Kesha Tattoos

Do You Like the Professional or Homemade Kesha Tattoos Better?

Aside from the homemade Kesha tattoos that she gave herself with pen ink and a sewing needle, there are actually a few professionally done pieces to speak of as well.  Born Kesha Rose Sebert on March 1st 1987, this American pop singer is now known as just Ke$ha. 

Who were the musical influences for this young star?  She cites artists such as Debbie Harry, Madonna, Beastie boys, Queen, Bob Dylan and even Johnny Cash and if you look hard enough, you can actually see a bit of all of them in her.

Before Kesha tattoos became all the rage, this young performer certainly did not have the easiest life.  Her mother, Pebe, was a single parent who relied on food stamps and welfare payments to support Kesha and her brother Lagan.  Pebe taught Kesha how to write songs and always encouraged her to sing since she was a singer herself.  You may even remember them as being a host family in 2005 for Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton during an episode of the reality show, The Simple Life.

At the age of 18, Kesha tattoos and her career both emerged.  She sang background vocals for artists such as Paris Hilton, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears and she made an appearance in Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl video.  Then, she released her own single, Tik Tok and by October of 2010, the single had already seen 5 million downloads from the United States alone.  Her album debuted in the number one position in Greece and Canada.

Dollar Sign

First in the collection of Kesha tattoos is the dollar sign that she wears to represent the one she uses in her name to replace the letter S.  Kesha says she chose the dollar sign because money really means nothing to her.  She was happy growing up when she was completely broke and had nothing and she is happy now that she has everything.  She says that she cares more about taking care of and supporting those who took care of her and she is actually repulsed by so much gluttony by people in the limelight.


The first piece that started the collection of Kesha tattoos is an anchor that she got when she was 18.  She sneaked into Cuba and was hanging out with a guy and told him she’d give him five dollars for a tattoo and he agreed.  Kesha chose the anchor because she’s a diver and it only seemed appropriate or maybe it was just the first thing she thought of in the spur of the moment?


On her foot is where you will find the next piece in the collection of Kesha tattoos.  It’s a cross that she says could easily be a t or even an x.  Kesha says that she was hanging out with a friend, celebrating the release of her album and she thought she needed a tattoo to symbolize her success of such a special event.  She had her friend give her this tattoo on her foot that is already fading.

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