Mila Kunis Tattoos

The Mysterious Mila Kunis Tattoos

It should really come as no surprise that the internet is saturated with inquiries wondering if there are real Mila Kunis tattoos to speak of.  This American actress has found herself on an exhausting number of hottest and sexiest lists worldwide so it is fair to say that this gorgeous brunette has made a name for herself. 

Although Mila is most well known for the beloved Jackie Burkhart on everyone’s favorite sitcom, That 70′s Show, today the population is all a buzz about her character named Lily in the smash hit, Black Swan.

So, why all the hype about Mila Kunis tattoos?  Photos leaked on the internet of her wearing shorts and a tank top, standing on a dock somewhere and you can vaguely see a bit of ink on the lower left side of her back.  Too bad the paparazzi responsible for the photo must not have mastered the zoom-in feature because it is impossible to see what it is. 

There is some speculation though that this piece on the questionable list of Mila Kunis tattoos is fake because she was shooting Black Swan at the time the photo was taken and released.

There is also a rumor that there are playing cards to speak of in the collection of Mila Kunis tattoos.  Fans say that she wears small playing cards on her wrist only these have yet to surface in any of her photos or movies.  Is is possible that this piece is always covered with makeup, a bracelet, watch or even a hair scrunchie?  How is it possible that so many people swear that there are Mila Kunis tattoos to speak of but there is no proof?

Career and Fake Tattoos

Although Mila landed small jobs even before she was a teenager, it wasn’t until 1998 that the world really took notice of her.  That is when she auditioned for That 70′s Show at the age of 14 but told the casting directors that she would be 18 (the minimum age requirement) on her birthday, only she didn’t say in another 4 years.  Needless to say, they let her keep the part.

The interest in Mila Kunis tattoos really peaked when she started her film career, playing in Get Over It, American Psycho 2, Moving McAllister, After Sex and Boot Camp.  Then in 2008, she was landing roles in some of the hottest movies out including Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Max Payne, The Book of Eli and then finally, Black Swan.

Black Swan is probably responsible for the obsession over Mila Kunis tattoos recently.  She plays alongside Natalie Portman in this dramatic thriller about the ballet, Swan Lake.  Mila plays Lily the dark ego of Nina, the character played by Natalie.  People are in a frenzy right now over her tattoos because the actress wears a large black swan tattooed down her very thin back.

While it is confirmed that this is a fake piece, fans will have to dig a little deeper and paparazzi will have to work a little harder to see if there are any real Mila Kunis tattoos to speak of.

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