Viggo Mortensen Tattoos

Viggo Mortensen Tattoos – Which Ones Are Real?

With so many photos of various Viggo Mortensen tattoos circulating the web, it is difficult sometimes to know which ones are real and which ones are fake.  Although he does seem to always be drawn on with ink in every movie, this Danish-American actor does indeed have a few of his own pieces. 

He is an actor, musician, poet, painter and photographer so with all of these talents, you would assume that the collection of Viggo Mortensen tattoos would be bold and artistic but they are actually pretty subtle and quite reflective of his life.

Although Mortensen is most well-known for his role as Aragorn from The Fellowship of the Rings, he also had supporting roles in Young Guns II, Carlito’s Way, Leatherface, 28 Days, The Prophecy and G.I. Jane.

V-E-H Tattoo

First on the list of Viggo Mortensen tattoos are the letter V-E-H done in a bleeding heart on his left bicep.  The V stands for Viggo, E is for Exene, his ex-wife and the H represents Henry, their son.   Exene Cervenka was the lead singer for X, an American punk band that became active in 1977.  Viggo and Exene met in 1986 and they were married a year later on July 8th, 1987.  In January 1988, Exene gave birth to Henry, their son, and the couple split up four years later in 1992.  After a lengthy separation, they were finally officially divorced in 1997.

H Tattoo

The next piece in the collection of Viggo Mortensen tattoos is a capital H on his wrist.  When his son Henry was first learning how to spell and write his name, Mortensen says that he would go around writing a capital H on everything, including his father.  One day, Henry drew this letter H on Mortensen’s wrist so instead of washing it off, he went to the tattoo parlor and had the tattooist trace over it.

Nine Tattoo

Like the rest of the crew who spent an extraordinary amount of time together in New Zealand, filming the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, there is the word nine written in Elvish writing that is included in the collection of Viggo Mortensen tattoos.  On the last day of filing, the nine actors had this tattoo done together, his happens to be on his shoulder.

Other Tattoos

There is a black crescent moon tattooed on Mortensen’s left hip however, the reason for this piece is unknown.  There is also rumored to be some permanent ink on his lower back however, this has yet to be confirmed.  Last on the list of Viggo Mortensen tattoos is a fist and barbed wire on his left shoulder, another piece with a mysterious meaning.

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  1. By Eponymous, July 24, 2011 @ 2:15 pm

    You missed one. He has a crow tattooed on his right arm.

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