Meghan Mattox Tattoos

The World May Never Know of all the Meghan Mattox Tattoos

It is nearly impossible to know of all of the Meghan Mattox tattoos unless she was to go through the collection herself. Some say that she has 26 while others suggest that the number is closer to 50 or more.  This former bass player of My Ruin had a good run with the band.  She left in 2001 but came back a year later and now that the show is  a two person act with only creator Taimie B and unbelievable Mick Murphy who plays the guitar, bass and drums, Meghan Mattox tattoos are not being spotlighted the way they once were.

Meghan Mattox Tattoos

    • Stars – These astrological symbols are found in abundance on Mattox. She has seven on both of her elbows, one on her neck and four on each wrist.
    • Happy – Behind her ear, above the star is the Japanese symbol for happy.
    • Black Heart – One of the most seen Meghan Mattox tattoos is the black heart on the back of her neck symbolizing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Jett has been her role model since she was 13 years old.
    • Cherry Bomb – On her back, she wears a cherry bomb. This was a top song by Joan Jett’s first band, The Runaways.
  • Right Half Sleeve – On her right arm, Mattox displays half sleeve of Samantha from the television show Bewitched. On the inside of her same arm she has what she refers to as a punk rock sacred heart.


  • Left Half Sleeve – On her left arm, she has a half sleeve with Death, a comic book character.
  • Bats – Meghan has two Chinese bats displayed on her chest.
  • Naked Aggression – One of the many tribute Meghan Mattox tattoos is a logo for the band Naked Aggression that she was once in, worn on her chest next to a bat.
  • 8 – Next to the other bat on her chest is a number 8 that you may understand if you happen to see Alien Resurrection.
  • Stomach – The word DESIRE is inked on her stomach and this is one of the only Meghan Mattox tattoos that she says hurt a lot.
  • The Shroud – Directly below her bellybutton, Mattox wears three crosses which is a logo for The Shroud, another band she once played in.
  • Key – There is a key being carried by bat wings on her right shin.
  • Keyhole – On the back of Meghan’s right calve is a keyhole and inside there is a 50s pinup girl silhouette.
  • Sun and Moon – On Meghan’s right foot is a sun and on her left foot is a moon.
  • Ankle – Here is one of the more meaningful Meghan Mattox tattoos. She had a friendship bracelet inked around her ankle with Ruby Cruiser’s drummer when she was in the UK.
  • Metal – There is the Japanese symbol for metal displayed on her right wrist that she says is her favourite tattoo. She got this on her last day in London with Roy Mayorga and the SugarComas.
  • The Exorcist – Megan has the movie poster picture of The Exorcist on her left lower leg and plans on getting The Omen on the other leg at a later time.

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