Kim Kardashian Tattoos

Are There Any Real Kim Kardashian Tattoos?

It is quite surprising how many people search the internet for Kim Kardashian tattoos considering the collection very well may be completely non-existent.  In 2010, this reality star earned $6 million, that’s more than any other person in her position.  So, just what makes this socialite, model and TV personality so popular?

Kim is the daughter to the late Robert Kardashian, the famous attorney for the OJ Simpson trial.  However, she is mostly know from the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians as well as her many barely-clothed or nude photo shoots and a sex tape that mysteriously leaked of her.  Of course, this isn’t all Kim is famous for!

Beyond the Break was her first acting role, followed by Disaster Movie in 2008.  Of course, no Kim Kardashian tattoos had yet surfaced.  Her family’s reality show has had so much success, it plummeted her into stardom, earning her an invite on Dancing With the Stars’ seventh season. 

Now, as a spin off from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and her sister Kourtney have started a new reality show of their adventure together moving to New York to open another one of their D-A-S-H stores.  So far, she has been in long sleeves so fans are still hopeful that the rumored Kim Kardashian tattoos really exist.

Kim has been a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model and The Apprentice and she made an appearance on CSI-NY.  In 2007, Kim posed for Playboy’s December 2007 issue but sadly no Kim Kardashian tattoos were seen.  She has also been featured many times in FHM and she has been the face of Bongo Jeans since 2008.  Additionally, she models for the clothing line Famous Stars and Stripes, Quick Trim supplements, Carl’s Jr fast food, Balenciaga shoes and Sugar Factory Lollipops.  If that’s not enough, she has her own perfume and Los Angeles bakery, Famous Cupcakes, created a cupcake for her naming it Va-Va-Va Nilla.

So, why do fans have faith there really is a collection of Kim Kardashian tattoos?  There are photos of her with a beautiful, colorful vine of flowers on the back of her left arm done in perfect neutral shades.  Kim had announced that she got inked and that her brother Robert helped her pick it out.  Of course, this was all done on April Fool’s Day and no pictures since that day have been released.  Fans will just have to watch her new reality show to see if Kim Kardashian tattoos really do exist!

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