Ying Yang Tattoos

What Are Ying Yang Tattoos?

The good and the evil are the two opposites of the universe that are on warring sides and the war is never ending as long as the balance between the two is maintained. Ancient Chinese scriptures have a lot of material on this subject and there are many symbols that represent this perfect balance in the world.

Ying yang is a symbol that depicts all the warring ideals in the universe and then goes on to show that there is not only balance of these opposite ideals in the world, there is actually a companionship that has to be eternally present among them. They are fused together and one cannot exist without the other being equally important. They can be the ideals of the dark and light, good and evil or even night and day.

The Ying and yang symbol has two opposite colours like black and white that depict the two opposite ideals. These colours are then placed in such a way that they look like fused puzzle pieces. Then again the black is not even all black and has a dot of white in it while the white portion sports a spot of black in it.

This shows that nothing good is devoid of evil while every evil has some good in it. This also depicts man and woman, light and dark, night and day, happiness and sadness and all the other opposite ideals that you can think of but the message remains the same.

Tattooing is one of the arts that are making great headways in the past decade. There are many reasons that a person decides to get a tattoo on his body.

The experience sometimes gives a fashionable effect and is done solely for this reason. Then there are some who take the pain as a purging symbol or process. There are some people who associate the deeper meaning of the symbol to the feeling that they want to depict through the art.

Ying yang is a symbol that suits all the purposes and makes a great tattoo design. There are many who create  the symbol in varied colours of red and white as well as blue and white, however, the classic black and white remains the eternal favourite.

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