Celebrity Tattoos

The Influence of Celebrity Tattoos on Society

It is quite ironic how celebrity tattoos once segregated society into different social groups yet today, they seem to bring everyone together.  Gone is the day of stereotypes and assumptions of the lifestyle someone must lead based on how much ink they displayed.  Today is an accepting society of ink on a person of any age, sex, religion or social class and celebrity tattoos played a huge role in banishing these judgments.

Not to many years ago, celebrity tattoos were seen basically only on the long-haired musicians singing metal and rock-n-roll.  Naturally, society followed in their foot steps.  You could almost instantly spot someone’s musical choice by if they had a tattoo or not and of course, it was mostly males displaying these pieces because it was not very acceptable for females to wear them.

Celebrity tattoos slowly started being seen on actors, actresses like Pamela Anderson and athletes like Dennis Rodman.  Of course, this made it more acceptable with society only then, those people who were wearing tattoos were viewed as promiscuous or rebellious.

Then, suddenly, almost in the blink of an eye, celebrity tattoos exploded and appeared everywhere.  They were no longer being reserved for your typical rock star.  Thanks to bombshells like Angelina Jolie, Meghan Fox, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt, suddenly ink became acceptable for all females to wear without being judged.

Celebrity tattoos are not just seen on musicians and actors either.  Today, they are found on nearly all athletes, models and you’ll even find the occasional politician with one.

What Sparked the Change?

It is hard to say what chain of events sparked such an interest in body art but it is safe to say that celebrity tattoos are worn for personal reasons.  Each person has their own special story behind their tattoos.  Some choose to pay tribute to their relationships, the birth of their children, special events or hardships that they have conquered while others simply wear a piece that reflects their unique personality.

The popularity of celebrity tattoos has made it okay for any person in every social class to wear a bit of art on their body and not feel as though they have to hide it.  Today there are even elderly people rushing to the parlor to capture a special moment in their life, permanently inked on their skin to remember.  Celebrity tattoos opened the eyes of society yet closed them to negative judgment.