Pauley Perrette Tattoos

Pauley Perrette Tattoos – Real or Fake?

There’s always so much confusion over Pauley Perrette tattoos because Abby Sciuto, a role she is most well-known for, boasts quite a bit of ink herself. So, which pieces belong to Pauley and which are drawn on for the purpose of Abby?

This is a question many of her fans are dying to know.

Don’t Stereotype Her

Pauley Perrette tattoos, dark hair, fair skin and unique sense of style always raises the question if she’s punk or goth. Not a question you’ll find her answering other than to say, “Who Cares?” Perrette is not keen on being stereotyped, she is who she is. Even without her tattoos, she’d be the same person.

A Little History

While everyone may not understand Pauley Perrette tattoos, some are not there to be interpreted. They are just as unique as she is. Born March 27th, 1969 in New Orleans, she was raised all over the country including California, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. If that’s not enough, she’s pretty brilliant too. Perrette was an undergrad in psychology, sociology and criminal science, it only makes sense that she now plays a forensic scientist!

Pauley Perrette Tattoos

When asked about her tattoos, Perrette says that they all have some type of personal meaning from divine intervention to the nature of life to disillusionment. Therefore, while a viewer may not understand them, she certainly does!

Stick Figures – First on the list of Pauley Perrette tattoos are two identical and very charming stick figure angels. She wears one on the back of each shoulder. One would assume perhaps she has a guardian angel on each shoulder.

Scientific Symbol – Although the black scientific symbol strategically placed directly in the center of her back may look like a an abstract flower, it’s not! It is suggested this piece may have something to do with her interest in science.

Cross – One of the largest and most striking of all the Pauley Perrette tattoos is the cross she wears on her lower back. She is a regular member of the beautiful Hollywood United Methodist Church.

Infinity Symbol – On her inner forearm you will find an infinity symbol.

R.I.P. – Although it is uncertain who this tattoo is dedicated to, she wears R.I.P. On her left forearm.

Happy Face – The happy face on her right middle finger just adds to her fun-loving personality.

There is also a very small circular tattoo of something unknown above her right heel. Despite the fact that these are said to be the real Pauley Perrette tattoos, there are those who say that some belong to Abby. What do you think?

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  1. By Rachael, October 12, 2011 @ 1:41 am

    The cross on Pauley’s back is Abby’s tattoo… Pauley doesn’t have it in real life.

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