Katie Cassidy Tattoos

The Exquisite Collection of Katie Cassidy Tattoos

Really, what is  not to love about Katie Cassidy tattoos.  They are all simple yet elegant and rich with meaning which is so refreshing compared to some of the pieces worn by many celebrities. 

Born November 25, 1986, this American actress seems to have landed roles in the hottest television shows and movies since she came onto the scene in 2003.  Not to mention, she has also been deemed the Scream Queen for her unparalleled vocals in horror films.

Although Katie Cassidy tattoos are fairly fresh, they are all reflective of her life.  She was born in sunny Los Angeles, California, the daughter of model Sherry Williams and actor David Cassidy so from the beginning, she was labeled as being pretty special.  Cassidy modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch back in 2004 but her mother would not let her pursue her acting career until she finished high school.

Cassidy is probably most well-known for her role as Ella Simms on Melrose Place but she has also played in Gossip Girl, 7th Heaven, Supernatural and Harper’s Island. 

If her line up of trendy television shows isn’t impressive enough, you can also see her in When a Stranger Calls, The Lost, Click, Black Christmas, Walk the Talk, Taken, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Fence Walker.  Her newest project is Monte Carlo but you probably won’t catch a glimpse of Katie Cassidy tattoos there either, movies seem to want to cover her ink up for some reason.

Hip Tattoo

First on the list of Katie Cassidy tattoos is the date 1922 that she wears on her hip.  This is the birth year of her grandmother, Evelyn Ward, who was also an actress.  This was Cassidy’s first tattoo and she  decided to pay tribute to her grandmother, that’s pretty special!

Back Tattoo

On the middle of her upper back is where you’ll find the next piece in the exquisite collection of Katie Cassidy tattoos.  Here she wears a small pair of angel wings with the words Alis volat Propiis.  Translated from Latin this means she flies with her own wings.  Judge Jessie Quinn Thorton originally wrote this script and Cassidy chose it because she says it represents her life and career and the fact that her success is created on her own talent.

Foot Tattoo

The next piece on the list of Katie Cassidy tattoos is three stars on the top of her right foot.  This represents herself along with Jamie and Jenna, her two sisters, who have the same tattoo in different locations on their bodies.  Her mother actually has a similar piece too only it is made up of one center star, representing herself with three shooting stars to symbolize her three daughters.  This just tells how close they all are and how important family is to Cassidy.


Wrapped around her left ankle like a piece of jewelry is the last of the Katie Cassidy tattoos.  Written in a beautiful, clear and feminine script are the words Love Thyself Know Thyself Be Thyself.  These are truly great words to live by!

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    Katie’s selection regarding the tattoo design is very good. She knows where and which design looks well and impressive. Like the stars on the foot and jewelry design on the ankle.

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