Katy Perry Tattoos

The Controversy Over Katy Perry Tattoos

While there are only three Katy Perry tattoos to speak of, one manages to stir up its share of controversy.  This American pop singer rose to fame when she released I Kissed a Girl, which happened to be her second single.  Since then, she’s been pretty much unstoppable with additional hits like California Gurls and Firework.

Interestingly, Katy Perry tattoos may have been Katy Hudson tattoos if it wasn’t for actress Kate Hudson.  Katy decided to use her mother’s maiden name for stage purposes because she felt as though there would be confusion with the similiarities.  With her great voice, peculiar good looks and unique sense of style, the world is sure to see a lot more of Katy Perry tattoos for a long time.

Jesus Tattoo

The most controversial of the Katy Perry tattoos is the word Jesus that she wears on her inner left wrist.  Many people who have assumed that she is a very religious person have been recently disturbed with why she would pose topless on the cover of Esquire Magazine.

This piece was first to begin the list of Katy Perry tattoos for a good reason.  She was raised by Christian pastor parents and grew up listening to gospel music only.  Katy sang in the church, went to Christian camps and was never permitted to listen to secular music.

Katy says she appreciates her religious upbringing but does not necessarily hold the same beliefs.  The Jesus piece in the collection of Katy Perry tattoos is positioned perfectly on her wrist so that she can see it when she’s playing guitar as a reminder that this is the life she came from and she can always go back.


Next on the list of Katy Perry tattoos is one that she got matching with her husband Russell Brand before they were married.  The words Go With the Flow are written in Sanskrit for personal meanings.  She met Russell on the set of Get Him to the Greek and the two began dating shortly after.  Russell purposed to Katy while they were vacationing in India together.  On October 23rd, 2010, the couple was married in Rajasthan, India, close to the Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary where they first got engaged.


Last in the collection of Katy Perry tattoos is a fun, red, smiling strawberry on the inside of her left ankle.  It is rumored that she got the piece to celebrate her success only it is not clear why she would choose a strawberry.  Fans could care less about the reasoning behind this one, it just adds to her exciting, unpredictable and very quirky charm. For more See Celebrity Tattoos.

Tim McGraw Tattoos

The Meaningful Inspiration Behind Tim McGraw Tattoos

Tim McGraw tattoos have been loved by fans for years in videos, magazines and on tour.  After all, he did have 11 albums consecutively debut at number 1 and he is the best looking country singer around.  Of course, being married to gorgeous country singer Faith Hill only adds to the total package he has going on.

There is for sure three Tim McGraw tattoos known of and there are rumors that there is one additional one that only Faith gets to see.  They are certainly the power couple as he describes Faith as being a type A personality, keeping him organized.

When Tim isn’t busy making the best country music on the radio or on tour, he is not only a family man but he also volunteers and helps with a number of charitable benefits for Hurricane Katrina, Little League scholarships and the American Red Cross.


To show of his love for his perfect wife, first on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the word Faith written in cursive on his right upper bicep.  It is simple with a small red heart taking the place of the I.  Tim and Faith were married in 1996 yet unlike most famous couples, their marriage has actually lasted through the years.  Tim never has anything except wonderful things to say about his wife and the two even created a number on hit song together.


On Tim’s left bicep is a cross tattoo.  From first glance it may seem just like any other cross but upon examining it, you will find that he proudly shows off his family roots.  In this addition to the collection of Tim McGraw tattoos you will see the first initial of his wife and three daughters in the cross standing for Faith, Maggie, Gracie and Audrey.


The newest piece on the list of Tim McGraw tattoos is the religious fish symbol on the underneath part of his right bicep.  You may think that that this is a peculiar place for a tattoo but when Tim points up above while singing, you’ll see the fish perfectly faces the sky and it all makes sense.  In very small writing there is also a date in 2007 found on the tattoo which is the day Tim really found Christianity.

Mystery Tattoo

It is suggested that Tim had DHD which stands for Dancehall Doctors, tattooed on his shin or ankle area and there is also word that he wears a leprechaun on his thigh that he got when he was 22 and drunk. for more see Celebrity Tattoos!

Justin Timberlake Tattoos

More Justin Timberlake Tattoos

Justin Timberlake tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all celebrities.  He definitely captures the attention of the paparazzi and has some die-hard fans.  Justin achieved fame at a very early age after being discovered on Star Search.  Shortly after, like Britney Spears, Justin found himself on The Mickey Mouse Club.

It is here where the next chapter in this pop star’s life would emerge and inspire the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos.  While working for Disney, Justin met JC Chasez who would be his band mate a few years later when ‘N Sync was created.  By 2002, Justin decided to release a solo CD and his fans certainly approved with number one singles like Sexy Back and My Love.

Left Bicep

The first of the Justin Timberlake tattoos is inspired by his Christian background and upbringing.  On his left upper bicep, close to his shoulder is a large cross tattoo.  It is simple yet delicately shaded to appear quite realistic with patterns that subtly hint as though light is shining on it.  When glancing at this piece, your eyes are naturally drawn into its bevels toward the center.

Justin is from Memphis, Tennessee, otherwise known as the bible belt and he uses this tattoo to symbolize and spark conversation about his faith.

Back of Neck

Next in the collection of Justin Timberlake tattoos is a piece so abstract, stunning and perfectly done that the back of his neck literally looks like a canvas.  Here you will find a cherubic angel tattoo who stretches all the way from the nape of his neck down to between his shoulder blades.  This is the largest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos.

It is depicted on a solar or celestial background with very intricate and broad wings.  The angel holds a banner with the initials of his mother which  are surrounded by quite elegant cursive writing that says Guardian Angel.  This piece is dedicated to his twin sister who unfortunately died at birth.

‘N Sync

• On Justin’s wrist is a red rope like you would find standing in line at a club with flames above it.  At the time, these flames were used as the band’s logo.  The rope was added as his recognition to the lifestyle and fame his album brought him.

• Second on the list of Justin Timberlake tattoos inspired by ‘N Sync is a marionette, wrapped in a red rope and wreathed in flames.  It was inspired by the puppet theme from the No Stings Attached album.


There is an astrological band that wraps around his calve like a chain.  This is the simplest of the Justin Timberlake tattoos and on the widest part you will find a symbol of Aquarius.

Chinese Character

The last of the real Justin Timberlake tattoos is a Chinese character for song or music.  Justin does wear fake tattoos of Chinese symbols down the right side of his body for the movie Alpha Dog along with the year 1976 across his chest and the Virgin Mary.

Britney Spears Tattoos

The Life Experiences Behind Britney Spears Tattoos

There is just the right number of Britney Spears tattoos to appreciate and enjoy without getting bored.  One thing is certain, most of her ink is a personal reflection to herself, her mood or what happen to be going on in her life at the time.

In 1999, this former Mouseketeer exploded like a pack of dynamite onto the music scene with her Baby One More Time debut album.  Over the past decade, fans have watched Spears have some incredibly highs and dramatic lows and through it all, the collection of Britney Spears tattoos has grown.

It is safe to say that not many other celebrities have been in the tabloids as much as Spears.  Could this be because the paparazzi sees so much potential in her and wants her to snap out of her downward spiral or is it because they really just want to see what new Britney Spears tattoos will emerge next on this misunderstood girl?

Britney Spears Tattoos

• Fairy Tattoo– Spears shows off a pretty winged fairy on her lower back.  This is one of her older pieces and it is suggested that it is meant to symbolize youthful innocence or to retain the wonder and awe of a child.  Since she never really had the chance to have a childhood, this fairy could be helping her to hold onto her inner youth.

• Butterfly Tattoo – Interestingly, there is a second winged piece in the collection of Britney Spears tattoos.  The butterfly worn on her left foot symbolizes growth and change through transformation.  There are very few people that wear more than one set of wings but this shows an attraction to either magic or an element of escape.

• Flower and Symbol – Spears has a Chinese symbol that means mystery in a flower on her lower stomach.  This tattoo expresses a desire to keep some of her life private even though it’s nearly impossible for her to do.

• Daisy – There is a very small daisy on the list of Britney Spears tattoos worn on her right foot. Interestingly, daisies are also symbols of child-like purity and innocence.

• Hebrew Characters – This tattoo on the back of her neck shows her looking for spiritual comfort in the middle of all the chaos constantly surrounding her.  The characters mean Mem Hey Shin which is one of the Kabbala words that means God and healing.

• Pink Dice – The collection of Britney Spears tattoos grew when she married Keven Federline. The pink dice match the blue ones that are worn by her then-husband.  She wears this piece on her wrist symbolizing her commitment to take a chance with love and family but ironically dice can also represent eventual ruin.

• Star Tattoo– Spears wears a very small star with five points on her right hand that symbolizes balance and protection.  This was added before her big breakdown and it is suggested that because the star is on her hand, she needed to be reminded of hope and truth frequently.

• Lips – Since a kiss is the ultimate symbol of love, Spears was attempting to love herself in the middle of her crisis.  She wears these pink and red lips on her wrist, again a tattoo that she can constantly see and receive reassurance from.

• Cross Tattoo – Shortly after she shaved her head, creating a fresh start and shedding the weight of her burdens, a white, black and pink cross was added to the collection of Britney Spears tattoos.  She wears this piece on her hip and it represents a comfort she was searching for in a spiritual place.

Eliza Dushku Tattoos

The Life Inspiration Behind Eliza Dushku Tattoos

Eliza Dushku tattoos are certainly unlike any others you have seen elsewhere on other celebrities. She was born in Massachusetts and raised as a Mormon though she does not actively practice the religion now.  Eliza was discovered at the age of 10 after there was a 5-month long search to find someone to play alongside Juliette Lewis in That Night.

Since then, Eliza Dushku tattoos have surfaced through the years as she has played in Bring it On, Soul Survivors, City by the Seas, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Wrong Turn.  Of course, Eliza is most well-known for playing Faith on the hit television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The role was initially meant to be five episodes but the character was so popular that it latest the whole third season, part of the fourth and continued on into Angel, a spin-off from the program.  Other shows she has appeared in are King of the Hill, Punk’d, Tru Calling, That 70s Show, Reading Rainbow, Nurses, Ugly Betty, Dollhouse and The Big Bang Theory.

Eliza Dushku Tattoos

Although there are said to be six Eliza Dushku tattoos, her fans are still wondering where a few of them are. Since she has done her share of nude and nearly nude photos for various magazines some of the tattoos have to either be very well hidden or extremely new.

Back – One of the most well-known Eliza Dushku tattoos is the one she wears on her upper back. In 2006, she was personally invited by Sali Bensha, Albania’s Prime Minister to travel to Albania to visit her family on her father’s side. While she was there, she travelled to Kosovo where she got a tattoo of an Albanian eagle.

At first glance, it may look like a big black bug but it is actually double-headed eagle. This is one of the most meaningful Eliza Dushku tattoos as it symbolizes her love and respect for her Albanian roots. Although her father’s family still lives in Albania, he is a teacher and administrator for the Boston Public schools.

Side – One of the Eliza Dushku tattoos that raises the most questions is the script on her side that reads Lead Kindly Light. This was a hymn that she sang as a child with her mother as she was raised in the Mormon church. The hymn is from The Pillar of Cloud poem written by John Henry Newman in 1833.

Other Tattoos – While there are a few unknown Eliza Dushku tattoos, there is a cross tattoo that appears on the back of her ankle. Additionally, Kat Von D completed a symbolic feather on her ribs however, no one knows what it is symbolic of.

Stephen Baldwin Tattoos

There is Always a Story Behind Stephen Baldwin Tattoos

Stephen Baldwin tattoos are fun, playful, thoughtful and interesting. While he is known as being the youngest brother of the fabulous four Baldwins, there are a few interesting things about him that you may not know like he worked in a pizza parlor as a teenager and he met his wife, Kennya, while on a New York subway.

He admitted in his 20s that he had a drug and alcohol problem which is the inspiration behind  a few of the Stephen Baldwin tattoos.  Being a former Calvin Klein model (as was his brother Billy) he only wears CK boxer shorts and he enjoys cream peanut butter with jelly on fresh white bread.  Ah, an appreciation for the simpler things, another trait that caused a few Stephen Baldwin tattoos.

This could also be a reason why Stephen’s tattoos all look very rough.  While most Hollywood celebrities flaunt perfectly outlined and well-shaded pieces from only the top artists, his have a pure and raw look to them which possibly adds to his charm.

HM – One of the most well known Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the HM he wears on the front of his left shoulder which stands for Hannah Montana. Stephen made a deal with the famous Miley Cyrus that if he got the HM tattoo, she would have him on the show, which would impress his daughters Allaia and Hailey Rhode.

Kennya – The next of the Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the one he wears for his wife at the top of his left shoulder. It is roses with a banner running through it with the name Kennya in it. Stephen and his wife have been through a lot over the years, especially after falling millions of dollars in debt and having the bank foreclose on their house.

Daddy – On Stephen’s left bicep is the simple word “Daddy” written in quotation marks for his two beautiful girls.

Believe – The word Believe is written on the back of is neck which is believed to have been inspired by his addiction.

Sobriety – One of the most meaningful Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the symbol to represent his sobriety on the right part of his upper back. Stephen has been clean for more than 20 years now.

Tiger – On Stephen’s left upper back he wears a tiger. Could this be his lunar sign?

Chinese Symbols – There is a Chinese symbol for master on his right forearm on the inner area with the symbol for servant on his left inner forearm.

Cross – One of the more recent Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the cross/dagger tattoo on his right forearm. This could be the result of his new religious born-again Christian lifestyle that he is living.

Allaia – One of the best kept secrets in the collection of Stephen Baldwin tattoos is the name of his daughter Allaia on his lower back.

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David Boreanaz Tattoos

The Strong Symbolism Behind David Boreanaz Tattoos

Although pictures of David Boreanaz tattoos can be hard to come by, there are a few there. While he did star in the slasher horror film Valentine with Katherine Hiegl and Denise Richards, it was his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer that got him really noticed.  David played a mysterious angel, a vampire who was cursed with having a soul because of past sins.  Due to the show’s tremendous success, he starred in Angel, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that led him to even higher stardom.

Wrist Tattoos

The first set of David Boreanaz tattoos are the Kanji symbols he wears on his wrists. One is the symbol for soul while the other represents destiny.  Interestingly, David and his wife Jamie Bergman, actress and Playmate wear  the same exact symbols.  While David was married for less than two years from 1997-1999 to Ingrid Quinn, he has remained married to Jamie since November 24th, 2001.

David and Jamie had their son, Jaden Rayne Boreanaz on May 1st, 2002 and their daughter Bardot Vita Boreanaz (Bella) on August 31st, 2009.  Although you would think based on these David Boreanaz tattoos that he has a perfect marriage, he publicly admitted having an unfair after the woman contacted a lawyer and was threatening to expose their relationship to media outlets.

Back Tattoo

Most who have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse at the piece on his back, will agree that this is the most intriguing of the David Boreanaz tattoos. However, although it is haunting, mysterious and magical, it often leaves the viewer wondering just what exactly it is.

What Boreanaz is actually displaying is a Gryphon that is holding onto a letter A.  The inspiration comes from the beautiful Book of Kells where the Gryphon was interpreted as being four traditional winged figures.  Essentially, it is a symbol created for Saint Mark with the eagle being Saint John, the man represents Saint Matthew and the ox symbolizes Saint Luke.

The symbolism of this winged lion is incredibly complex as it is meant to represent the fourth nature of Christ. Traditionally, the lion is to be roaring and preparing the way to the desert for the four captivating corners of paradise that are often represented by four heads, human, eagle, lion and ox.

Alternatively, this one of David Boreanaz tattoos can have a bit of a different meaning. This winged lion can symbolize two natures uniting such as fire or the sun, the ultimate desired goal of alchemy.  Like all composite beasts, there is the suggestion of terrifying powers of nature, primordial chaos and evil forces in the world.  In Christian symbolism, the lion is a representation of Christ, the Devil, fortitude, watchfulness and the solitary hermit.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Inside Information About Drew Barrymore Tattoos

There are currently seven remarkable Drew Barrymore tattoos, one of which is not well known and one is a brand new addition. Drew is a natural beauty who started acting at the ripe age of 11 months however it wasn’t until she turned 6 years old that her career erupted.  Barrymore starred in the hit E.T. And then by the time she was 12 years old, she was hooked on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Although she fell out of the limelight, Drew Barrymore tattoos made their debut when she resurfaced on the scene in a big way in 1995 when she posed for Playboy. By 2007, Drew was the second highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Breathe – The newest piece in the collection of Drew Barrymore tattoos is the word BREATHE on the inner side of her left arm. She said she often has a hard time remembering to take time to just relax and breathe when she is so busy. She has recently spent some time studying religion and spirituality, exploring temples and walking barefoot through Delhi. She found it to be a thoughtful and spiritual place and was inspired for the tattoo.

Former Boyfriend – The one tattoo that most people aren’t ware of is the name of James Walters, her former boyfriend underneath a guardian angel tattoo very low on her back. The two were engaged in 1992 but broke up in 1993. He later married Patty Walters.

Flowers – Barrymore wears a very feminine bouquet of flowers on her lower left abdomen above her hip bone.

Butterfly – The most popular of all of the Drew Barrymore tattoos is the black butterfly on her stomach directly below her belly button. Butterflies are not only a symbol of change and new life but they also serve as an energy portal for the body.

Moon – Always being unique with fashion, her tattoos are certainly no different. Drew wears a mysterious, very tiny black crescent moon on her toe.

Cross – This is by far one of the most original cross pieces you will ever see. Drew wears this intriguing cross above her right ankle. There are actually several crosses that make up one larger cross and the whole piece has vines twining around it.

Mother – The last piece in the collection of Drew Barrymore tattoos is an angel with Jaid, her mother’s name written on her lower back. Interestingly, at the age of 15, Drew argued in court that her mother was not a good influence and won her plea of emancipation. She was reunited with her mother in 2007.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

The Meaning of Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Although sometimes it is hard to notice Christina Aguilera tattoos as you are hypnotized by her sheer beauty, they certainly are there.  This former Mouskateer emerged along with Britney Spears in what seemed at the time, a war of talent.  However, there is no denying that Christina’s vocal chords will win in any musical battle.

Behind Madonna, Christina is the second highest selling female singer of the 2000s. She ranked 18 our of 100 on Maxim Magazine’s 2010 Most Beautiful Women and aside from her musical career, she devotes a great deal of time to human rights, charities and other world issues.

Christina Aguilera tattoos have been inspired by her career as well as her marriage to marketing music executive Jordan Bratman. While they were married November 19th, 2005 at a Napa Valley estate, Aguilera filed for divorce on October 14th, 2010.  She is requesting joint legal as well as physical custody for their son Max Liron who was born January 12th, 2008.  If all of this isn’t enough excitement in her life. On November 15th, 2010, she is honored wit her own star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

Xtina – Aguilera wears the word Xtina on the back of her neck. It is a nickname she gave to herself and first spoke of when she posed for Rolling Stone Magazine wearing nothing but her boots and an electric guitar. Soon after, she got the tattoo.

Flower – On the inside of Aguilera’s left wrist she wears a small simple flower. It is unique because it is done off centre.

Mickey Mouse – One of the most well-known Christina Aguilera tattoos is the Mickey Mouse displayed on her bikini line. Of course, this is done as a tribute to her Mouskateer days so she can always remember where her career stemmed from. The placement however, of a Disney tattoo, has raised controversy.

Husband – On Aguilera’s left inner forearm is her Hebrew tattoo. The initials Yud and Bet represent her soon-to-be ex-husband’s initials JB. Also as part of this tattoo are the words Te Amo Siempre which means I love you forever.

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Hebrew Words – The last of the Christina Aguilera tattoos are the Hebrew words to mean I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me.  The phrase is derived from Song of Songs out of the Hebrew Bible.  It is about fidelity and is spoken from a female to a male.  It is a phrase that is often engraved on wedding rings however,  Aguilera opted for the more permanent approach.


Angelina Jolie Tattoos

The Extensive List of Angelina Jolie Tattoos

It is fair to say that the display of Angelina Jolie tattoos caused an immediate explosion in popularity of tattoos for females. According to People Magazine in 2006, this perfect being was called the most beautiful woman in the world. Many believe that the large assortment of meaningful Angelina Jolie tattoos has just as much to do with that label as her unforgettable lips.

  • One of the boldest of the Angelina Jolie tattoos is the large black cross found on her left hip that reads Quod me nutrit me destruit. Translated from Latin this means What nourishes me also destroys me. Interestingly, this cross covers one of the first Angelina Jolie tattoos, a small blue dragon that she got while she was drunk once in Amsterdam.

  • Another one of the first tattoos this beauty wore was a dragon on her left arm with her previous husband’s name, Billy Bob above it. Both of these tattoos have been removed and covered.

  • In the location of the previous tattoos on Angelina’s left arm, she now wears the coordinates where she either adopted or gave birth to her children. For Maddox from Cambodia, she wears N11º 33′ 00” E104º 51′ 00” and for Zahara from Ethiopia, the tattoo displays N09º 02′ 00” E038º 45′ 00”. Next she added the coordinates for where she gave birth to her and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh, in Namibia being S22º 40′ 26” E014º 31′ 40” and then finally the location in Vietnam where her son Pax Thien was born being N10º 46′ 00” E106º 41′ 40”.

  • Between her shoulder blades in black Gothic lettering reads the words know your rights. This is the title song from The Clash, said to be her favorite band.

  • On her left shoulder Angelina wears a Buddhist Pali incantation that is written using Khmer script which happens to be the language of Cambodia. This is another one of the most meaningful Angelina Jolie tattoos as it is there to act as a protection for her and Maddox, her Cambodian son from bad luck.

  • On Angelina’s left wrist she wears a letter H. She reports that it is there for her brother, James Haven however, there has always been speculation that is signified her boyfriend at the time, Timothy Hutton.

  • On the inside of her forearm on her right arm reads Determination in Arabic. Some reports suggest that it reads strength of will however, this is incorrect.

  • One of the most famous of the Angelina Jolie tattoos is her Bengal tiger that she wears on her lower back. This 12” piece was done by tattooist Sompong Kanhphai in Bangkok.

  • On the very lowest part of her back are two pointy black tribal tattoos.

  • Underneath the mesmerizing tiger on Angelina’s lower back lies a small dragon.

  • There once was a tattoo of a small window on Angelina’s lower back as well. She explained that she covered this because she once spent her time always looking through the windows, wishing she could be outside, now she is where she wants to be in her life.

  • On the inside of Angelina’s left forearm is the Roman numeral for 13 because she says she doesn’t believe in superstition.

  • Angelina once wore a Chinese symbol for the word death on her left shoulder. This was her very first tattoo and it is now covered with a prayer for Maddox.

  • On the inside of her forearm, the next in the collection of Angelina Jolie tattoos are the words A PRAYER FOR THE WILD AT HEART, KEPT IN CAGES. This is by her favorite poet, Tennessee Williams.

  • Inside of her right elbow was the symbol for courage in Japanese but she has had that removed.

  • A letter M on the inside of her hand stands for Marcheline Bertrand, her mother who passed away.

  • Once Angelina had a tattoo right below her navel that depicted energy waves done by Daemon Rowanchilde in 1998 at Urban Primitive Body Design. There are no known photos in circulation of this and it has said to have been removed at some point.