Malin Akerman Tattoos

The Simplistic Beauty of Malin Akerman Tattoos

Malin Akerman tattoos may be simple but perhaps that is just to not disturb her intoxicating beauty.  This Swedish-Canadian model and actress is the daughter of Pia, a former model who certainly passed down her good genes.  At 17 years old, Akerman won the title of Ford Supermodel of Canada and almost instantly began acting in smaller roles in The Utopian Society, The Comeback and Entourage.

In 2006 when she became really popular, there were still no Malin Akerman tattoos to speak of quite yet.  During this year, she played in The Brothers Solomon, The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen and 27 Dresses.  By 2009, the full collection of Malin Akerman tattoos was complete but you would never have known it by the way they were covered up in The Proposal and Couples Retreat.  Since then, she has also had roles in Electra Luxx, The Romantics and The Bang Bang Club but good luck seeing any ink in any of them either.

Neck Tattoo

First on the very short list of Malin Akerman tattoos is a very original, well thought out and elegantly created piece on the back of her neck.  Here you will find a lotus flower along with a script written in Tibetan Sanskrit, translated to mean to play.

Akerman was raised Buddhist by her mother who practiced Buddhism.  The lotus is a strong symbol in this religion because it is a unique flavor that has the ability to grow without roots.  She picked this flower to essentially represent herself, making her own new life without any roots.

The script that means to play is to be taken as playing in the game of life.  At the time she got the piece, she actually compared her life to one big game.

Wrist Tattoo

The other piece in the collection of Malin Akerman tattoos is the letter Z that she wears on her inner wrist that is the initial for Zincone, her husband’s last name.  Italian drummer for the Petalstones, Roberto Zincone didn’t have the best English when he met Akerman in 2003 who didn’t speak any Italian but that didn’t stop sparks from flying between the two.  He said he didn’t need to understand her to know she was a beautiful person, inside and out.

Two years later, they were at dinner in Los Angeles when Zincone gave her a white gold, diamond studded band, later he followed that with a solitaire.  The two were married June 20th, 2007 and the list of Malin Akerman tattoos was complete.

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