Malaika Arora Tattoos

Although she has already had a great deal of success, the newest addition to the collection of Malaika Arora tattoos has significantly broadened her fan base. Born October 23rd, 1973, this is one female who is certainly getting better with age. Arora is an Indian actress, model, former MTV VJ and if that’s not enough, she is one of the top Item Girls in India.

The reason why there is such a fuss over Malaika Arora tattoos is because through her prime years of popularity, there were never any exposed. Now that she’s not necessarily in the limelight as much, she goes and adds a little ink as if to give fans a reason to talk about her again.

Born to a Malayali Catholic mother and a Punjabi father in Membai, she was a well-behaved daughter and a good student. Arora attended Swami Vivekanand School and then completed her college education at Jai Hind. Yes, in addition to be good looking and talented, she’s also educated!


It is hard to say if the presence of Malaika Arora tattoos would have made her more popular while she was in her prime or not. When MTV launched their operations in India, Arora was selected as a VJ. This ultimately resulted in her being one of India’s most popular females.

After this, she landed roles in Style Check and Love Line which proved her acting potential. Not too far behind, her modeling career took off as well but still, there were no Malaika Arora tattoos to speak of.

Arora has also had roles or appearances in a long list of films, including Dil Se, Bichhoo, Indian, Mag Tujhhe Salaam, Kaante, The Hero, Kaal, Heyy Babyy, Athidhi, Om Shanti Om, Welcome, EMI, Helloo India, Prem Kaa Game, Houseful and Dabangg.

Malaika Arora Tattoos

Despite the fact that many fans assume the lower back piece in the collection of Malaika Arora tattoos is the only ink that she has, it’s not.

Arora says that her philosophy on tattoos is that they should be able to be easily hidden, especially in her line of work. She actually has a tattoo of her son’s name, Arhaan, only it’s hidden and she won’t reveal where¬† it is.

The latest piece on the list of Malaika Arora tattoos is the one on her lower back. The word ANGEL is found there with a pair of wings. She chose this design because in Swahili, her name actually means Angel.

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