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Justin Timberlake tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all celebrities.  He definitely captures the attention of the paparazzi and has some die-hard fans.  Justin achieved fame at a very early age after being discovered on Star Search.  Shortly after, like Britney Spears, Justin found himself on The Mickey Mouse Club.

It is here where the next chapter in this pop star’s life would emerge and inspire the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos.  While working for Disney, Justin met JC Chasez who would be his band mate a few years later when ‘N Sync was created.  By 2002, Justin decided to release a solo CD and his fans certainly approved with number one singles like Sexy Back and My Love.

Left Bicep

The first of the Justin Timberlake tattoos is inspired by his Christian background and upbringing.  On his left upper bicep, close to his shoulder is a large cross tattoo.  It is simple yet delicately shaded to appear quite realistic with patterns that subtly hint as though light is shining on it.  When glancing at this piece, your eyes are naturally drawn into its bevels toward the center.

Justin is from Memphis, Tennessee, otherwise known as the bible belt and he uses this tattoo to symbolize and spark conversation about his faith.

Back of Neck

Next in the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos is a piece so abstract, stunning and perfectly done that the back of his neck literally looks like a canvas.  Here you will find a cherubic angel tattoo who stretches all the way from the nape of his neck down to between his shoulder blades.  This is the largest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos.

It is depicted on a solar or celestial background with very intricate and broad wings.  The angel holds a banner with the initials of his mother which  are surrounded by quite elegant cursive writing that says Guardian Angel.  This piece is dedicated to his twin sister who unfortunately died at birth.

‘N Sync

• On Justin’s wrist is a red rope like you would find standing in line at a club with flames above it.  At the time, these flames were used as the band’s logo.  The rope was added as his recognition to the lifestyle and fame his album brought him.

• Second on the list of Justin Timberlake tattoos inspired by ‘N Sync is a marionette, wrapped in a red rope and wreathed in flames.  It was inspired by the puppet theme from the No Stings Attached album.


There is an astrological band that wraps around his calve like a chain.  This is the simplest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos and on the widest part you will find a symbol of Aquarius.

Chinese Character

The last of the real Justin Timberlake tattoos is a Chinese character for song or music.  Justin does wear fake tattoos of Chinese symbols down the right side of his body for the movie Alpha Dog along with the year 1976 across his chest and the Virgin Mary.

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