Behind Religious Tattoos

Popular Types of Religious Tattoos

Despite the fact that a scripture in Leviticus suggests that it is unholy to alter your body in any way, religious tattoos remain extremely popular.  Tattoos were once viewed as being evil, pagan proofs but today, Christians have justified their self-expression often turning toward the Book of Revelation for references that seem to suggest that tattoo-like marks were worn by Jesus.

While you may think that religious tattoos are a new concept, they are actually the first ones ever given.  Mummies from thousands of years ago have been revealed wearing tattoos that are believed to be a representation of their culture and religion.  Not to mention, Crusaders would wear cross pieces on their hand so that they would be given a proper burial should they be killed during battle in a foreign land.

The afterlife is often represented in religious tattoos.  Sioux, Iban and Maori tribes have worn them because they believe that these pieces will help them find their afterlife when they die.  It was thought that deities would look favorably on these honorary marks of ink and guide them on their journey.

Types of Religious Tattoos

• Cross – This is the most recognizable symbol around the world.  These types of religious tattoos are available in many different variations such as Latin, Celtic and St. Andrew’s.  Some people also wear Gothic, Ankh, Tau and Maltese crosses but they are not associated with Christianity.

• Praying Hands – Many people wear these religious tattoos that are often paired up with a cross, rosary or a bible.

• Portrait – It is not uncommon to see Christians wearing a portrait of Jesus either alone, on a cross or suffused with light.  A crown of thorns is often part of these types of religious tattoos.

• Peacock – These extraordinary birds are worn as a symbol of resurrection because every time that they shed their feathers, new ones are grown in their place that are even more beautiful than the last.

• Lily – When worn as religious tattoos, these flowers symbolize eternal life and immortality.

• Wheat Heads – Three of these inked together symbolize the Bread of Life.

• Triquetra – This geometrical design creates three equal arcs with one continuous line as a representation of the Trinity.

• Fish – These are quite common religious tattoos worn by many Christians because the Greek word for fish is ICTHUS which is used in certain biblical translations.

• Dove – Associated with God’s spirit, the dove represents God resting on Jesus throughout his first baptism.  It is now usually worn as symbol of the Holy Spirit.