Tattoos Over Time

What Will Happen to My Tattoos Over Time?

Over time tattoos will chance with the skin on a constant basis due to the wind, sun, regeneration etc. The way a tattoo looks and the design must also chance with the skin as it shrinks, stretches and ages. The pigment that makes up the tattoo must remain the way it is over time, although tanning and wrinkles can affect the colour and clarity of the tattoo.

The overall length of time that a tattoo stays healthy and vibrant in colour all depends on how well it was taking care of after it was completed and how the skin is taking care of.

When the tattoo is being applied the ink is depositing into the epidermis and the skin captures the colour of the ink. The artist will continue to clean the tattoo as he or she works on it, wiping it off with antiseptic and disinfecting the wound.

Even though infection is always a concern with tattoos, you must also promote healing in the sense of retaining as much ink as you possibly can. Most tattoos will heal completely within a few short weeks, although they must be kept moist to prevent scabbing. If allowed to scab, the scab that forms will remove some of the colour from the tattoo.

The number one enemy of tattoos is the sun. Just like other colours that are exposed to sunlight, the pigments found in tattoos will fade. Yellow and red are the hardest colours to maintain over time, blue and black are the easiest and most stable to maintain

If you are going to be out in the sun, you should always use a good quality sunscreen, just to be on the safe side.

Tattoos that have been properly applied, properly healed, and protected from the sun can remain their best for years and years :-)

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