Behind Fairy Tattoos

The Real Truth Behind Fairy Tattoos

There’s truly something magical about fairy tattoos and a lot of mystery is granted to those who wear them. Fairies are spiritual beings that were often both feared and adored back in Medieval times. While many people are familiar with Tinkerbell, Disney’s most famous icon, it is important to understand that there is a lot more to fairies than what this sweet character displays.

Fairy tattoos are inspired by little people who were believed to have once roamed the forests freely until they were driven underground by invaders. They were not the mesmerizing delicate creatures that they are not pictured to be and many people would go out of their way to stay on their good side. Of course, they were capable of kind gestures to those they felt did right by nature or the animals but they could also be quite evil. People who feared the fairies would perform thoughtful acts like leave out a bowl of milk or hang an iron horseshoe above the door to keep the fairies happy and away so their children would be safe since they were often blamed for kidnappings.

Why do People Choose Fairy Tattoos?

Some people choose fairy tattoos because they can be either cute or sexy and innocent or evil. They are phenomenons that no one really knows if they are purely mythical or if they really existed so the person wearing the tattoo instantly becomes more intriguing.

Individuals who are part of neopagan religions such as Wiccan practitioners still believe that these spirits are very much alive and a part of the world today. Such individuals may choose to wear fairy tattoos as a recognition of their beliefs.

Types of Fairy Tattoos

  • Fairy and the Moon – This is a very popular tattoo. The story behind these is that she is missing her lover desperately so she travels to the moon where she can comfortably sit and scout out every inch of the Earth. These are always done with magical colors for the full effect.

  • Fairy on a Leaf – Fairies find their homes deep in the forests so it only makes sense to have them perched on a leaf with their wings flowing in the wind behind them. These are calm, peaceful and earthy and are usually worn by a grounded individual who has a deep appreciation for nature.

  • Naked Fairy – These fairy tattoos are often seen on people with fairer skin because they provide more of a whimsical and translucent appeal. This is usually a very innocent fairy, seated on flowers and surrounded by butterflies. Definitely not rated R but you can tell that she’s naked.

  • Black Ink Fairy – Fairy tattoos do not have to be colorful, there are people that choose to have theirs done with black ink. Even though the lines and characteristics of the fairy may be soft, the black ink brings a darkness to the piece. These offer a Gothic appeal and are often done with a serious face which reduces the innocent vibe these tattoos can often offer.