Josh Beech Tattoos

Is There Any Meaning Behind Josh Beech Tattoos

The collection of Josh Beech tattoos is pretty much what this London native is known for.  Beech is famous for the exhausting number of runway shows and ad campaigns he has been a part of and is said to be the perfect model because he’s skinny, edgy and tattooed all over.  However, being picture perfect isn’t his only talent!

Beech is also a singer and songwriter .  The band Snish, was his first real music endeavor, landing him the next big thing review from Fly Magazine back in 2008.  Levi’s included this band in their concert series and Beech became the face of the label.  Due to this campaign, he found himself constantly in front of the cameras and Josh Beech tattoos would soon become a household name.

Because of his musical background, Beech became the face of LOUD, a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance.  Since then, he has been focusing more on his musical career and Italian GQ has even dubbed him London’s new icon of the punk generation

Josh Beech Tattoos

• Wrist – First on the list of Josh Beech tattoos is the word Snish on his wrist.  Although he had great success in 2010 with his solo music career thanks to his release of Burnt Out, he has to credit his popularity to his first band.  While he only spent a brief amount of time with them, it was enough to get him noticed.

• Full Sleeve – The piece on the list of Josh Beech tattoos that is most well-known is the full sleeve on his left arm that has been slow to complete.  Up around his bicep is a skull that offers the appearance of a sugar skull but it is doubtful that an English person would be wearing a symbol for Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration.  On the lower part of his arm is an orange octopus with a blue backdrop to offer the illusion of water and nearby are three stars.  The stars could tie in with the octopus and be a nautical symbol however, considering his music, they most likely represent the punk rock movement that began using a star as a symbol back in the 70s.  Also in this collection of Josh Beech tattoos are large red flowers on his bicep as well as other flowers and vine work as a fill in.

• Others – On the left side of his chest is a VJ which is the Capricorn symbol, his zodiac sign and then on his neck are a pair of eyes.  New on the list of Josh Beech tattoos is a large all black piece on his right side.  It appears to be flowers and possibly a sparrow descending out of the tattoo but until a better picture is released, fans can only speculate what the piece really is.

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