Megan Fox Tattoos

The Mystery Behind Megan Fox Tattoos

Anyone who hasn’t seen at least one of the several Megan Fox tattoos is certainly living in a bubble.  After all, she is a photo favorite by nearly every magazine and one of the top searched females on the internet.  Of course, this is not without good reason.  Aside from her fabulous acting talent, Megan started her career as a model.  This is nothing short of obvious!

One of the most respected things about Megan Fox tattoos is that she is not afraid to show them off.  She is not an actress who gets a tattoo and then feels that she needs to cover it up or hide it in the movies or on the red carpet.  Megan lets her tattoos be seen.  If you haven’t already seen the controversial music video she is now in, Love the way you lie, by Eminem and Rihanna, it is a must see.  There is a lot of tattoo action of her and Dominic Monaghan.

Megan fox tattoos are far from ordinary.  She loves unique and intriguing quotes that prove that there is more to this beauty than just her unparalleled looks.

• First on the list of Megan Fox tattoos is the quote on her right shoulder that reads, We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.  The words come from King Lear, a piece by Shakespeare.  One of the most interesting things about this tattoo is the severe yet subtle difference in the writing. The entire tattoo is done in Old English font however, the letter A is written in Gothic, believed to be medieval German.  Few people  notice this difference and it is yet to be explained if this was an error or if Fox is even more mysterious than she looks.

• Next on the list of Megan Fox tattoos is an Old English font piece on her left ribcage that reads there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART.  Interestingly, this is another Shakespearean King Lear quote.

• Megan’s personal favorite tattoo is the portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her inner right forearm. The actress is a huge fan of the past legend and says that she used to cry as a child when she would hear her on the television.

• The colored piece in the collection of Megan Fox tattoos is the crescent moon and star that she wears on the inside of her left ankle.  It is unknown the meaning behind this but some speculate that will all that beauty, she could be a distant relative to Moon Goddess Selena.

• One of the smaller Megan Fox tattoos is the Chinese symbol for strength on the back of her neck.  This was her first tattoo and she was a little shy and hesitant at first.  Her fans are definitely grateful she got over this fear.

• The tattoo on Megan’s inner left wrist seems to get the most attention, yet it is one that she is more displeased with.  While the average person looks at it and can clearly see that it is a tribal piece, most don’t realize that it is actually a twist on a yin yang symbol.  Rather than using traditional lines, they are ocean waves that complete the somewhat abstract pattern.  She says the guy was “not all there” who did the tattoo and there has been rumor of her removing it.  Her fans would surely miss it!

• One of the most meaningful Megan Fox tattoos is the one she wears on her lower abdomen that reads Brian.  In 2005, Fox wanted to reveal her love for Brian Austin Green, her then boyfriend and now fiance.

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• The newest of the Megan Fox tattoos is a long quote written down the right side of her ribcage.  The words read and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.  The quote is by Friedrich Wildhelm Nietzsche, a German philosopher.

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