The Phoenix Tattoo

The Meaning and Power of the Phoenix

When you chooses to get a phoenix tattoo it shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly.  The phoenix is a mythological bird found in the legends of many countries, with the power of eternal life.  A phoenix according to the most popular forms of the legends, live solitary lives for hundreds of years and then one day when they are quite old, make a nest and lay a single egg. 

They then set themselves, nest, egg and all, on fire.  Rising from the ashes flies a young phoenix, reborn pristine from the seeming calamity.  People who choose phoenix tattoos are themselves trying or have risen from personal calamities.

Tattoos aren’t put on the bodies of just drunken sailors, punk rockers and bikers.  Tattoos are an art form that seeks to enhance the body’s beauty, not to scare…well, mostly not to scare.  Although you can put a tattoo on just about any place on the body that has skin (and I mean ANYWHERE), phoenix tattoos are usually done on the forearm, back or shoulder. 

It’s usually best to try to pick a spot on your body that won’t change too drastically over time.  Many quiet, bookish people get small, discrete tattoos that have great personal meaning to themselves.  Many people like the thought of being able to take a piece of art wherever they go.

Never get a tattoo to impress other people.  Just get one for yourself.  Phoenix tattoos can be a lovely statement that the wearer has survived a natural disaster, an abusive relationship, a disease, or other meanings of a burnt nest egg.   By putting one or more phoenix tattoos on their body, they may hope to tap into the healing power of this ancient symbol of recovery.

We all do it for different reason so make sure you know why your getting a tattoo and be sure of the meaning!

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