Behind Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos are typically worn by those of faith because they represent winged forms that are believed to transmit God’s word to humankind. They are a symbol of divine will, working as God’s messengers.

People of nearly every religious background can recognize and even relate to angel tattoos. So if you get one, no matter where you go in the world, people will understand an idea of the message that you are trying to display.

Angels make appearances quite often in the Christian bible, typically associated with harps, trumpets, wands and swords. These are one of the most symbolic pieces that you can wear on your skin. Although their appearances and meanings have varied quite a bit through time, there always seems to be a trend of depicting them as winged, mystical creatures, wearing white robes, drifting on clouds and suffused in radiating light.

While angel tattoos are most often worn as a symbol of devotion, spirituality and faith, they can also be used as a memorial, a symbol of protection or meant to offer guidance.

Types of Angel Tattoos

  • Cherub Tattoos – Contrary to what you may think, cherubs and angels are not quite the same thing. Cherubs are perfect, winged, naked babies who are usually positioned on a cloud. It is suggested that these tattoos bring love to the wearer.

  • Angel Wings Tattoos – It is not uncommon to see individuals wearing these types of angel tattoos who aren’t even religious at all, simply for the beauty that they bring to the skin. They may be attached to something like a heart, guitar, skull, etc., or they may also stand alone. Most often, these are positioned on the back, behind the shoulder blades where real wings are believed to be anchored.

  • Guardian Angel Tattoos – Individuals wear these types of angel tattoos as a source of protection as well as guidance. They are believed to help the wearer make the right decision throughout their life.

  • Archangel Tattoos – These are the angels ranked seventh which means that they hold an incredibly high and powerful position. The archangels are directly underneath God and in Revelations, they stand beneath him. The most famous archangel was Lucifer who is suggested to have fallen to become Satan.

  • Fallen Angel – These angel tattoos are meant to represent a heavenly being who was cast out of heaven for going against God’s will. These pieces usually offer a menacing look and wear horns and torn wings. The most famous fallen angels are Satan, Leviathan and Beelzebub.

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