David Beckham Tattoos

The Phenomenal List of David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all athletes.  This soccer star is as well known for his tattoos and fashion sense as he is for the game.  Of course, the fact that him and wife Victoria do make up one of the sexiest couples alive, there is good reason why the  paparazzi cannot get enough of him.

Most of the collection of David Beckham tattoos have been completed by Louis Malloy, a Manchester tattooist who is said to be the UK’s most prominent.  Beckham has even n Malloy to where he happen to be to get work done.

Full Sleeve

One of the newest pieces on the list of David Beckham tattoos is an extremely detailed full sleeve on his right arm with a length of two feet.  He was so committed that he had the whole thing done in three days which is really unheard of for a tattoo of this size.

There are two symbolic pieces within that are said to be a reflection of the turmoil that he was feeling over moving to LA.  The words Pray for Me on his inner right wrist is the most significant part.


On the inside of his left forearm is where you’ll find the next piece in the many David Beckham tattoos.  His wife, Victoria’s name is written in Hindi script although there has been speculation of improper spelling.  Underneath the tattoo are the words Ut Amen Et Foveam, translated from Latin means so that I love and cherish.


The next three pieces on the list of David Beckham tattoos are all tributes to his three sons.

• Brooklyn – His first born son’s name is placed across his lower back.

• Romeo – His second son’s name is right below the nape of his neck.

• Cruz – Beckham’s third born son is directly below a winged-figure on his back.


• Winged Cross – During the 2004 UEFA Championships, this athlete felt the need to add to the list of David Beckham tattoos so he flew his tattooist to him to create a winged-cross on the back of his neck, clearly visible with his shaved head.  Beckham certainly does not hide his spirituality!

• Guardian Angel Tattoo – Stretched out over his shoulder blades is a winged-figure that Beckham describes as a guardian angel.  Most fans noticed when this piece got much bigger after it was altered to make the wings appear more life-like.

• Jesus – Revealed in January of 2010, a tattoo of Jesus on his way to the cross tattoo on his right side. His inspiration for the piece came from The Man of Sorrows, a painting by Matthew R. Brooks.

• Chinese Characters – Running down his left torso are Mandarin Chinese symbols that read Riches and Honors Depends on Heaven.  This piece was completed in Hong Kong in March of 2008.

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