Jesse James Tattoos

The Large Assortment of Jesse James Tattoos

If the large assortment of Jesse James tattoos doesn’t impress you, the fact that he is a real relative, by blood, to the original Jesse James certainly should. The CEO and star of West Coast Choppers has so many outstanding pieces that it is almost easier to talk about the little bit of skin that isn’t inked up yet.

While there is said to be over 30 Jesse James tattoos in total, the question is really, where does one begin and end? With full sleeves on both arms in a full array of colors, he is one celebrity that fans wouldn’t mind examining up close from head to toe for awhile.

Jesse played college football for a bit but then his athletic career was ended early by a knee injury. He went on to work as a bodyguard for such bands as Slayer, Soundgarden and Danzig, touring the world with them and becoming quite familiar with the addiction of ink. On job at a concert, he faced a life-threatening injury which caused him to reevaluate his professional life and turn his attention toward custom motorcycles, his real passion.

In the early 1990s, West Coast Choppers was born and the world started getting interested in the continuous updates to the collection of Jesse James tattoos. The show paid tribute to one of Jesse’s most famous tattoos that says Pay Up Sucker with a dollar sign on his palm. Jesse says that he got that tattoo when he was really struggling financially because he had done so much work but everyone owed him money. Interestingly, his shop runs a cash only basis now.

When the Jesse James tattoos began to emerge on his arms, he says that he was amazed at how people would look at him differently but now that everyone has them, they just look at him like he’s a dentist. Surely there are many fans who wouldn’t mind signing up for an office visit!

While it seems as though it is virtually impossible to get closeups of most of the Jesse James tattoos and there have yet to be photos emerge on his leg work, there are a few notable mentions that are often captured in pictures. One of the most popular Jesse James tattoos is the famous $100 bill on his back that is surrounded in flames. He says that when he got it, back pieces were becoming popular but everyone was getting these tough and mean looking tattoos so he wanted something different. Yes Jesse, you certainly succeeded!

Some of the most sentimental Jesse James tattoos are names of his family members. Jesse has the name of this grandmother on his hand along with a nautical star and flowers, the name of his son Jesse is tattooed on his lower right forearm while his daughter Chandler appears in writing on his lower left arm.

Jesse’s full sleeves are full of individual tattoos that all work together to create something pretty spectacular. In them you will find a crab, an octopus, a three-toed dragon and praying hands. Of all the Jesse James tattoos, he says one of his favorites is the skull around his elbow so it can look back at people in their cars while he’s flying by on his motorcycle.

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