind this one, it just adds to her exciting, unpredictable and very quirky charm. For more See Celebrity Tattoos.