Meaning of Tattoos

The Why Behind Tattoos! Rant and Rave…

The reality is that most people select their tattoos based on deep, personal meaning. They aren’t interested on what is “in” and what will get them the recognition of the cool crowd. The reason for the stigma of being tattooed is because of the tired and cynical among us that can’t see the vacuous consumer driven culture that they are trapped in.

These type of people fear anyone who is not part of their mindless consumerist culture. It is fear of the unknown, plain and simple. This type of fear shines through in everything they write from the cliché ridden ridiculous disguised as journalism in the culture section of mainstream newspapers to the ultra conservative fundamentalists who warn of the evil drive of those who get tattoos. To them anyone who behaves outside this mass hallucination known as consensus reality is immediately singled out from the crowd and subject to ridicule.

It is much the same as the mind control which brainwashes our kids into accepting everything they are taught in school and told never to question authority or the massive lies which pass as history. No wonder people end up being like mindless sheep when they are indoctrinated from such an early age. History really has become a set of lies agreed upon to keep people in their place and maintain the status quo.

The funny thing is that once you step outside the line you begin to see how shaky the ground is upon which their spectacular lies are built. The people who are controlling the instruments of power such as the mainstream media know this and this is the reason why they use ridicule to suppress anyone who dares to challenge them and do something like get a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo can brand you as a rebel even today. In many ways people feel as though they are constantly bombarded with advertisements for designer labels and sucked into believing they need this or that to make their lives more meaningful. None of this is true for someone who might want a tattoo. We are still all not happy unless we forge our own way and getting a tattoo is one way of doing that.

 Say what you mean and mean what you say with a Kanji Tattoo

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